Protecting Your Investment: Fryer Maintenance

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

ShortOrder_Frymaster-FryersAll equipment needs TLC. The “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset is really only applicable to prep-tables. Almost everything else in your kitchen needs routine maintenance.

Consider the workhorse of many American facilities, the fryer. Fryers are a pretty simple machine. They have targeted jets of flame that heat-up the underside of a pot that contains oil. The oil heats and is used to cook food. When the oil is used, you filter or replace it and move on. Not much to it, right?

In reality, it does still need some routine maintenance. Daily, the exterior should be wiped down and cleaned. Focus on the  rim, sides and front. This is more than an aesthetic thing. Dripping oil on the floor can be a very dangerous matter for your employees. In addition, make sure to clean the fry baskets daily. Remove them from the oil, wash them and let them dry overnight.

When you filter the oil, make it a habit to clean the elements under the fryer. These can and will get congested with oil mist and other contaminants. Filter the oil, clean the elements.

It’s important to boil out your fryer at least twice a year. Remove the oil. Replace with water and cleaning solution. Allow the water to heat and scrub the fryer pot as instructed by the manufacturer. Be careful not to splash hot water on yourself or others while you scrub. Been there, done that – ouch! Once complete, carefully drain the water and rinse the pot with warm water. Once complete, towel dry and replace the oil. You’ll be good for another three to six months.

Full inspection of the unit should be done annually. Check all electronics and make sure they are free of debris. Look at the legs or casters and make sure they are in good working order and stable. Inspect your fry baskets to make sure the handle is secure to the basket. A basket breaking during agitation or product transfer can cause serious injury.

These simple maintenance techniques will increase the longevity of the fryer, keep the foods prepared in it tasting good, keep your workers safe and maximize your return on investment!   


A Guide to Buying Deep Fryers

Friday, January 10th, 2014

We have a deep love of deep fryers here at ShortOrder. Why? Because you can fry anything. And it’s hard to argue with a deep-fried Oreo. Seriously, though, restaurants the world over rely on fryers every day to produce a veritable smörgåsbord of piping hot dishes. So whether you want to try out gourmet donuts, deep-fried veggies, or want to add to your repertoire of ways to serve potatoes, a commercial deep fryer for your restaurant is a must. Today, ShortOrder presents everything you ever wanted to know about buying a deep fryer for your restaurant.

Different Types of Deep Fryers

Restaurant equipment suppliers like ShortOrder carry a variety of kinds of commercial deep fryers. When it comes to fryer types, there are 3 basic kinds of heating methods. Each also has different sizes of sediment zones, or “cool zones”, in which excess food pieces fall off of food during the frying process. Thus, different types of fryers are better suited for different uses. Here is our breakdown of restaurant fryer types.

Fryer types


Commercial Fryers For Your Restaurant

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

At ShortOrder, we have a wide variety of commercial fryers to suit any kitchen’s volume.  Whether you’ve got a small mom-and-pop concern or you are the executive chef of a bustling hotel kitchen, we have exactly the solution you’re looking for.  We stock only the best equipment from Dean, Eagle, Frymaster, Vulcan and more, and our rating system and detailed specifications pages help you know you’re getting what you’re looking for.  Below are just two exemplary commercial fryers from among the dozens we offer.

Dean Commercial Fryer SR42G-Nat: An Economical Choice

The Dean Commercial Fryer SR42G-Nat is the model of efficiency for smaller restaurants.  It contains a 14×14″ cooking area, which is sufficient for virtually any item necessary.  At the same time, this commercial fryer uses a low 35-43 lbs. of cooking oil so you can stretch your supplies.  This commercial fryer also uses an efficient heating design to maximize cooking efficiency: the heating elements are surrounded by the cooking oil, which means less unused heat and energy gets lost.  This translates to a lower amount of natural gas used per load of product cookedwhich means more savings for you.

Frymaster Commercial Fryer EH1721: Large-Load Cooking

The Frymaster Commercial Fryer EH1721 focuses on cooking in quantity — a large quantity.  The 18×18″ cooking area holds a whopping 80 lbs. of cooking oil for large-batch efficiency.  And this Frymaster fryer achieves its goals admirably.  After all, it’s been voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, and has been designated an Editor’s Choice and given a five-star rating by the folks here at ShortOrder. Your Destination For Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As illustrated, our selection of fryers is top-notch, but that’s not all we have to offer.  We also have a wide variety of other commercial restaurant equipment, including Manitowoc ice machines, Beverage-Air freezers, Vulcan ranges, Hobart slicers, and more.  And everything is backed by our special Low Price Guarantee, so you’ll know you’re getting an industry-leading product at an excellent value.

Dean Fryers: Spotlight on the SM80G-NAT Commercial Fryer

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

When it comes to high-volume commercial fryers, it’s difficult to beat Dean fryers. And the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT is no exception: Designed to hold up to 100 pounds (56L) of cooking oil, this commercial fryer is the ideal choice for fast-paced restaurants looking to get the job done quickly and easily.  But just because the SM80G-NAT is big doesn’t mean that it’s an energy hog.  Indeed, this Dean fryer is surprisingly economical, which means you’ll be able to cook all the fried chicken you need without being sucker-punched by a huge utility bill.

Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT: Loaded With Features

The Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT is designed to cook your food without battering your budget.  Its reliance on natural gas and its millivolt pilot mean that no electrical hookup is required.  In addition, this Dean fryer’s cold zone is designed to trap errant food particles.  This prevents any crumbs from carbonizing and tainting your cooking oil, which means your oil stays fresher for longer.  The heating element consists of five tubes surrounded by oil, so more of the Dean fryer’s energy goes into the oil.  All of this results in a remarkably efficient, productive fryer.  What’s more, you can battery two or more SM80G-NAT fryers together to satisfy any cooking requirements.

The Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT: A Dependable Choice

With an emphasis on rock-solid construction and simplicity, the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT is built to last. Its frypot, front, door, sides, and diffusers are all made of stainless steel, and its burners are made of durable cast iron.  Its sloped bottom and wide drain valve also facilitate no-hassle cleaning and maintenance.

Buy the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT

Buy the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT and know that you’re getting an excellent piece of restaurant equipment, one that we at ShortOrder have designated an Editor’s Choice and a five-star rating.  And know that when you shop with us here at ShortOrder, whether you buy this product, a Manitowoc ice machine or a Vulcan range, you’ll be getting our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment.  Not a bad deal.

Restaurants and the Recession

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Lately, it seems newspapers and online media have had nothing but gloomy stories about the economy. Jobs cut, profits down — these are indeed stressful times for businesses. But an article recently from talks about how restaurants might prove to be more resilient than other consumer-dependent industries.

The article pointed out how in a note to investors, one analyst said that traffic might be down relative to what it was in more “robust times,” but same-store sales are “holding up relatively well.”

Many restaurant chains have even recently reported fairly strong sales trends, like Buffalo Wild Wings. So how do you explain this? The article says consumers have a desire for comfort from “the storm of daily living.”

This means, essentially, that restaurants are providing an escape for consumers who are looking for one. And with restaurants offering up specials and money-saving deals, consumers are enticed to skip cooking at home and go out to dinner. The deals are sometimes just too good for people to pass up, like dollar menus and buy-one-get-one-free deals.

Keep Your Restaurant Cooking with ShortOrder has a ton of restaurant equipment that will keep your restaurant cooking. We have everything you need, from Vulcan ranges to Manitowoc ice machines. What’s even better is they’re offered at the lowest prices thanks to our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment. So if you find an item priced lower than, we’ll refund 110% of the difference.

Save Money on Restaurant Costs with Efficient Equipment

With the economic downturn, restaurants may be looking to save money. One of the easiest ways to do that is to make sure you have efficient restaurant equipment. These products can help lower operating costs, making your energy bills lower. Look for Energy Star rated commercial fryers from Frymaster at ShortOrder and other Energy Star rated appliances.

A Guide to Buying Fryers for Your Restaurant

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Crispy fries, crunchy chips, mouth-watering fried chicken — serving up these tasty treats at your restaurant calls for commercial fryers. But with so many different kinds of fryers, where do you even begin? Let’s take a look.

Restaurant Fryers: How Big?

When you’re shopping for restaurant fryers, such as Frymaster fryers, one consideration is the size. Typically, general purpose fryers have a 30-50 pound oil capacity, while large fryers for chicken and fish have an oil capacity of 60-80 pounds. General purpose fryers with a larger capacity mean they’ll have a faster recovery, this being how long it takes for the fryer to heat the oil back to the starting temperature once you drop in cold food. When fryers have a faster recovery, it can mean greater production, since the fryer oil temperature drops less and recovers quicker in order to maintain the proper cooking temperature. When fryers are low recovery, it can result in soggy products.

Restaurant Fryers: Choose Stainless Steel

We can’t recommend stainless steel pots enough when it comes to restaurant fryers. They’re easier to clean and last much longer. When you’re shopping for fryers, look for a stainless steel pot with at least a five-year warranty, or, even better, a lifetime warrantee.

Restaurant Fryers: Sediment Zone Types

Another thing to consider when buying fryers is the sediment zone. This is where the excess breading and small food pieces collect when they fall off during cooking. Fryers have three different types of sediment zones, also called “cool zones.” Those types include: open pot fryers, tube type fryers and flat bottom fryers.

Buy Fryers at

Buy fryers at, where our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment means you’ll be getting your fryers at the lowest price — guaranteed. You’ll find a wide array of fryers like the Frymaster EH1721 and the Frymaster MJ45-SD-Nat here at

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