3 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Commercial Range

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

ShortOrder_Range-Garland-h284Whether you’re looking to broil, fry, grill, or simmer, commercial ranges offer an array of cooking choices in one piece of equipment. As one of the most useful tools in the kitchen, finding the right commercial range for your restaurant is important. How many burners do you need? Will you want griddles? Before investing in a range for your commercial kitchen, ask these 3 questions:

How much output do you need from your range?

There are two basic types of commercial ranges: restaurant duty and heavy duty. Restaurant duty ranges—the most common choice—work great for most commercial kitchens. They are made to stand alone, with durability and easy use in mind. Additionally, restaurant duty ranges are less expensive than their heavy duty counterparts. For kitchens that require high volume usage, a heavy duty range is the best option. However, these ranges typically cost more up front and are more expensive to maintain. (more…)

Gen2 Griddles Make Any Meal

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Griddles have long been a staple in kitchens from the Deep South to the Northeast.  While cooking on a griddle originally consisted of using a flat stone or brick slab, today’s are of course more advanced, more precise, and deliver reliable results.  Gen 2 griddles, for example, consist of evenly-spaced burners on a gas griddle that is manually controlled.  Gen2 griddles are great for cooking foods of all kinds, and make it easy to serve customers quick and delicious meals around the clock.  Here are a few of our favorite griddle recipes to make on Gen2 griddles.

Old-Fashion Buttermilk Pancakes
Griddle-cooked pancakes are a Southern classic.  Southerners have cooked up just about everything on a griddle, but pancakes are among the most classic Southern breakfasts.  The trick to the best old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes is, of course, to use real buttermilk.  True Southern pancakes often have lard or shortening in them, so if you want to err on the side of healthiness, there are several ingredients you can substitute.  Butter or margarine will work, but be sure to add 2 tablespoons to every cup of lard or shortening a recipe calls for.  Applesauce or prune puree are also suitable substitutes for lard or shortening.  For every cup of lard or shortening, use ½ cup of puree.  The rest are your basic pancake ingredients, so pick your favorite and fire up your Gen2 griddles.

Philly Cheesesteaks
This famous Pennsylvanian classic is made from vegetables and thinly-sliced pieces of steak, cooked on a griddle and served on a long roll with cheese.  There is much debate as to the composition of a “true” Philly cheesesteak, so choose your version carefully.  If you are not too reverent of the sacred cheesesteak, mix it up a little for those customers who prefer chicken, and offer them a chicken cheesesteak.  Loyal Philadelphians might scoff, but those looking for an alternative will thank you for the leaner suggestion.

Gourmet Burger
The hamburger is by far the most well-known component of the American fast-food meal.  However, it is easy to elevate a simple burger with a few tweaks.  Choose a theme and craft a burger to match, and you’ll have an original hit.  Looking for a little barbeque?  Hickory BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and bacon complete the burger.  Going lighter?  A patty made of shredded chicken and sundried tomatoes cooks well on Gen2 griddles.  A spicy burger might be your basic beef topped with poblano peppers and chipotle mayo.  Get creative with your condiments, and you’ll make an entrée not soon forgotten.

Gen2 Griddles: The Griddle Has Evolved

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Gen2 griddles have years of history behind them. Originally made from stone, brick or clay slabs, the griddle has been used for thousands of years across virtually all cultures to cook savory breads, meats and vegetables and sweet treats like pancakes and other goodies. Over time, the shape and material of the griddle has changed, but the purpose has remained the same — provide a hot, flat cooking surface on which to cook. Commercial griddles now make it possible to cook for many at the same time with a level of precision and consistency unprecedented throughout history.

There are three main components of a commercial griddle that each influence the performance of the griddle–the plate, the heat source, and the temperature control. In the best commercial griddles, these components come together to make a machine that is reliable, easy to clean, and easy to use for multiple items. While Short Order offers many brands of griddle, one in particular stands out for their excellence–Gen2 griddles. We carry six Gen2 griddles, each with 5 stars and our Editor’s Choice award for excellence. Whether it’s the two-burner, three-burner or four-burner natural gas griddle, whether it comes with manual or thermostatic controls, Gen2 griddles offer excellence with every model. Each with a stainless steel front and sides, a large capacity removable grease pan, and a 3/4” griddle plate, everything about Gen2 griddles says quality.

Short Order is proud to offer Gen2 products, especially the Gen2 griddles. That’s because we know that time after time, this restaurant equipment will deliver the sweet, savory or salty morsels that your customers crave with a reliability that just wont quit. Gen2 griddles are a cut above the rest, and we want to give praise where praise is due. Thanks Gen2, for making the kind of product that makes customers happy for years to come.

Gen2 Griddles Take the Johnny Cake

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Relatively new to the restaurant equipment market, Gen2 Griddles are (true to their name) the next generation of high-performance griddles. Griddles have a special place in the history of American food. In the homes of farmers from the northeast to the deep south; from the pioneer homesteads to the gold mining towns out West; griddles have been cooking our flapjacks, johnny cakes, fried eggs and fat back for centuries. How cooks managed to cook meals for large families and farm hands on a single cast iron stove is beyond the comprehension of most of us these days. But what today’s restaurant owners and yesterday’s cooks have in common is the need to serve many with great efficiency and culinary skill.

Whether you are cooking the perfect pancake or searing a scallop, you need a cooking surface that provides even, consistent heat to serve every customer every time. Gen2 Griddles are getting high marks for product reliability, performance and user-friendly designs. Take, for instance, a favorite in the line of Gen2 Griddles, the GEN2-TG-24C-NAT. This 24-inch countertop cooking dynamo features a precise and reliable thermostat to help maintain perfect cooking conditions. With 22,000 BTU/hr energy output, these two burners can really keep up! And if the demands of your hungry customers have you looking for something a little heftier among the Gen2 Griddles, take a look at the GEN2-TG-48C-NAT. This 48-inch, four burner gas griddle is an excellent choice for feeding the hungry mob. Both of these fine Gen2 griddles received our Editors Choice award and our highly prized 5-star rating.

Short Order is proud to offer a wide variety of Gen2 Griddles. We feel that our Gen2 Griddles are some of the best griddles out there. In fact, if they had awards for griddles at the County Fair, we know Gen2 Griddles would come home with the prize.

Go Griddles, Go!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Steaming hot pancakes. Crispy bacon. Sizzling seared vegetables. Are you hungry yet? Can’t you just smell, hear and taste it? There is, perhaps, nothing more mesmerizing than fresh food sizzling on a hot griddle. For a restaurant owner, commercial griddles may just be the best machines ever invented. Across that expansive steel surface you can cook just about anything without ever dirtying a pan. Order after order can be placed to cook on the evenly heated surface of commercial griddles, all the while producing sounds and smells that will entice even the toughest customer. And if you want commercial griddles, boy have we got them.

Short Order offers a wide assortment of commercial griddles that cook like nobody’s business. One such beauty is the Vulcan Griddle RRE24D-208/1. These are electric-powered, countertop RRE griddles with stainless sides and tapered side splashes to protect from grease splatter. In fact, all of the griddles in the RRE series have received Short Order’s our Editor’s Choice award. Another favorite is Gen2. While the products vary greatly in price and size, every Gen2 Griddle has earned both the Editor’s Choice award and our 5 star rating. We also carry many electric, propane and natural gas powered commercial griddles offered by Vulcan and other brands such as APW, Turbo Air, Wolf and Garland.

When the stadium, theatre or convention lets out and all of a sudden you have a flood of hungry guests looking for an excellent meal, nothing works harder than commercial griddles to cooks numerous meals while keeping an even temperature and a consistent cooking surface, even in the highest traffic. And you don’t have to worry about fighting for burners, cleaning pots and pans, or waiting for your restaurant equipment to heat up. Commercial griddles keep it simple, making it possible to keep your focus on what matters most–making great food.

Griddles and Viddles

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Viddles–It’s a term coined in the deep south to mean vegetables or any food that nourishes the body. It’s a vestige of a past generation that means old fashioned good cooking. Today, the word is hardly used except to quote Granny Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies. But wherever you’re from, you know that there is nothing more satisfying than a well-cooked meal. And good cooking requires two things: know-how, and good restaurant equipment. that’s where Gen2 Griddles come in.

And, pardon the rhyme, but nothing cooks viddles like Gen2 Griddles. Gen2 Griddles are the generation of cooking equipment. This company has thought of everything, incorporating every detail into making Gen2 Griddles as efficient, reliable and useful as possible, while building upon the knowledge from past generations of griddles.

Just take a look at the Gen2 Griddle GEN2 – TG-24C – NAT, a 24-inch, two burner, countertop cooking genius. The heavy-duty thermostat control helps maintain cooking temperatures while the 22,000 BTU/hr, “U” type burners generate steady intense heat. Gen2 Griddles also offers the Gen2 Griddle GEN2 – TG-48C – NAT, a 48 inch, four-burner gas griddle, whose response time and excellent cooking surface are unparalleled. Both Gen2 Griddles carry our 5-Star and Editors Choice ratings.

But what does all this mean when it comes to your restaurant and your patrons? It means that whether your customers are from New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, or LA, when they are looking for that perfect meal — the one that fills their bellies and makes them sit back and relax like they were in hog heaven — they’ll find that perfect meal in your establishment. And, in the words of Granny, whether your customers like their meat “fallin’ off the bones tender or with a little fight left,” it’ll be cooked right every time with Gen2 Griddles.

Vulcan Griddles and Char Broilers

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Not too long ago, we posted about whether you preferred making hamburgers with griddles or char broilers at your restaurant. Now, we’d like to spotlight Vulcan griddles and char broilers, which we proudly offer here at ShortOrder.com. If you’re looking for restaurant equipment to make hamburgers or other tasty grilled items, definitely consider Vulcan griddles and char broilers.

Griddles are a flat metal plate made of steel, cast iron or aluminum. Food is cooked on them, and they’re especially useful for cooking different kinds of food — hashbrowns, eggs and pancakes, for example — at once without taste contamination.

If you want to bring the taste of the backyard grill inside, char broilers may be the way to go. You can get grill marks on products and that undeniable grill flavor by using radiant heat or char rocks.

Vulcan Griddles

Talk about dependability: Vulcan griddles are durable and able to handle your toughest jobs. From gas griddles to electric griddles, we have what you need — and several are rated five stars and recognized as Editor’s Choice winners here at ShortOrder. There’s the Vulcan Gas Griddle MGG48-NAT, a recipient of both the Editor’s Choice and five-star ratings. This is a low-profile heavy-duty gas griddle with a stainless steel front, sides and 4-inch front top ledge. It has a large capacity stainless steel grease drawer and an electronic ignition.

There’s also the Vulcan Electric Griddle RRE48D-208/3, a heavy-duty electric griddle with stainless steel 4-inch back and tapered side splashes.

Vulcan Char Broilers

Vulcan char broilers are also dependable and well-known for their outstanding quality. And like Vulcan griddles, there are several five-star and Editor’s Choice-rated Vulcan char broilers at ShortOrder. The Vulcan Char Broiler VCCB36-1-NAT is one such unit. This gas char broiler has a stainless steel front, sides, top rim and grease trough and a full width front grease drawer.

Shop for Vulcan griddles and char broilers at ShortOrder.com today, where we also have several other brands of restaurant equipment.

Makin’ Hamburgers: Griddles or Char Broilers?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

When you cook hamburgers at your restaurant, do you use char broilers or griddles? Do you season the patty? And what about the bun? We realize these questions can result in a heated debate when those passionate about hamburgers are asked to answer, but, really, there’s no right answer. There are countless ways to make delicious hamburgers, and here is some quick information on restaurant equipment that can help you get the job done.

Commercial Griddles

Hamburgers call for high-production griddles since more recovery is needed. Relatively simple restaurant equipment, griddles allow you to cook a variety of food at once without taste contamination. Commercial griddles may be made out of cast iron, aluminum or steel, and they should sit on either a refrigerated base with drawers or a heavy-duty stainless steel stand with casters. When choosing one, keep in mind that gas griddles are less costly to operate and cheaper to maintain than electric griddles.

Commercial Char Broilers

Grill marks on the patty are a trademark of char broilers, which are designed to bring the taste of the backyard grill inside. Getting grill marks on the meat can be achieved with radiant heat or with char rocks. One thing to keep in mind with char broilers is that they have a high energy use, since there’s an open burner that has to be lit the entire time you’re using the char broiler.

Be sure and check out our selection of char broilers, including the APW Char Broiler GCRB-24H-NAT, a unit that runs on natural gas. It’s also the recipient of an Editor’s Choice award and a five-star rating.

Restaurant Equipment at ShortOrder.com

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