7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial Sink

Monday, January 27th, 2014

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial SinkRecently we’ve been bringing you advice about common restaurant equipment questions like how to choose a fryer and fixes for common commercial ice machine problems. This week we’re focusing on commercial sinks. No restaurant should be without a commercial sink, but there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a commercial sink. Today, ShortOrder is answering some of the most common questions about commercial sinks so you can choose the right one for your restaurant.

1. What kinds of commercial sinks are there?

There are dish/compartment sinks, mop sinks, and hand sinks. Dish/compartment sinks with 3 compartments are the restaurant standard. The 3 compartments of dish/compartment sinks are each dedicated to a specific purpose: one for washing, one for rinsing, and one for sanitizing. By separating these 3 functions, your kitchen (more…)

Eagle Mop Sink: It’s Time to Swab the Decks

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

When it comes to restaurant equipment, things can get complicated. There are all sorts of bells and whistles designed to get the job done. In fact, all those fancy knobs and digital readouts can be the beauty of it all. Perhaps that complication explains why the food we serve is delicious and the drinks tasty. However, after all is said and done, when the patrons have left the building, we don’t necessarily want complicated. That’s why there is nothing overly fancy about the Eagle Mop Sink F1916. It just makes your work easier, without all the fanfare.

Of course, swabbing the deck (aka mopping the floor) usually isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime. But it’s important. Why not make it easier for yourself and your employees to clean the deck? The Eagle Mop sink is floor mounted, so you won’t have to lift a heavy mop bucket of dirty water to dump into sinks meant for something other than floor grime. Speaking of heavy buckets, how many times has that nasty water splashed out onto the edges of your hand sink, across the mirrors and back on to the floor? With the Eagle Mop Sink F1916, the “exclusive anti-splash double-offset “V” edge prevents spillage.” The sink is also built with 16, 18-gauge stainless steel, which means it looks nice, and it’s durable. A full skirt keeps things sanitary, and the 8” water level means you can likely just use the mop sink and not tote around a mop bucket everywhere.

So, while there is nothing truly complex or electrifying about this product, you can rest assured that a quality Mop Sink will make cleaning floors a bit less complicated. Of, course if you’d prefer to turn swabbing the deck into a bit of excitement, find a talking parrot, grab the old pirate hat and start mopping. And in the meantime, remember that at Short Order, we also have dishwashing sinks, hand sinks and other items that help make cleaning your restaurant a much better experience.

Dishwashing Equipment for Your Restaurant

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Talk about a necessity: Dishwashing equipment for your restaurant should be reliable and efficient. Dirty dishes backed up can result in annoyed customers — and a frustrated restaurant staff. When you’re choosing dishwashing equipment for your restaurant, be sure and consider the outstanding products offered here at ShortOrder.com.

Dishwashing Equipment: Restaurant Sinks

Restaurant sinks are pretty basic when it comes to dishwashing equipment, but they sure can come in handy. There’s a great selection of restaurant sinks to choose from at ShortOrder.com, and with so many sizes and capacities, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your restaurant. With an Editor’s Choice and Five-Star Rating, the Advance Tabco D1-1-25 restaurant drop-in sink with faucet is an economical buy. There are also several highly-rated restaurant sinks from Eagle.

Dishwashing Equipment: Dish Machines:

Dish machines clean and sanitize dishes so they’re ready to go. Don’t miss the Hobart LXIC-5 dish machine or the Hobart LT1-1, both offered at ShortOrder.com. There are also many more dish machines to choose from.

Dishwashing Equipment: Glass Washers

Glass washers can be a big help in both restaurants and bars. Find Hobart glass washers at ShortOrder.com that are rated Editor’s Choice and with five stars because of their reliability and performance.

Dishwashing Equipment: Garbage Disposals

Another piece of dishwashing equipment to consider for your restaurant is garbage disposals. Salvajor garbage disposals offered at ShortOrder have received Five-Star and Editor’s Choice ratings.

Dishwashing Equipment: Mop Sinks

Mop sinks are a great way to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary, and they’re also a great way to clean in an efficient way. The Eagle mop sink at ShortOrder is rated highly for its durability and construction — it’s a stainless steel mop sink that gets the job done.

For all your dishwashing equipment needs, shop at ShortOrder.com.

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