Go ‘Beyond the Cube’ with Ice-O-Matic Portal for a New Experience

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

ice cubesAre you usually indifferent to which commercial ice machines you use at your restaurant? We understand that when shopping for new commercial kitchen appliances, your purchase is usually highly influenced by price and product quality; so what if there was a commercial ice machine company that went the extra mile to show you that it cares about the lives that its products touch? Would that determination to connect to you and your business change the way you felt about that brand and its machines?

Ice-O-Matic, an ice machine and ice dispenser manufacturer, wanted to provide restaurant management and owners something tangible that clearly showed its dedication to the restaurant industry. The result is the Beyond the Cube portal. When entering this portal, you can instantly see that the main purpose of it is to serve others, not itself.


How to Make Customers Love your Restaurant

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

How to Make Customers Love your RestaurantWhen you’re busy running your restaurant, it can be easy to forget about the little things that keep customers coming back. From everyday operations to long-term adjustments, there are lots of small changes you can implement that can make your restaurant more successful. Here is a list of best practices for restaurants that can help keep your customers happy.

1. Make a good first impression.

For a customer who has never been to your establishment before, it’s vital that you make a positive first impression. When customers walk into your restaurant, they should be greeted by a friendly smile and a “hello.” Your staff should also be dressed appropriately in attire that reflects positively on your restaurant.


How to Be a Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Monday, January 20th, 2014

How to Be a Kid-Friendly RestaurantWith the trend of “healthy eating” on the rise, restaurants are being forced to reconsider their kids’ menus. According to a study by the NPD Group, parents are taking their kids out to eat less and less – meaning restaurants need to revise their game plans and become even more kid-friendly in order to retain customers with families. As picky and fussy as kids may be, they (and their parents) are a very important portion of restaurant patrons and can be a great source of revenue for restaurants seeking to be family-friendly. Luckily, developing a kid-friendly restaurant environment doesn’t require an overhaul of your restaurant equipment. All you need is a little preparation and proactivity:

1. Be Prepared

Before you examine your kids’ menu recipes, make sure that your restaurant facility is well-equipped to feed and entertain multiple families with children. High chairs and booster seats will come in handy for all ages of children who have a tough time sitting still. Be sure to clean and sanitize the high chairs and booster seats every evening, as we all know too well the ensuing disasters when dealing with children and finger foods.


How Food Allergy Training Helps Protect Your Restaurant

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Food Allergy Training Helps Protect Your RestaurantWhile most restaurants do not require their employees to be certified food allergen experts, the right knowledge and training for your restaurant’s employees can make a crucial difference in reducing your liability. National Food Safety Month may be over, but safe food handling where it concerns food allergies is a year-round must. Ingredients that are commonly seen in almost every restaurant’s menu – milk, fish, wheat, nuts, shellfish, eggs – can have some uncommonly devastating effects on patrons with certain food allergies. It is estimated that over 15 million Americans are allergic to some of the most common kitchen ingredients, which could very well threaten their lives and your business in an emergency situation.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to ensuring that your staff is properly trained and educated about food allergies, so your guests can feel safe eating at your restaurant and your staff will feel comfortable knowing how to safely handle restaurant equipment to prepare allergy-sensitive food. The list of food allergy preparedness to-dos include:


How to Keep Your Commercial Restaurant Equipment and Kitchen Safe and Clean

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Keeping Commercial Restaurant Equipment and Kitchen Safe and CleanA restaurant’s kitchen can be a hazardous place. It’s a fast-paced environment with all manner of dangerous areas and precision commercial restaurant equipment. Unfortunately, the best commercial restaurant equipment is also the equipment that is kept the sharpest or is able to heat the highest, so you and your kitchen staff need to exercise caution day in and day out in the back of house. Here are some guidelines to evaluate the level of safety and cleanliness in your kitchen so you can be productive and cautious at the same time.

Have a Cleaning and Safety Checklist

Sanitation and safety should the top priorities in the kitchen. Preventing food-borne illnesses and problems that stem from food allergies are major concerns for restaurants, and nipping those problems in the bud with a strict cleanliness policy is a must. Likewise, it is critical that you ensure that the kitchen is a safe environment. Creating a checklist for the end of the day can encourage good habits. A proper safety and cleaning checklist should include items like …


Holiday Tip: Restaurant Gift Cards Gaining Popularity

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Holiday Tip: Restaurant Gift Cards Gaining PopularityBecause there is less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, restaurants are coping with a shorter holiday shopping season, and are looking for ways to make up for missed revenue. Fortunately, it looks like it is prime time to take advantage of the gift card. Overall, more than 80% of shoppers plan to buy at least one gift card during the holidays this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s gift-card spending survey. And as the economy improves, shoppers are moving away from retailer gift cards and willing to buy restaurant gift cards. Both full service and fast casual restaurants are faring well with this trend, with everyone from Olive Garden to Starbucks showing up as top contenders in the top 20 of a survey of most-desired gift cards by the Baltimore-based card-exchange company, GiftCardRescue.

So how can your restaurant capitalize on rise of the gift card? Here’s how to boost your restaurant’s gift card sales.


Now Serving – December 2013 – 5 Best Hires for Boosting Holiday Sales

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013


DECEMBER 2013 A monthly newsletter showcasing the taste of cookware ISSUE 60
Now Serving

The holidays are upon us. How is all of your equipment holding up during this very busy time of year? If you are in the market for a new piece of equipment, be sure to click here and check out the Gen2 closeout specials we are currently offering. With a wide variety of equipment to choose from, you should be able to find just what you’re looking for.

Throughout the winter holiday season, over 1.8 billion candy canes will be made, along with over 150 million chocolate Santas. What’s your favorite holiday treat? Let us know on our Facebook page! While you’re there, make sure you take a look at our one-day only deals! And if you review a product online, you will be automatically entered into ShortOrder’s monthly giveaway. Please join us in congratulating this month’s winner: Colin Wood!
Don’t forget to check out our clearance section. We have a wide variety of discontinued, and scratched and dented products that are all covered by the full manufacturer warranty.

In this month’s issue: 5 Best Hires for Boosting Holiday Sales, Blood Orange-Pomegranate Mimosas for a holiday drink, and our featured products: an Eagle Pizza Cut and Pack Table, a Hobart Mixer, and an InSinkErator Garbage Disposal.

Do you have any suggestions for us? We are always ready to hear from you. Please drop us a line anytime!

Ann Marie Hillier

5 Best Hires for Boosting Holiday Sales

Hiring the Right Type of Workers Can Make All the Difference

For many companies, the holidays represent the busiest time of the year. Consequently, many companies are in need of seasonal workers to keep up with the demand. As Barry Moltz discusses in his article, “5 Best Hires For Boosting Holiday Sales,” hiring the right type of workers is critical for maximizing sales as well as ensuring that customers return in the new year. Read below to learn about the different types of seasonal employees you can hire to best fit your needs.

1. StudentsStudents are a great hire for seasonal jobs that require a large amount of physical activity. And if they are hired when they are 16 or 17, chances are they can come back for several years in a row.

2. MillennialsFor seasonal work that requires quick learning and technical knowledge, millennials are a great hiring choice. It is especially important to tell them about the mission of the business and how they fit into the holiday rush. Although millennials tend to be very efficient workers, do not leave them with nothing to do as they get bored quickly and are used to multitasking.
3. Baby Boomers - For seasonal positions that require detail-oriented tasks, consider hiring baby boomers. Not only are they reliable, but they generally come back to work for the same company year after year.

4. Moms and DadsParents who have extra time during the day have become a perfect fit for the holiday workforce. Generally, they have a great work ethic and especially love to work in a business that’s making a difference in the community. The next time you need reliable, seasonal help, try advertising job openings at the local PTA group or community center.


When hiring for a seasonal position that involves a great deal of customer interaction, look no further than retirees. They are very reliable and pleasant to work with because they’re not working just for money, but also to get out and socialize.


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Featured Recipe
Blood Orange-Pomegranate Mimosas
Check out this festive, holiday drink from eatingwell.com.


  • 3 Cups Chilled Blood Orange Juice
  • 3 Cups Chilled Pomegranate Juice
  • 1 750ml Bottle Chilled Sparkling Wine
  • 1/2 Cup Pomegranate Seeds


  1. Combine blood orange and pomegranate juices in a pitcher.
  2. Divide among 10 glasses.
  3. Top each with sparkling wine.
  4. Garnish with pomegranate seeds.
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Food Trend Forecast for 2014: Technomic vs. NRA Predictions

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Food Trend Forecast for 2014: Technomic vs. NRA PredictionsHere at ShortOrder, we like to keep an eye on what’s ahead in the food industry. From new restaurant equipment technology to fast casual trends to the best ways to promote your restaurant, we’re interested in keeping you informed and supplying you with the best restaurant equipment for success.

This week we’re looking at the top trends on the horizon for the upcoming year as brought to you by two major players in informing the food industry. Technomic, a leading food industry consulting and research firm, has put out a list of the top developments expected in 2014 based on data gathered from site visits across the U.S., interviews and surveys of operators, chefs, and consumers, qualitative data from its Digital Resource Library, and quantitative data from its MenuMonitor database. The National Restaurant Association (NRA), a leading business association for the restaurant industry, has also created a list of predictions for 2014. This one was culled from a survey of more than 1,200 members of the American Culinary Federation. The results of these two lists are mixed, with some overlapping trends and some disparities.


Restaurant Preparedness Tips for the Holiday Season

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Restaurant Preparedness Tips for the Holiday SeasonAs the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaches and the cold fronts roll in, many consumers will be bundling up and heading out of their homes to do their winter shopping. With special sales events like Black Friday coming up, everyone will be out and about checking holiday gifts off their lists. As time runs low, consumers will be turning to restaurants like yours to keep them energized as they frantically scramble to get gift shopping done in time. This means that as a restaurant, you had better be prepared! Your customers will have been battling lines and catty cashiers all day, and will expect their meal to be a relaxing break away from the mall madness. Here are some handy tips from ShortOrder to prepare your restaurant for a heavy holiday load while maintaining winter cheer.


What’s Next for Commercial Restaurant Tech

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

What’s Next for Commercial Restaurant TechAt ShortOrder we’re pretty proud of our high-tech commercial restaurant equipment. Appliances and ice machines like the Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Ice Maker are designed to make life in the kitchen easier and more efficient thanks to technology that caters specifically to a busy work environment that requires high quality service. Manufacturers of ice machines like Manitowoc and Scotsman are consistently improving ice machines’ technology for better ice production more efficient operation. These ice machines’ features include advance notice of service needs, intuitive settings and design, and lowered energy consumption for a better use of your resources, plus environmentally-friendly ice machines.

So in addition to smart ice machines, what’s next for the world of commercial restaurant technology?


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