How to Stop Wasting Energy with Your Holding Cabinets

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Hatco-Holding-CabinetIs it getting hot on this blog, or is it just us? Recently we have demonstrated our love for cook-and-hold ovens of the Alto-Shaam variety, and helped restaurants prepare for summer. Today we continue this trend by focusing on our humble friend the holding cabinet. Heated holding cabinets are meant to keep food warm and delicious until it’s ready to serve to customers, so you’ll never serve your diners a cold casserole or a chilly chicken. But the same traits that give holding cabinets their reputation for patience and perfection can also make them energy gluttons. So how can you keep your trusty holding cabinets in good working order while keeping those energy bills down? Here are our top 6 tips for saving energy with your holding cabinets.

1. Pick the right cabinet for the right job. There are several types of holding cabinets, including mobile cabinets, countertop cabinets, and pizza cabinets. You can also choose between half height and full size, plus wattages of 120/1v and 208-240v. Choose the best one for your restaurant’s needs, that way your cabinet won’t be underutilized and wasting energy, or (conversely) overworked and consuming too much energy.

2. Choose insulated cabinets over uninsulated cabinets. Insulated holding cabinets are up to 65% more efficient when it comes to trapping heat vs. uninsulated cabinets.

3. Go Energy Star certified. Kitchen equipment and appliances that have been Energy Star certified have been proven to perform as well as or better than their more wasteful counterparts on the market. Make sure your holding cabinet has that little blue sticker before you make your purchase. (more…)

Scotsman Ice Machines: What Would You Do Without ‘Em?

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Without ice machines like Scotsman Ice Machines, the restaurant industry would be on it’s knees in a heart beat. It’s easy to look at ice machines as the wall flowers of the restaurant industry. They just sit there making ice. There’s no sizzle, no heat. Nothing sexy or dazzling about them. They just make cube after cube of frozen water. Not a lot of magic there, right? Who needs them? But imagine ordering a beverage that comes to the table with no ice. Or a salad bar of luke-warm vegetables, tepid dressing and wilting lettuce? Ice may seem invisible to the hungry patron, but take it away, and you take away the experience of fresh food.

Scotsman Ice Machines do one thing and they do it really well: they make great ice. They’re consistent, energy efficient, and reliable. In 2011, Scotsman Ice Systems was nationally recognized for energy efficiency by ENERGY STAR®. According to Mark McClanahan, president, Scotsman Ice Systems, customers using Scotsman Ice Machines can save up to 20 percent on their energy bill annually. We are very proud to offer a wide selection of these ENERGY STAR-rated Scotsman Ice Machines, such as our Scotsman Ice Machine C0322MA-1B. In fact, nugget and flake models of Scotsman Ice Machines use up to 50 percent less water and 15 percent less energy than other cube machines. And, as if that weren’t enough, many Scotsman Ice Machines are also rated for the maximum “Consortium of Energy Efficiency” (CEE) Tier 3-rated performance criteria, which exceeds the current ENERGY STAR standard.

Sure, Scotsman Ice Machines are straight forward, unromantic machines. But what a difference fresh ice makes, and where would you be without it? Just remember that when you start dreaming about all those other fancy pieces of restaurant equipment. Sometimes the hardest one to see is the one that was there all along.

Manitowoc: Ice Machines With Great Spirit

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Manitowoc, a city in eastern Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, gets its name from the Native American word meaning home of the Great Spirit. And it is with great spirit that the people that manufacture Manitowoc Ice Machines have embraced cutting edge technology and conservation since their beginnings in 1964. And with the Indigo series, Manitowoc Ice Machines now include intelligent diagnostics to provide more reliable and energy efficient monitoring, as well as streamlined cleaning, better ice quality and improved food safety.

With four pages featuring Manitowoc Ice Machines, our website offers a variety of models of Manitowoc Ice Machines, each with an excellent rating. One Editor’s Choice award goes to the Indigo™Manitowoc Ice Machine ID-0322A/208/1. With intelligent diagnostics, a space-saving design, programmable ice production, and a Duratech™ stainless, fingerprint-resistant finish, this model has it all and still makes about 350 lbs of ice per day. For those looking for more volume, the Manitowoc Ice Machine ID-1402A/B-970/208/1 will definitely satisfy, producing a hefty 1500 pounds of ice per day. You can’t go wrong no matter what model you choose, because of the 107 Manitowoc Ice Machines we offer, every single one has a rating of 4 stars or higher. Now that’s quality!

It feels great to purchase a high-quality piece of restaurant equipment from a company that has a history of performance and quality. True to its name, Manitowoc Ice Machines offer more than just quality equipment. They offer peace of mind and a great spirit of stewardship to the environment and to businesses like yours. At Short Order, we only work with companies we know will deliver quality, and Manitowoc is one of those companies. With Manitowoc Ice Machines, you know you are getting a great product from a great company. And that should put you in very good spirits!

Manitowoc Ice Machines Go Green

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Manitowoc ice machines are going green! Recently, the company has developed a range of energy-efficient Manitowoc ice machines. What’s even more notable is that they were manufactured using materials that cause the least damage to the environment.

Manitowoc ice machines made with environmentally-friendly materials like water-based foam insulation. This material is used in both Manitowoc ice machines and storage bins. A great aspect of using this material to manufacture products it that it carries no safety, toxicity or flammability risks.

So how to these Manitowoc ice machines measure up with it comes to US Energy Star and CEE standards? Pretty well. In fact, over 97 percent of cube ice Manitowoc ice machines actually meet or exceed the performance standards of Energy Star and CEE. And this is a huge benefit to users, as Energy Star rated Manitowoc ice machines can be up to 15 percent more energy- and water-efficient. That means lower operating costs.

Though these new green Manitowoc ice machines are worth celebrating, it should be noted that this isn’t the company’s first effort to be environmentally-friendly. Manitowoc was the first to convert to alternative refrigerants, the first to develop an automatic cleaning system and the first ISO-Certified ice maker manufacturer. Manitowoc ice machines are highly regarded in the industry because of their proven reliability, design, sanitation and efficiency.

Manitowoc Ice Machines: Energy Efficient

Manitowoc ice machines are energy efficient for a reason: the company is genuinely dedicated to being a leader and innovator in the industry. Understanding the value of low operating costs, Manitowoc offers energy-efficient restaurant equipment to both help restaurant owners and the planet. You’ll find a wide selection of Manitowoc ice machines for the lowest prices at

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