Advantages of Air-Cooled Manitowoc Ice Machines

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Manitowoc ice machines come in all shapes and sizes. You already know about the many different types of ice that Manitowoc ice machines can make, and that Manitowoc ice machines are easy to maintain… but did you know that they have a secret, energy-saving weapon? Manitowoc ice machines that are air-cooled could be the best restaurant equipment decision you make when it comes to ice.

About Air-Cooled Ice Machines

So what is an air-cooled ice machine? It’s pretty simple: air-cooled ice machines use a fan to reduce the heat generated by the mechanical refrigeration components inside. The alternative is a water-cooled ice machine, which circulates cool water around the components via pipes to keep the inside cool. The difference between the two, however, comes in the operational costs. Air-cooled ice machines use less energy and water than their water-cooled counterparts, since many water-cooled ice makers use more water to cool the system itself than to actually make ice. Thus, the cost of operation of air-cooled ice machines is lower, and they are more efficient for both day-to-day and long-term use. You could ultimately save quite a bit on your utility bills.

Air-Cooled Indigo Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc’s Indigo Series line of commercial ice machines, for example, contains some great air-cooled Manitowoc ice machines. The Manitowoc Ice Machine ID-0322A/B-320/115-1, for example, is an Energy Star certified machine that will get the job done with efficiency and ease. It monitors the machine’s critical systems, has an easy-read interface, and is fully programmable so that you can conveniently choose how much ice to make and when to make it. Never worry about losing ice production capabilities on a busy Friday night with Manitowoc ice machines in the kitchen. Manitowoc technology is steadily improving to keep commercial ice makers clean, efficient, safe, and energy-saving.

More Manitowoc Ice Machines and Restaurant Equipment

To see more ice machines, visit and find the one that fits your kitchen’s needs best.

Scotsman Ice Machines Win 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year

Friday, March 29th, 2013

This month at ShortOrder, we’ve discovered yet another reason to praise Scotsman ice machines. In March, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named Scotsman ice machines’ systems the 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year. Scotsman’s accomplishments were recognized on Tuesday at an awards ceremony held in Washington D.C.

What is the Energy Star Label?

The Energy Star label was created to encourage and promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, as well as to assist consumers in finding energy-efficient products. It is backed by the EPA, and can be found displayed on products like computers, TVs, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, water heaters, light bulbs, and, of course, Scotsman ice machines.

An Energy Star certified product earns its label by providing significant energy savings, increasing the product’s energy efficiency, and performing as well as or better than a higher energy consuming product of its kind, along with several other requirements. These factors are carefully measured and tested in order to be verified, at which point the product receives the Energy Star label.

Scotsman: 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year

Scotsman was selected from among almost 200,000 organizations to be the recipient of the 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year. The winner of this award is credited for a dedication to the successful promotion and distribution of its Energy Star products, thereby saving consumers money and reducing levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

ShortOrder and Scotsman Ice Machines

ShortOrder carries a variety of Energy Star certified Scotsman ice machines. From the Scotsman Ice Machine CU1526SA-1A, producing up to 150 pounds of ice in 24 hours, to the Scotsman Ice Machine C1448MA-32B, which produces up to 1,553 pounds in 24 hours, ShortOrder is dedicated to bringing you Scotsman ice machines that can save your business time, money, and energy. For more Scotsman ice machines and other Energy Star certified commercial kitchen products from major brands like True, Panasonic, Delfield, Hobart, and more, visit and view all of our restaurant equipment.

Ice, Ice Baby

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Ice machines are a critical component to the foodservice operator. They are expensive to buy, operate and maintain, but also a necessity. What do you need to know before diving in to this big purchase? Some considerations would be:

  • type of ice machine
  • operating costs
  • reliability
  • size
  • water or air cooled
  • remote or self contained refrigeration

All are important factors in your buying decision. Let’s see if we can make sense of a couple of these options.

There are two types of ice machines to choose from. Cubers are by far the most popular. A hard cube melts slowly and produces the best drink product. You can choose from full or half size cubes. Another option would be the flaker ice machine. It produces soft nuggets, or flakes, of ice. This is a great option for salad bars, hospitals and limited specialty drinks.

You’ll also want to consider operating costs before you make your purchase. Some of the the most popular brands are Manitowoc, Scotsman and Hoshizaki. The operating cost of electrical and water usage vary significantly between brands. Both Manitowoc and Scotsman utilize a system that efficiently minimizes water wasted and the cost of production. The operating cost of a comparable Hoshizaki unit can be substantially higher than competing brands. Do your research before you buy.

Reliability and size are also important factors. Available service reports rate both Manitowoc and Scotsman machines highly. Make sure you are getting a quality machine with a good warranty. Remember to buy a machine with adequate production and a bin large enough to hold your highest demand. Consider the environment your machine will be in as well. Manufacturers rate production at optimum conditions, and they will produce less ice in a warmer environment with warmer water. Buying ice because you under estimated your needs is very expensive!

There are usually two considerations for the machine cooling system. Water cooling systems are generally more expensive in daily operating costs. They are necessary for remote refrigeration where there is a great distance between the machine and the condenser. They can be worse for the environment because they produce more waste water and in general, the industry is turning to air cooled units. The one exception to that rule would be if your machine will be in an area with very little air circulation. The lack of circulation requires a water cooled unit. An air cooled unit produces less waste and has a lower daily operating cost and most ideal for self contained units.

Finally, consider if you need remote or self contained refrigeration. Remote systems are for generally larger machines over 800 lbs. In this case, the condensing unit is usually mounted on the roof of the building to minimize the noise and heat put off. Self contained units house the condensing unit inside the machine. They are easier to maintain and access in the case of repairs.

This is just a quick rundown of the many options available for the ice machine. I hope it helps get you started in the right direction picking the right product for you!

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