Countdown to the New Year with the Top 10 Foods of the Last Decade  

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Ice Cream Biscuit SandwichesThe American diet is an ever-changing creature, with constant surprises from newcomers like Sriracha, which has taken the nation by storm in recent years, becoming more popular than Tabasco in some parts of the country. But for all that, the core of the American diet doesn’t really change that much over the course of a decade. Or does it?

Actually, it turns out it does. While there are those trends that exploded, peaked, and then vanished all within the last 10 years, there are a few that have stuck with us, and you’ll probably be surprised at what they are. The data below is taken from a survey done by NPD research group that found the 10 foods that have grown the most in popularity over the past 10 years.

10: Pancakes

Yup! If you thought that pancakes peaked back when IHOP was at the height of its popularity, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Be careful with traditional definitions of pancakes, because a ‘pancake’ isn’t always just simply, a pancake. The rise of savory pancakes like the San Francisco new-classic Sourdough-and-Sauerkraut Pancake and the Korean-American scallion pancake make this entry significantly broader than you might think. When you add in the fact that there’s a brand new PancakeBot 3D printer out there that will turn any graphic you give it into edible pancake art, you can see that this is far from the round buttermilk standby of your youth. If you’re getting serious about pancake making, we have this heavy-duty electric griddle for mornings when you need to feed a crowd quickly. (more…)

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Deep frying a turkeyDeep fried turkey is a nouveau Thanksgiving treat, rising in popularity less than a decade ago but still nowhere near commonplace across the US. wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year, and with emphasis on the ‘safe’ part, we’d like to offer everyone a layman’s guide to safely deep-frying yourself a Thanksgiving treat.

Thaw the Turkey

Ideally, you’d be able to get a fresh turkey the night before Thanksgiving and keep it in the fridge, but how realistic is that? Better safe than sorry; get an appropriately-sized frozen turkey a week in advance and allow it to thaw in the fridge for that week (roughly one day per 4 pounds.)


Avoid Getting Fried with Gen2 Fryers

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

People in the food industry appreciate the confidence that comes with equipment like Gen2 fryers.To deep fry is to cook by immersing a food item in hot fat or oil. According to the urban dictionary, fried can also mean being mentally or physically exhausted, or the experience of being made fun of or humiliated. Certainly, chefs and line cooks across the country have had personal experience with each of these versions of the word “fried.” It can be exhausting to run a kitchen, putting out order after order of dishes, dancing around priorities, cooking times, kitchen activity, and customer demands. And fail just once, and you just might be “fried” by customer reviews.

In the world of restaurant equipment, nothing builds confidence and workability like Gen2. For example, the Gen2-F3-NAT natural gas Gen2 fryers earned the “Best In Class” award by Food Service Supplies Magazine. And, like virtually all of our Gen2 products, Gen2 fryers (including this one) boast our five star rating and our Editor’s Choice award.  Gen2 fryers have a cool zone for easy cleaning, range of 200º-400º and a stainless steel tank. The F3 also comes in an LP version. And if you are looking for something larger, the 70-pound capacity Gen2 fryers are also fitted for both LP and natural gas.

Gen2 also has a number of quality accessories available to customize Gen2 fryers to your exact needs. And like all Short Order restaurant equipment, we offer our Gen2 fryers at the lowest possible price and include free shipping. So don’t wait until you are completely fried from trying to meet customer needs while using sub-standard equipment; or worse, you are fried by a viral customer complaint. Choose Gen2 fryers–bring high quality and consistency to your kitchen and take yourself out of the fryer.

Frymaster Fryers

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Frymaster Fryers Make Delicious Fried Foods Easy

Frymaster fryers are a kitchen appliance that most chefs and restaurant managers don’t want to live without. Voted best in class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, Frymaster fryers have a number of features that allow easy setup and use. If your menu includes one or more fried foods, you should note a few advantages of Frymaster fryers:

  • Set-up for a Frymaster fryer involves only two simple steps.
  • Frymaster fryers have stainless steel frypots and heating elements that lift up for easier cleaning.
  • Frymaster fryer filtration systems extend the life of your oil.
  • Frymaster fryers feature quick temperature recovery for good quality and uniformity.

Frymaster Fryers Are an Important Part of a Quality Fried-Foods Kitchen

To ensure the finest fried-foods taste experience for your customers, make sure your Frymaster fryers are surrounded by other pieces of quality restaurant equipment, like Beverage Air refrigerators, Hobart mixers, and Vulcan ranges from You’ll want to manage the process of freezing and warming your french fries, chicken, fish, funnel cakes, or other fried foods before and after they reach your Frymaster fryers.

Consider Hatco Dump Stations with Your Frymaster Fryer

Frymaster fryers pair well with Hatco Fry Dump Stations, which provide both above and below electric heating elements, depending on your choice and setup. Like Frymaster fryers, Hatco fry dump stations were voted best in class by Food Service Equipment Magazine. Hatco fry dump stations currently sell for $282 to $425, and just as with the Frymaster fryers and all of our products, come with a 30-day return policy.

Kolpak Freezers Keep Ingredients Fresh for Frymaster Fryers

You’ll also want to consider the quality of your freezers to ensure that the money you’ve invested in your Frymaster fryers has not been wasted. Even a Frymaster fryer cannot make excellent food from ingredients that aren’t fresh. If you’re considering new restaurant equipment, you may want to check out our line of Kolpak walk-in freezers.

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