7 Tips for Range Safety in Your Kitchen

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Commercial Range Burner SafetyAre you being safe enough in your kitchen? Ranges are a smart addition to any restaurant’s kitchen, but only if you take the right precautions when cooking with, cleaning, and maintaining them. Don’t let kitchen safety fall by the wayside when the dinner rush hits. Follow these 7 range safety tips to keep your kitchen hazard-free and staff-friendly.

1. Always keep your ranges clean. A clean range is a safe range. It’s also the most efficient, which is handy when the clock is ticking during high volume hours. Grease and leftover food pieces can catch fire if they are not cleared away from the range’s cooking area regularly.

2. Clean your kitchen floors. Liquids around a commercial range are a safety hazard, so keep your kitchen’s floors clean throughout the day.

3. Don’t store items on top of a range. This is what’s commonly referred to in the restaurant industry as “an accident waiting to happen.” Anything stored on top of a range, even if the range is off, is a fire hazard. Likewise, be careful what your store around the range. Flammable items should be kept in a different area of the kitchen.

4. Pay attention to temperature. Monitor the range, and never leave a hot range unattended. Always keep oven mitts and potholders nearby to prevent accidents and burns.

5. Watch for leaking gas. If your range has open gas burners, keep an eye on the flame to make sure it is a quiet, steady blue. If your flame is a sputtering yellow one, turn it off and inspect your range immediately.

6. Keep equipment safely upright. The traffic flow in your kitchen should be suited to the setup of your equipment, and vice-versa. Make sure your range is safely positioned so no one is in danger of rushing into it and knocking it over. This is especially important for light-gauge steel ranges, which weigh less and are easier to tip over.

7. Keep up with range maintenance. You should regularly inspect your range to make sure all connections are properly hooked up and all parts are in good working order. Also clean your range regularly to prevent buildup of grease or other solids.

If you have questions about how to buy a range for your commercial kitchen, check out 6 FAQs about Commercial Ranges or the ShortOrder buyer’s guide to ranges. Not sure which range to buy? Contact us on Twitter or Facebook, or call ShortOrder for free at 800-211-0282.


How to Keep Your Commercial Restaurant Equipment and Kitchen Safe and Clean

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Keeping Commercial Restaurant Equipment and Kitchen Safe and CleanA restaurant’s kitchen can be a hazardous place. It’s a fast-paced environment with all manner of dangerous areas and precision commercial restaurant equipment. Unfortunately, the best commercial restaurant equipment is also the equipment that is kept the sharpest or is able to heat the highest, so you and your kitchen staff need to exercise caution day in and day out in the back of house. Here are some guidelines to evaluate the level of safety and cleanliness in your kitchen so you can be productive and cautious at the same time.

Have a Cleaning and Safety Checklist

Sanitation and safety should the top priorities in the kitchen. Preventing food-borne illnesses and problems that stem from food allergies are major concerns for restaurants, and nipping those problems in the bud with a strict cleanliness policy is a must. Likewise, it is critical that you ensure that the kitchen is a safe environment. Creating a checklist for the end of the day can encourage good habits. A proper safety and cleaning checklist should include items like …


Clean Up Your Restaurant Equipment for National Food Safety Month

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Happy National Food Safety Month, everyone! September 2013 has been designated by the National Restaurant Association as a month to spotlight the awareness of food allergens, which can help restaurants that are concerned about keeping their restaurant equipment safe for those with food allergies. National Food Safety Month was created in 1994 to increase the awareness of the importance of food safety in kitchens everywhere. Previous spotlights have included hygiene and general food handling safety. This month, to get the word out this month about food safety with allergens, the National Restaurant Association has prepared activities and information covering everything from cross-contact to food transportation. To get your staff, students, or family involved, check out the National Food Safety Month website.

Cross-contact was the focus of this week of National Food Safety Month. Cross-contact on restaurant equipment in the kitchen can be a big concern for restaurants that want to be friendly to those with food allergies. Here are some easy things you can do in your kitchen with your restaurant equipment to prevent cross-contamination for customers with food allergies.

• Be careful to use separate restaurant equipment and utensils if you are preparing food for a customer with an allergy.
• If you can’t use separate equipment, clean the preparation surface thoroughly before making a dish for a customer with a food allergy.
• Store foods that could contain allergens in containers separate from other foods.
• Wash and dry hands thoroughly before preparing a dish for a guest with an allergy.
• Designate specific pieces of restaurant equipment (like blenders, for example) as “nut-free” or “dairy-free.” Label it and make sure your staff knows that it’s available for food prep.

What tips do you have for keeping your restaurant equipment safe for people with food allergies? Find ShortOrder on Twitter and Facebook and tell us how you are allergen-conscious in your kitchen.

Holiday Safety Tips for Gen2 Ranges and More

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

The holidays are a busy time of year, and in such a fast-paced environment, chaos in the kitchen can lead to accidents.  While quality kitchen equipment like Gen2 Ranges can help you create delicious holiday meals with the best technology, be sure to remain diligent about kitchen safety.

Prevent Burns
With any range or stove, not just Gen2 ranges, always be wary of open flames.  Keep your sleeves rolled up and be mindful to turn off burners immediately after you are finished using them.  If you are stirring food on a range, stir away from your body.  With Gen2 ranges and other kitchen appliances, you can never be too careful.

Avoid Cuts
While it is important (not to mention more efficient!) to keep your knives sharpened, a sharp knife can be hazardous to clumsy fingers.  When slicing, dicing, chopping, and peeling, be careful!  Food cutters are a safe alternative, and have the additional benefit of slicing more food, faster.  You should also be wary of the blades on food processors and blenders.

Keep It Clean
Clean up any spills immediately after they happen.  A slick spot on the floor in front of one of your Gen2 ranges can quickly turn into an injury.  If you have your hands full and can’t get to it right away, warn others about the spill so they can avoid it.  Also, it never hurts to wear shoes with good traction.

Know Your Stuff
When working with kitchen appliances, from large Gen2 ranges to small Amana microwaves, it’s important to know your restaurant equipment.  Understand every setting, and fully repair any broken or malfunctioning equipment immediately.  It’s also good to know what kinds of foods you can and can’t use with certain pieces of equipment.  For example, click here for reasons you should never deep fry a frozen turkey.

Follow these tips and always exercise caution in the kitchen, and you can create successful holiday dishes for your customers.  Have a safe, happy holiday from all of us at ShortOrder!

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