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Thursday, July 25th, 2013


Char Broilers
July 2013

Since we are in the dead heat of summer, everyone is pulling out their grills. This month we are going to highlight char broilers for those who might choose eating out over cooking out. We carry over 50 different char broilers from a variety of manufacturers. When purchasing a char broiler, there are a lot of different options that need to be taken into consideration.

Char Broiler

There are different heat options, char-rock, and radiant heat. Products will be heated evenly with radiant heat versus char-rock, which will provide more flavor, but has a higher chance of a flare-up. Char broilers can be placed directly on equipment stands or have legs added to them.
Here are some handy tips for char broiling:
1. Use the appropriate grate for the menu item.
2. Season the grates before the first use by preheating them to open the pores and brushing them with oil.
3. Pre-heat the grates before cooking to help reduce sticking.
4. Dip food in seasoned oil before grilling to reduce sticking and enhance flavor.
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Featured: Char Broilers
Features & Specifications

5 Star

– 102,000 BTU
– Natural Gas
– 6 Burner
– 36″W x 14.25″H x 26″D
– S/S Front and Sides
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor
APW Char Broiler

4 Star

– 120,000 BTU
– Natural Gas


– 36″W x 15.5″H x 25″D
– Cast Iron Rock Holder
– S/S Front
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor


Garland Char Broiler
4 Star
– 60,000 BTU
– Natural Gas
– 24″W x 15″H x 24″D
– S/S Front and Sides
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor


Vulcan VCCB25

3 Star

– 58,000 BTU
– Natural Gas
– 4 Burner
– 25.25″W x 14.75″H x 27.25″D
-S/S Front and Sides
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor

Cooking Performance Group or Gen2: Choosing the Best Charbroiler

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Any time you purchase an appliance, especially a commercial appliance for a restaurant, it requires a lot of research before you pull the plug and decide on the perfect model. You have to consider the size of the space you have, the features you require, the warranty and service, and, of course, the price. That is why we’re offering up this handy comparison guide of Cooking Performance Group (CPG) and Gen2 commercial charbroilers to help expedite your decision process.

Charbroiler Size
The standard sizes for most charbroilers are 24”, 36” and 48”. Both Gen2 and CPG offer chargrill units at this size in both radiant and lava rock. CPG does have a 15” lava rock model as well, but that’s the only real difference in the two’s lineups of charbroilers, and unless you have a very tiny commercial kitchen, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the additional cooking space by getting such a small char grill.

Charbroiler Features
When it comes to buying a restaurant charbroiler, one of the first things you’ll want to know is the difference between radiant and lava rock models. Many people agree that lava rock charbroilers produce a better grill flavor than radiant models, but they don’t last as long as radiant charbroilers because of the porous lava rock. It’s your, or rather your customer’s, preference on this one.

Both CPG and Gen2 have lava or char-rock broilers and radiant charbroilers. The Gen2 charbroiler models have the option of a slanting the cooking surface, so a variety of meats can be cooked at the same time at different temperatures.

Charbroiler Warranty
Both brands have comparable warranties, but while CPG’s warranty begins on the original date of purchase, Gen2 cooking equipment warranties start on the date of installation. Depending on how long it takes the charbroiler to arrive, you could lose a week or more on your warranty with a CPG model.

Charbroiler Cost
The two brands have been fairly similar so far, but where Gen2 products really pull ahead is in the value you receive for such a low price.

ShortOrder, the manufacturer of Gen2 cooking equipment, offers a low-price guarantee, meaning they will beat any competitor’s legitimately advertised price on any comparable item in their inventory and still ship the item to you for free! You will be refunded 110% of the difference on the item from another restaurant equipment dealer.

Final Tally
In the end, Gen2 restaurant equipment is the clear winner in this comparison. The value you receive on their products, not just their charbroilers, surpasses anything their competitors can provide.

If you still need help choosing the perfect charbroiler, or any other commercial cooking equipment, feel free to contact at 800-211-0282.

APW Char Broilers: Backyard Grilling on the Menu

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

It is officially summertime, and thoughts of flame-broiled backyard taste are simmering in the minds of your customers. Now is the time to bring the grill indoors with an amazing char broiler to cook those fabulous burgers, steaks and other mouth-watering meals on your menu. Indoor grilling with the APW Char Broiler GCRB-48H-Nat will have your patrons telling all their friends about the delicious food you serve at your restaurant.

Whether it’s a succulent piece of sirloin, a plate full of spicy chicken wings or juicy smoked salmon, you’ll be sure to awaken the senses of anyone nearby with the best mid-range char broiler on the market. The GCRB-48H-NAT received Editors Choice and a 5-Star rating here at Short Order in part because this fabulous piece of restaurant equipment incorporates the highest BTU ratings in its class and is built for long-lasting durability. This Countertop Gas CharRock CharBroiler unit is part of a “Champion Cook Series” by APW, meaning the CharRock simulates a backyard charcoal barbecue. The CharRocks are self-cleaning, and maintenance is simple with a removable front panel, top grates and a bottom-mounted grease pan.

Designed with a double walled firebox protecting controls from hot temperatures, a stainless steel front panel and top skirt with a welded construction frame, the GCRB-48H-NAT is a solid piece of restaurant equipment. However, this char broiler is also a performer, reaching ideal cooking temperatures quickly and reducing the labor time needed to cook a hamburger up to 20 percent. The cast iron grate system can also adjust in height, allowing the operator to control how food is cooked.

At 48” in height, the GCRB-48H-NAT is the largest model char broiler in the Champion Series; although, the 24” and 36” models from APW also receive our Editor’s Choice and a 5-Star rating. Therefore, if you’re looking to put the backyard grill on your menu, you won’t go wrong with this selection of char broilers from APW.


Restaurants Choose Char Broiled Burgers for a Taste of Summer

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Char Broil Burgers for a Taste of Summer

The temperatures are starting to rise, the sun seems to be shining more, and everyone’s thoughts of food arechar broiler turning to the wonderful taste of a char broil burger. You know, char broil, that smoky, and grilled to perfection with the intricate pattern of grill marks way of cooking that only comes from a steel cooking surface over an open-flame. If you are like me, once that warm weather hits and summer is well on its way, this is the only way you want to enjoy your burger.

Char Broil Burgers for Better Tate

Charbroiling is actually one of the best ways to cook meats, be it chicken, steak or pork, to well-done or somewhere near there. Charbroiling enables the grill master to maintain the speed at which the meat is cooked, as well as the tenderness. Meats cooked on a char broiler also come off the grill perfectly moist and never dried out.

Char Broil Burgers Indoors for Outdoor Flavor

Restaurants are able to bring the outdoors inside by having a Char broil grill in their kitchen. There are several considerations a restaurant should take into consideration before purchasing this restaurant equipment appliance. offers a char broiler buyers guide that includes an explanation and comparison of the three main types of char broilers: char rocks, lava rocks and radiant heat.

Tips for the Perfect Char Broil Burgers

garland char broliersThe following tips will assist your restaurant staff in making the best Charbroiled burgers they can on your char broil grill.

1) Use the appropriate grate for the menu item.

2) Season the grates before the first use by preheating them to open the pores and brushing them with oil.

3) Pre-heat the grates before cooking to help reduce sticking.

4) Dip food in seasoned oil before grilling to reduce sticking and to enhance flavor.

5) Consider positioning grates on an angle for charbroiling. It will drain the grease better and gives you better control of heat distribution. Well done items go toward the top to cook slowly and thoroughly. Rare items go toward the lower position to cook rapidly on the outside and leave the inside rare.

6) Wire brush the grates after each use or batch of food product.

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