How to Stop Wasting Energy with Your Holding Cabinets

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Hatco-Holding-CabinetIs it getting hot on this blog, or is it just us? Recently we have demonstrated our love for cook-and-hold ovens of the Alto-Shaam variety, and helped restaurants prepare for summer. Today we continue this trend by focusing on our humble friend the holding cabinet. Heated holding cabinets are meant to keep food warm and delicious until it’s ready to serve to customers, so you’ll never serve your diners a cold casserole or a chilly chicken. But the same traits that give holding cabinets their reputation for patience and perfection can also make them energy gluttons. So how can you keep your trusty holding cabinets in good working order while keeping those energy bills down? Here are our top 6 tips for saving energy with your holding cabinets.

1. Pick the right cabinet for the right job. There are several types of holding cabinets, including mobile cabinets, countertop cabinets, and pizza cabinets. You can also choose between half height and full size, plus wattages of 120/1v and 208-240v. Choose the best one for your restaurant’s needs, that way your cabinet won’t be underutilized and wasting energy, or (conversely) overworked and consuming too much energy.

2. Choose insulated cabinets over uninsulated cabinets. Insulated holding cabinets are up to 65% more efficient when it comes to trapping heat vs. uninsulated cabinets.

3. Go Energy Star certified. Kitchen equipment and appliances that have been Energy Star certified have been proven to perform as well as or better than their more wasteful counterparts on the market. Make sure your holding cabinet has that little blue sticker before you make your purchase. (more…)

The Wonders of Alto-Shaam Cook-and-Hold Ovens

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Alto-Shaam Oven 10-10ESI/S 208-240/3Although this brand name may sound like part of a magician’s act (“Alaca-Alto-Shaam!”) or a children’s book (“I do not like green eggs and ham; I do not like them, Alto-Shaam I am”) or a famous orca (“Alto-Shaamu”), the Alto-Shaam brand is actually famous for its world-class cook-and-hold ovens and holding cabinets. Alto-Shaam does not believe in the whole “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” philosophy. In fact, its equipment prefers to take the heat and stay in the kitchen for as long as possible, making foods more delicious and restaurants more efficient.

Founder Jerry Maahs first created Alto-Shaam warming technology in the 1950s as a way to keep chicken warm while it was being delivered. What started as a stainless steel box and a thermal cable evolved into an oven that could both cook and hold food to keep it at the perfect temperature. What’s more, Maahs found that this slow-cooking and warming technique actually kept meats bigger and tenderer for the duration of the cooking process. Yes, Maahs had found a way to get more bird for his buck.


Guide to Commercial Hot Food Tables

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Guide to Commercial Hot Food TablesAlthough you might think the name says it all, commercial hot food table knowledge goes far beyond just being a table that keeps foods hot. Fortunately, ShortOrder is here to expand your hot food table horizons and get you up to speed on all there is to know about commercial restaurant equipment.

Hot food tables, also referred to as “steam tables,” come with many different options. While you won’t be able to efficiently use them to cook, they are ideal for heating up and keeping cooked food warm for self-service in the front of house or for serving customers from the back of the house. For buffet-style service, hot food tables are flexible in that they can be freestanding (and thus easy to move around and position in different areas) or can be built into existing counters.

Hot food tables are typically powered by either gas or electricity. This minute factor becomes important when deciding where in your restaurant the hot food table will go and what function it will serve. For instance, if you are using the hot food table to keep food warm in the kitchen in order to serve to customers and there exists only an electrical connection where the hot food table will go, the gas-powered hot food table is probably not your best choice.


Warming and Holding Equipment

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

At ShortOrder, we are proud to carry enough restaurant equipment to cover all your kitchen’s needs, and this includes warming and holding equipment. Though this final step in the food prep process is often overlooked, it’s an incredibly important way to ensure the food you deliver your customers is efficiently prepared and served. After all, you don’t want to have to prepare one serving of french fries at a time, or serve your customers cold entrees. That’s why we offer commercial kitchen equipment designed to avoid these issues.

Hatco GR2SDS-24D Countertop Warmer

The Hatco GR2SDS-24D Countertop Warmer is an excellent choice for casual dining establishments that need to make a large quantity of food to satisfy a lunch- or dinner-time rush.  Sturdy enough for back-of-house use yet appealing enough for front-of-house displays, the Hatco GR2SDS-24D is designed with flexibility in mind.  This countertop warmer is equipped with shatter-resistant incandescent lights to illuminate the food holding area.  Heat is designed to flow toward the display’s edges, where heat loss is greatest, which ensures even heating.  This Hatco model is perfect for wrapped sandwiches or pizza.

Metro TC90B Heating Cabinet

When you want to heat a larger amount of food, a perfect option is the Metro TC90B Heating Cabinet.  Designed with casters for mobility, this heating cabinet has a low center of gravity to improve safety and convenience.   The prepared food it holds is maintained in steady conditions: a closed-loop thermal brake reduces heat loss, while an air vent provides steady moisture control.  A convenient kick-latch allows for the Metro TC90B to be opened hands-free, which is perfect for when you’re in a hurry and you need to put something into the unit.

Buy Warming and Holding Equipment at ShortOrder

This is obviously a small display of the warming and holding equipment we have available here at ShortOrder, and we offer so much more.  Whether you need to store ingredients in refrigerators or freezers, slice and dice food on prep tables, grill a meal on a broiler, or warm and hold prepared food, you know that we’ve got you covered.

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