How to Create a Zero-Waste Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Short-Order_Compost-RecyclingRestaurant kitchens are notoriously wasteful. Not only does almost every piece of food come with some form of organic waste that you don’t actually want to cook with, but most of it also comes wrapped in plastic, which is wrapped in plastic again, and then in a cardboard box (which is itself sometimes wrapped in plastic!). All that plastic and cardboard can be recycled, but the organic waste has to be composted. So what do you do with everything else? Follow these steps to cut down on waste in your restaurant’s kitchen.

Step 1: Proper Prior Planning

The first step to a zero-waste kitchen is to consider what your kitchen does that produces waste in the first place. Trash and food waste are the two greatest culprits, and you should have a plan to deal with both on-site. Composting non-meat food waste is a no-brainer. Recycling what can be recycled is as well. However, what few people realize is that, in most metropolitan areas, there are recycling facilities that can handle 90% of post-consumer waste between them. Sit down and think about what you have that cannot be composted or recycled, and make a list. (more…)

Chillax With Beverage-Air Refrigerators

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Chillax /chi-laks/ verb. 1. To chill and relax simultaneously. 2. To loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook.

The stress of running a restaurant can really heat things up. Between the constant demand for high-quality service, the endless negotiations for space and ingredients, and the overall stress of having to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, every time, with a level of excellence that upholds your company’s hard-earned reputation. It’s enough to make the blood boil. The last thing you need is faulty equipment, especially when it comes to refrigeration. What you need is to chillax, knowing that your refrigerator is ready for the deluge of demands. Fortunately, Beverage-Air Refrigerators are guaranteed to keep your food—and your attitude—chill.

This heavy-duty, reach-in refrigerator offers plenty of space, saves energy and requires little maintenance. No matter what configuration you choose (top or bottom mount, one section or two), Beverage-Air Refrigerators have plenty of room for your dairy, meat, vegetables and other food products to hang out in style.

The refrigerator is an irreplaceable part of your ensemble of restaurant equipment. Without the ability to keep temperature-sensitive food on the down-low, any restauranteur would be looking at a fast track to failure. And the demands put on this vital piece of equipment are extreme. The door is open and shut countless times a day as fresh food is accessed and replaced over and over again. The compressor must be able to stop and start many times over. But Beverage-Air Refrigerators can withstand this abuse, so there is no need to sweet-talk the repair man or have an elaborate backup plan. In fact, these units are so remarkably reliable, we gave every unit our 5-star rating, and several also receive our Editors Choice. So keep it chill, head on over to Short Order today, and discover how you can keep it cool with Beverage-Air.

Beverage-Air Refrigerators: Experts in Refrigeration

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Who could have imagined so many years ago that science would discover that molecules move more slowly in cold temperatures, or that we wouldn’t need to bury our food in snow, blocks of ice, or mounds of salt to keep it from spoiling? Would anyone have dreamed over one-hundred years ago that science and machine would come together in the form of amazing mechanisms like compressors and coils that do crazy things to a coolant liquid in order to cool a box that preserves meats, cheeses and milk? Remarkably, all you have to do to keep your food fresh is plug in the refrigerator, and voila! The miracles of science are unleashed. Today, we take refrigeration for granted, except when the parts break and we’re buying ice by the truckload. But, when it comes to restaurant equipment, you won’t have to worry about molecular chemistry or machinery, because Beverage-Air Refrigerators are the masters of keeping your food cold.

Commercial refrigeration equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. From the standard reach-in, to milk coolers, to display refrigerators and ones that fit neatly under the counter, Beverage-Air Refrigerators has a wide assortment to fit your needs. Beverage-Air is so good at designing restaurant equipment for commercial use that nearly every single unit we carry receives a five star rating, our Editor’s Choice selection, or both. This means that you are purchasing refrigeration for your establishment which has been built by experts. Beverage-Air also offers a selection of fabulous products such as the Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration CDR3/1-B-20 that look marvelous too.

Technology is amazing, even when it comes to preserving food. Yet, you need not be concerned with understanding the physics, or the workings of how a refrigeration system operates. You only need to know that the one you buy works great.  When it comes to mastering the mechanics of refrigeration in your restaurant or business, look for the experts with Beverage-Air Refrigerators at Short Order.

Vulcan Range V60-LP: “Seems logical to me Captain”

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

When you are in dire need of restaurant equipment, it can be easy to put your search into warp drive, flying through supplier websites faster than the speed of light, exploring the universe for the perfect appliance. In fact, hunting for bar equipment, ovens, ice machines and more can feel like an aimless (if frenzied) wander through the frontier of space. When it comes to commercial ranges, Captain Kirk trusted his Vulcan sidekick to help him ‘boldy go where no man has gone before’ and your Vulcan could too.

While the Vulcan brand of commercial kitchen equipment has been around long before the Star Trek series aired on television, adding a Vulcan — such as the Vulcan Range V60-LP — to your enterprise, is a blissfully logical choice. Whether you choose natural gas, or propane (LP), a 24-inch model or a large 60-inch, standard or convection, one with burners or griddles only, or a unit with both, Vulcan ranges are some of the best range ovens in the galaxy.

For example, the V60-LP is large, sturdy and impressive, allowing you to cook your glamorous cuisine with ease. The stainless steel front, back and sides will act like deflector shields, handling long-term wear and tear with ease. Additionally, the V60-LP includes ten 26,000 BTU/hr. cast top burners and a total input of 330,000 BTU/hr. This means you won’t have to worry about asking Mr. Scott to provide more power. Additional options include a half inch thick, 24” wide polished steel griddle plate, extra oven racks, a flexible gas hose with quick disconnect and more.

So, when you need to seek out new life for your establishment and new equipment for your crew, commission your Starfleet and summon your inner Spock with a journey through the Short Order cosmos, and help your restaurant “live long and prosper.”

Hamilton Beach Blender 990: Helping Blend Art and Science

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Turning simple ingredients into tasty delights is almost both an art and a science. Quality restaurant equipment performs the cooking, mixing, heating and chilling, while cooks, chefs and bartenders turn food and drink components into the Picasso’s of cuisine and beverages. At Short Order, we have the science part covered for you. From sophisticated commercial microwaves and range ovens to frozen drink dispensers and espresso machines, you can find everything you need to release your inner artist. For example, the blender is just one small appliance, but it can help provide a unique character and consistency to everything from salsas and dips to soups and margaritas. That is why this week we feature the Hamilton Beach Blender 990.

Blenders, despite their small size in comparison to other commercial restaurant equipment, are often the workhorse of a kitchen or bar. After all, they purée and mix solid objects such as frozen bananas and berries and liquid substances such as yogurts and juice into mouth-watering smoothies. Jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic, limes and onion can transform into a fabulous salsa with just a flick of a switch. Of course, we cannot forget about the art of combining liqueur, tequila and lime or lemon juice into yummy margaritas either. To turn simple ingredients to art, you need a blender that is both dependable and powerful. The Hamilton Beach Blender 900 not only looks like a prize-winning trophy, it will easily handle the high demands of any restaurant, hotel or bar.

While dependability is a fabulous quality, a blender also needs to cut and mix just right. The Hamilton Beach 990 incorporates durable stainless steel blades that make certain your food or drink elements are mixed thoroughly. Two-speed blending with a pulse option keeps pureeing, mixing and chopping precise and uncomplicated. And the stainless steel container holds a full gallon of your prized concoction! Dual metal clamps and a heavy-duty rubber gasket also help keep your artful creation from spilling or leaking.

We gave the Hamilton Beach Blender 990 a 5-Star rating and our Editor’s Choice because this power-packed blender is the industry standard for meeting your blending needs. If you’ve been tolerating a sub-par blender that won’t quite blend your secret recipe into a work-of-art, then look no further. The Hamilton Beach Blender is ready to turn your ingredients into a masterpiece!

APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2: A Toast to a Toaster

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Here at Short Order, we’d like to make a toast to a model of commercial restaurant equipment that will turn ordinary bread into perfectly piping hot and crunchy toast. The APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2 is a fantastic choice for establishments that need to churn out toasted sandwiches, bagels and muffins to meet high demand.

In the beginning, there was the run of the mill pop-up toaster. They were ideal for home use, but sometimes the toast came out more like a Frisbee than an edible enclosure for a tasty BLT. These average toasters left so many crumbs everywhere that the local mice population could invite their entire extended families for lunch. Additionally, everyday toasters didn’t provide the output necessary for more than a few sandwiches at a time. Realizing the need to toast an assortment of bread products quickly, with the right color and texture and without the mess, commercial toasters were born.

The APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2 was ‘designed smart and developed for high output.’ Producing up to 850 slices of toast per hour, the XTRM-2 could feed an entire ravenous army. Cleaning out those breadcrumbs is simple and fast using the easily accessible conveyers and crumb trays. Additionally, the variable speed controls, as well as top and bottom heating elements, help ensure you won’t be playing flying disc games with charred and rock solid pieces of toast.

APW Wyott calls the XTRM-2 the “safest toaster in the industry” with its “Cool Touch” exteriors. The power-saver stand-by switch — for times when the toaster isn’t running — means its energy efficient too. But, if you’re cranking out nearly a thousand pieces of toast or breaded items per hour, you need something that will last. The XTRM-2 is built with stainless steel construction and metal-sheathed heating elements (as opposed to quartz tube), making this toaster both durable and reliable.

Raise your glass to a toaster that is anything but ordinary. We gave the XTRM-2 a 5-Star Rating and our Editor’s Choice because of its extreme reliability and great value.  So, when you need a high volume of bread, bagels or muffins toasted, head on over to Short Order where we have just what you need.



Makin’ Hamburgers: Griddles or Char Broilers?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

When you cook hamburgers at your restaurant, do you use char broilers or griddles? Do you season the patty? And what about the bun? We realize these questions can result in a heated debate when those passionate about hamburgers are asked to answer, but, really, there’s no right answer. There are countless ways to make delicious hamburgers, and here is some quick information on restaurant equipment that can help you get the job done.

Commercial Griddles

Hamburgers call for high-production griddles since more recovery is needed. Relatively simple restaurant equipment, griddles allow you to cook a variety of food at once without taste contamination. Commercial griddles may be made out of cast iron, aluminum or steel, and they should sit on either a refrigerated base with drawers or a heavy-duty stainless steel stand with casters. When choosing one, keep in mind that gas griddles are less costly to operate and cheaper to maintain than electric griddles.

Commercial Char Broilers

Grill marks on the patty are a trademark of char broilers, which are designed to bring the taste of the backyard grill inside. Getting grill marks on the meat can be achieved with radiant heat or with char rocks. One thing to keep in mind with char broilers is that they have a high energy use, since there’s an open burner that has to be lit the entire time you’re using the char broiler.

Be sure and check out our selection of char broilers, including the APW Char Broiler GCRB-24H-NAT, a unit that runs on natural gas. It’s also the recipient of an Editor’s Choice award and a five-star rating.

Restaurant Equipment at

You’ll find much more than just griddles and char broilers at, where our Low Price Guarantee means you have the assurance that you’re getting your restaurant equipment for the lowest price. From Manitowoc ice machines to Dean fryers, has you covered.

Beverage-Air Kegerators

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Beverage-Air kegerators, also called draft beer coolers, are ultra sleek — and they’re the perfect way to keep your keg chilled and maintained for typically up to a couple of months. Since beer can be very sensitive to temperature, Beverage-Air kegerators keep it cool at the temperature it needs to be in order to maintain the quality in taste.

For restaurants and bars, Beverage-Air kegerators can be quite useful. Not only do they keep the beer chilled to an ideal temperature, but they make it easy to serve beer since they have a faucet. With the outstanding quality of Beverage-Air, kegerators made by this company are known for being reliable and durable. There are several different kinds of Beverage-Air kegerators offered at So depending on your needs, you’re likely to find something that will work well in your restaurant or bar.

Something that’s great about Beverage-Air kegerators is that they come complete with interior lighting, durable exteriors, self-closing doors with locks. Many of these units offered at are highly rated, with Editor’s Choice ratings and five-star ratings. One of those is the Beverage-Air DD58-1-B Kegerator. This draft beer cooler is one of our top sellers.

Beverage-Air Kegerators for Your Home

If you think the idea of having the ability to serve draft beer in your own home sounds like the best thing ever, you’re not alone. Buying Beverage-Air kegerators or draft beer coolers for the home is something that’s getting more and more popular. Having a kegerator is perfect for entertaining. It can also cut way down on bottle and can trash. Plus, buying beer in kegs can usually be a bit cheaper than buying the same amount in bottle or can form. The classy, clean look of a Beverage-Air kegerator is simply unbeatable, though.

More Than Beverage-Air Kegerators

You’ll find more than Beverage-Air kegerators here at We have an impressive selection of restaurant equipment. Don’t miss Vulcan ranges, Manitowoc ice machines and more.

National Restaurant Association’s Employment Projections for Summer ’09

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recently released employment projections for summer 2009, and the information is positive: It’s expected that eating and drinking places across the country will add over 381,000 jobs during summer. This is a 4.1 percent increase from the employment level in March of ’09.

Many are interpreting this good news as an indication that the restaurant industry is recovering from the economic downturn. Jobs in the restaurant industry play a large role in America, as there are 13 million employees working at about one million restaurants in America — which makes the restaurant industry one of the biggest employers in the country. In the next decade, it’s expected that there will be 15 million employees in the restaurant industry.

An article in QSR Magazine talked about the NRA’s projections, noting that the industry added jobs in May for the first time in 10 months, though U.S. employment growth remains negative. Because of travel and tourism in the summer months, restaurants typically beef up their staff to be prepared for an increase in traffic. Only the construction industry beats the restaurant industry when it comes to America’s largest creators for seasonal jobs during summer.

So which states will add the most jobs at eating and drinking places for summer 2009? New York tops the list with 32,900 jobs; Calfornia comes in a close second with 30,900 jobs; and Texas is third with 26,400 jobs. On the other end, because summer isn’t their peak season for travel and tourism, the states of Arizona and Florida will see a decline in employment.

Keep Up with Summer Restaurant Traffic

Does your restaurant typically see an increase in traffic during the summer months? Be sure you’ll be able to handle more customers by getting quality, reliable restaurant equipment. From Vulcan ranges to Vita-Mix Blenders, has the lowest prices on restaurant equipment.

Affordable Restaurant Equipment

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Affordable restaurant equipment at includes everything from Cadco sandwich grills to waffle irons. And no matter what you buy at, you have the assurance that you’re getting it at the lowest price thanks to our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment. If you find an item priced lower than it is at, we’ll refund 110% of the difference on an identical item from another dealer. This truly makes our store the best place to get affordable restaurant equipment.

We know that because of the rising costs of food, restaurant profits are suffering. One idea to handle this situation is to purchase affordable restaurant equipment, especially the type of restaurant equipment that produces popular menu items. An example is sandwich grills — these are affordable and enable you to quickly serve your customers a menu item that many in the industry currently consider to be one of the hottest and most popular.

Affordable restaurant equipment at isn’t just limited to sandwich grills. You’ll also find affordable restaurant equipment like hot dog cookers, ranges and char broilers, to name a few. We offer equipment from well known brands like Vulcan, Manitowoc, Frymaster and Globe. With such a great selection, you’re bound to find all the affordable restaurant equipment you need.

Shop for Affordable Restaurant Equipment

Restaurants looking to save money should shop for affordable restaurant equipment at We understand all it takes to open and operate a restaurant and are proud to offer the lowest prices out there. Shop for affordable restaurant equipment today at!

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