Maybe You Should Sweat the Small Stuff

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

KolpakP7-054-CTWalk-in coolers can be the most overlooked piece of equipment in your facility, even though it’s one of the most used. Most restaurants carry a high dollar amount of product in their walk-in cooler and freezer. In many operations, the top of the walk-in becomes a convenient place to store dry goods and consumables like plastic cups or to-go boxes. While I understand that sometimes you “do what you gotta do,” it’s import to remember a couple things.

Storing items on top of  the walk-in can decrease the airflow to self contained refrigeration units. This reduction in air-flow can increase the heat bubble around your unit’s cooling system. Over time it will have to work harder, decreasing the life of the unit. In many cases, it can cause the unit to fail entirely. As good as foam to-go cups are at keeping beverages warm or cold, they do an even better job of holding heat around the compressor.

Another issue with storing items on top of the walk-in is cleanliness. Even though items are stored in boxes that won’t come in contact with food, it increases the chance that contaminants will come in contact with food. As much as I hate to admit it, more than once I’ve seen workers pulling to go cups from the top of the walk-in, just as someone pushes a cart of back-ups to the front line. You can see the debris fall from the top of the walk-in and contact the food that is about to be served to your customer! Be honest, how often do you clean the top of your walk-in? You can use degreasers and general cleaners to help with this task, but how often will you do it? Sadly, it’s more likely that the floor of your facility is cleaner than the top of your walk-in. Consider adding a walking check of the top of the walk-in to your daily routine. Make sure that dry goods, consumables and other things are not stored on top. (more…)

ShortOrder SoundOff – Walk-In Coolers

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Walk-In Coolers
February 2014

Walk-in coolers are a necessity for several different types of business, ranging from restaurants to flower shops. They serve as a great way to keep perishable items fresh. The purchase of a walk-in cooler is a large investment in your business, so it is very important to do extensive research before buying one. There are several things to consider before deciding which walk-in cooler is best suited to fit your needs.

  • Insulation Materials – There are two types of insulation most commonly used on walk-in coolers: Extruded Polystyrene and Polyurethane. Extruded polystyrene has a high initial R-value as well as great moisture resistance. Generally, it has the ability to retain 47% of its R-value over the life of the product. Polyurethane also has a high initial R-value, but only retains 19% of its R-value over the life of the product.
  • Exterior Materials – There are 4 types of exterior materials to choose between when purchasing your walk-in cooler.
    • Galvanized – Once the most popular choice, G90 Galvanized meets the bare minimum requirements for a walk-in cooler. While it is strong and dent resistant, it can easily develop “white rust” if not cared for correctly. It is also important to note that flooring in this material is not NSF approved unless quarry tile is installed prior to use.
    • Aluminum – Aluminum is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, but can dent very easily. In order to increase its strength, aluminum flooring is typically diamond tread plate embossed and the walls and ceilings are stucco embossed.
    • Galvalume – Galvalume is actually a combination of aluminum and galvanizing material that is steel coated. This not only gives it the strength of steel, but it is 12 times more corrosion resistant than galvanized. It is generally considered to be the best “bang for your buck.”
    • Stainless Steel – The most expensive alternative, stainless steel is also the strongest and lease corrosive. Although it comes in both brushed or polished finished, most choose brushed as it tends to minimize the visibility of scratches.
  • Refrigeration Systems – Walk-in coolers have two main components: the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser is located outside the unit, while the evaporator is located inside the unit. The refrigeration system can either be top-mounted or side-mounted. The main difference is that the side-mounted refrigeration system requires a condensation drain hose to be connected to a closed drain.
  • Capacity – Finally, it is important to consider the size of the walk-in cooler that will best fit your needs. Remember to account for future growth. A good rule of thumb is that 1 cubic foot of open storage accommodates approximately 28 lbs of food.
You can shop for walk-in coolers here at

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Features & Specifications
5 Star


– Side Mounted Unit
-Galvalume Exterior


– 1,391 Lbs

– 93″W x 90″H x 93″D
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor



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– Top Mounted Unit
-Galvalume Exterior


– 779 Lbs

– 58.5″W x 90″H x 47″D
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor




5 Star
– Top Mounted Unit
– Galvalume Exterior
– 1,790 Lbs
– 116″W x 90″H x 116″D
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor


5 Star
– Side Mounted Unit
– Galvalume Exterior
– 965 Lbs
– 70″W x 78″H x 70″D
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor


Choosing Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers: A Buying Guide

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Choosing Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers - A Buying GuideToday on the What’s Cookin’ blog, we invite you to put on your jackets and join us for a rundown of the most frequently asked questions about walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

Beloved by businesses of all kinds from ice creameries to flower shops, walk-ins are a necessary part of daily life, keeping perishables fresh, chilly, and accessible on the premises. They come in many sizes and configurations, so it can be tough to choose the right one for your business. So without further ado, here is everything you ever wanted to know about commercial walk-in refrigerators and freezers but were afraid to ask.

What are the different kinds of walk-in refrigerators and freezers?

There are 3 kinds: refrigerators, freezers, and hybrids. You can put a walk-in and its condenser pretty much anywhere, so whether you need it inside or outside of your facility, you’re covered. Walk-ins work with existing flooring as well as pre-fabricated flooring. Note that if you do purchase a walk-in for outdoor use, you’ll need a compressor cover, crank case heater, fan cycle control, and roof-sealing kit.

What kind of refrigeration system do I need?

A walk-in’s refrigeration system is made up of a condenser (on the outside of the walk-in) and an evaporator (on the inside of the walk-in). Both your condenser and your evaporator should have high-efficiency EISA-compliant motors. There are 3 types of refrigeration systems:


Kolpak Refrigerators: An Introduction

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Perhaps the title of this post is a little misleading, since this isn’t the first time we’ll have written about Kolpak refrigerators.  What’s more, you might be interested to find out that Kolpak refrigerators actually need no introduction, since they’re world-famous (or, at least, famous within the restaurant equipment industry).  There’s one reason and one reason only for the fame and notoriety of Kolpak refrigerators: their quality.  That’s right, Kolpak refrigerators are among the best refrigerators money can buy.  We’re proud to offer them here at Short Order to you, our valued customers, at excellent rates.

(First, an aside.  In writing about Kolpak refrigerators, we’re turning our eyes ever-so-momentarily away from other wonderful products we offer, including Manitowoc ice machinesVulcan rangesFrymaster fryers, and others.  However, never fear!  Our appreciation for those manufacturers and their top-notch products hasn’t diminished a whit.  We’ll still write love letters to them on a regular basis, but we thought we’d just spread the love a little bit.)

Kolpak makes many different kinds of refrigerators, and we adore them all, but we’re particularly fond of the walk-in refrigerator models.  These include such excellent refrigerators as the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P7-1010-FT-R and the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P6-054-CT-R, both of which are top-notch examples of walk-in refrigeration done right.  And by “done right,” we mean with plenty of storage space, thoughtful design, and energy efficiency.

A walk-in refrigerator is crucial for any medium-to-large restaurant, as it provides a place for you to store all your food in a single, easily accessible space.  Plus, in the hot summer months, if you get a big enough model, you can put a chair in there, pour yourself a lemonade, and take a load off.  (Note: what you can do and what you should do are, obviously, not always the same thing.  Point being, Kolpak refrigerators—specifically the walk-in models—are an invaluable asset to many commercial kitchens.)

Kolpak Refrigerators: Walk-Ins Galore!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Hello again, all—it’s time for a little chat about Kolpak refrigerators!  Yes, this means it’s time to turn our loving gaze away from other products—we’re looking at (or, I guess, away?) from you, Manitowoc ice machines—and shine the light of our fancy toward other products.  After all, even though we usually focus on a handful of products in this space—Vulcan ranges, Frymaster fryers, the aforementioned Manitowoc ice machines—we’re big fans of every product we carry.

Have you noticed that our five-star rating system only goes down to three stars?  That’s not because we want to skew the results or mislead; rather, that’s due to the fact that we’d never carry a product we didn’t like!  It’s that simple.

Well, you can now take Kolpak refrigerators off the list of products we like but haven’t written about, because it’s happening now.  And we’re writing about Kolpak refrigerators, sure, but it’s more specific than that.  Just like last week was given over to the flake ice-making ice machines that Manitowoc has rolled out, this week we’re discussing Kolpak refrigerators with walk-in capability.  That’s right, folks: Refrigerators you can walk inside of.  It’s everyone’s dream come true: A room you can intensely climate control!  (Well, maybe that’s not everyone’s dream.  Maybe that’s just our dream.  Ahem.  We digress.)

In all seriousness, though, folks, Kolpak refrigerators are extremely efficient and built to last.  Models like the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P6-054-CT-R and the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P7-1010-FT-R are exemplary instances of the style, featuring ample storage space cooled down to food-freshness-saving perfection.

It’s true: Kolpak refrigerators are the industry leader in walk-in refrigeration.  If you’re looking for some, or for any other restaurant equipment, check out our selection and see what we have to offer.

Restaurants Redefine the Salad

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Restaurants around the country are redifining the salad in order to give customers what they want. And they don’t just want a plate of iceberg lettuce — customers want a salad that’s filling, healthy and on par with an entree.

Not too long ago, salads were merely ordered as a side, or when someone didn’t see anything on a restaurant menu that they liked. A last resort, a way to appear healthy, ordering a salad is now neither of those things because consumers really, truly are paying attention to eating healthier meals.

A recent article in QSR Magazine talks about this new, growing trend in restaurants. The article noted that Technomic Information Services’ “Salad Category Report” showed 55 percent of consumers said they ordered a salad most of the time or every time when they dine away from home. This report also showed that if a salad is unique, new and sounds appealing, 43 percent of consumers are likely to purchase it.

Hobart food cutterFast food restaurants are even working to meet the demands of consumers by offering affordable salads. It’s a good move for fast food restaurants, since the National Restaurant Association’s 2008 Restaurant Industry Forecast found that entree salads are growing in popularity, according to 59 percent of quick-service operators. What’s more is that they found 76 percent of consumers are trying to eat more healthfully now than they did two years ago.

Restaurant Equipment to Make Salads

Restaurant equipment to make salads is a necessity — just having fresh, delicious ingredients isn’t enough to get the job done. If you’re serving up tasty salads at your restaurant, you’ll need a way to keep the carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, dressings and anything else you’ll have on hand at a safe temperature. Kolpak walk-in refrigerators can get that job done. And to give chefs and restaurant staff members a place to chop and dice ingredients, you’ll want a quality commercial work table. Hobart food cutters are also worth considering, as they could help get food prep work done more quickly and efficiently. Get the lowest prices on restaurant equipment at ShortOrder.

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