Introducing Smallwares on

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Smallwares Food has been in the business of providing high-quality, low-cost restaurant equipment since 2007, and we’re proud of the products we offer and the service we provide. That said, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and offer additional quality products for the food service industry. In an effort to expand our product offerings, we proudly announce the introduction of smallwares!

What is a ‘Smallware’?

Smallwares are the small items that every kitchen needs in order to function. We are moving beyond just kitchen equipment and adding a variety of vital and useful items, including:

  • Plumbing Supplies: Faucets, water filters, pre-rinse lines, drain baskets, and more.
  • Disposables: Plastic cutlery and dinnerware, food wrap, take-out containers, etc.
  • First Aid, Personal Safety, and Food Safety Supplies
  • Janitorial Supplies: From brooms and mops to cleansers to soap dispensers and beyond.
  • Kitchen Supplies: Including aprons, food scales, cutlery, timers, serving cards, and so on.
  • Food Service Equipment: From condiment pumps to overhead warmers and more.
  • Dining Room Supplies: Flat- and dinner-ware, beverage and napkin dispensers, etc.
  • Restaurant Hardware: From power cords and switches to trash bin coasters and beyond.
  • Restaurant Furniture: Child seats and crowd control barriers.


SoundOff – Compartment Sinks

Friday, June 28th, 2013


Compartment Sinks
June 2013
We are featuring compartment sinks this month since they are a commonly used and needed piece of equipment. Be aware of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards on how sinks must be designed if you are installing it into a restaurant, or other health code applicable location. The three compartment sink is usually the NSF standard for a restaurant. One compartment is to wash, the next one is the rinse and the final one is to sanitize.


When you go to purchase your next compartment sink, here are some helpful things to consider – They come in different types of stainless steel. The smaller the stainless gauge, the thicker and stronger it will be. We carry two different types of drains, lever or twist. The twist drain tends to be the more popular choice, since it is easier to operate. Faucets take a beating! Be sure to buy the best that is within your budget. You can choose between deck-mounted or wall-mounted faucets. Lastly, you need to think about your space restraints and if you need drainboards on any, or all sides of the sink. NSF requirements usually call for drainboards as well.
You can shop for compartment sinks here at

Featured: Compartment Sinks
Features & Specifications

4 Star

– 16/304 SS bowl
– 430 SS drainboard
– NSF approved
– 2 compartment, double drainboard
– 9 1/2″ Backsplash
– 2″ Wide edging
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor
Advance Tabco

4 Star

– 20/304 SS
– NSF approved


– 1 Compartment
– Deck mounted faucet included
– Basket drain
– Warranty: 90 day, parts & labor


4 Star
– 20/304 SS
– NSF approved
– Top or bottom counter mount avail
– Deep-drawn bowls
– Deck mounted faucet included
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor
Advance Tabco

4 Star

– 18/304 SS

– NSF approved
– 1 Compartment
– Faucet holes on 8″ centers
– 1″ Adjustable plastic bullet feet
– Warranty: 90 day, parts & labor

How to Make Your Menu Healthier with Restaurant Equipment

Friday, June 21st, 2013

We all know that top restaurant equipment can supply your menus with healthy food choices. Whether you’re using blenders for smoothies or commercial steamers to cook your food to perfection, restaurant equipment helps you serve it up to your customers. But it can be tough to compete in a world of fast food and deep fried Snickers bars. The fact is that even if your restaurant offers those things, it’s a good idea to offer some healthy options on your menu an on your restaurant equipment, as well. Just like joining the gluten-free and locavore movements offers customers more choices, so does updating your menu with healthy choices. What’s more, it’s possible to be a health-centric restaurant without losing business. If you do it right, you may actually gain business!

Here are ShortOrder’s top tips for making your menu healthier and keeping your restaurant equipment busy with healthy orders.

Offer Options in All Categories

You don’t have to revamp your entire menu or throw out your Gen2 fryers, but it is a good idea to provide a selection of healthy options across the board. Put simply: two salads do not a healthy menu make. Entrees, side dishes, add-ons, and even desserts all deserve a chance at a change for the healthier. Diners will sometimes choose the higher-calorie entrée that the want, then balance it out with a healthy side or add-on, so be sure to focus on those areas.

Suggest Substitutions

If you don’t want to add totally new items to your menu, considering offering healthier alternatives to some components of your current menu items. Offer whole-grain or whole-grain breads and pastas, vegetarian options for main items like hamburgers and hot dogs, and turkey burgers as a lean protein substitute for regular burgers.

Cater to Kids

Kids’ food is taking a turn for the healthier, too. This is a trend that even major fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, where you can choose things like milk, juice, and apples as kids’ meal options, have embraced. Parents can also play a factor in choosing their children’s meals, so offering a healthy option for the kiddos might mean the parents will end up more satisfied as well.

More Restaurant Equipment Tips from ShortOrder

Go beyond the What’s Cooking blog by staying connected with ShortOrder for more news about restaurant equipment and the restaurant industry. For more tips and tricks to help those in the restaurant business, follow ShortOrder on Twitter and Facebook and get the latest updates on restaurant equipment and more.

Perfect Super Bowl Chili Recipes for Gen2 Ranges

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Though it is delicious in any weather, chili is especially delectable when cold weather hits.  And, more importantly, it is a Super Bowl snack staple.  As Gen2 ranges heat up to bring you this football-watchers’ favorite, we want to introduce you to some variations of chili recipes for your Gen2 ranges from across the country.  Chili or “chili con carne” is a stew that is made, at its most basic, with meat, tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, onions, cumin, and a variety of other spices.  Whether you are a Ravens supporter or a 49ers fan, you’ll appreciate these tasty additions to your Super Bowl food menu, so grab a spoon and fire up your Gen2 ranges to simmer a batch of your very own chili for the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Cajun Chili
This one chili recipe is in honor of this year’s Super Bowl host city: New Orleans.  The unique taste of this chili lies in the addition of a special combination of spices to create a Creole seasoning, plus the Andouille sausage.  Andouille sausage is a spicy favorite well-known for its use in Cajun cooking, made of heavily-smoked and spiced pork sausage.  Follow this recipe, set your Gen2 range’s burner to medium-low, let this chili simmer for at least 30 minutes, and then serve it up hot.

Texas Chili
Most Texans say that beans have no place in their chili.  In fact, this contention has been a topic of debate between northerners and southerners.  The inclusion of tomatoes and tomato sauce also faces the same debate.  However you choose to prepare your own batch of “Texas red” (referring specifically to chili with meat and no beans), be sure to let it simmer for a few hours on your Gen2 range’s top.  The longer it cooks, the better its flavor.

Chili Mac
This Midwestern favorite relies on an extra ingredient for the dish: spaghetti.  Cook a batch of spaghetti or macaroni noodles on your Gen2 range’s top, then ladle out a serving.  Chili mac consists of your basic chili recipe, so spoon some over the noodles, then top with shredded cheese and diced onions.  Perfect for a Midwestern winter!

Boston Seafood Chili
This chili variation eliminates the beef component altogether, focusing instead on a variety of ingredients from the sea.  Mussels, shrimp, bay scallops, and squid make up the heartiest part of this chili, while relying heavily on a combination of vegetables to complete the texture of the dish.

Frito Pie
This dish is popular in the Southwest, and, contrary to its name, bears no resemblance whatsoever to pie.  “Frito pie” is a single-serving bag of Fritos corn chips, topped with a cup of chili, and finished off with shredded cheese, diced onions, jalapeños, and sour cream.

Gen2 Ranges: Not for Small Potatoes

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Everything about Gen2 ranges says the sky’s the limit with these magnificent workhorses. Beautifully designed for efficiency, power and reliability, Gen2 ranges have not only earned our 5 star rating and our Editors Choice Award, but they were also voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine.

And it’s no wonder. Let’s look at the Gen2 Range 60-GEN2-10B-S26-NAT. With two 26-1/2″ ovens, a stainless front, landing range and backguard, and a holding range of 150-500 degrees, this baby can naturally do some heavy lifting! This exceptional piece of restaurant equipment is built to sustain the rigors of the toughest kitchen out there and still come out shining. Easy to clean and incredibly reliable, Gen2 ranges are a long time favorite of both chefs and line cooks around the country, and for good reason, too. It would seem that there’s nothing you can’t do with this bruiser.

That is, except put it in a residential home. In fact, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty if the range is installed in a residence or home. And most home insurance policies will be voided as well. That’s because commercial ranges like Gen2 ranges are built for volume. While installing commercial ranges has become a popular trend, its very important to understand what you are getting into. The warranty conditions, codes, and policies are there for a reason–because most homes are simply not designed to accommodate commercial restaurant equipment.

But if you have a commercial kitchen, there’s just about nothing you can’t do with Gen2 ranges. The world is your oyster, or duck, or seared scallop, or steak. Now we’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Vulcan Ranges: Prize Fighters in the Kitchen

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Vulcan ranges come from a tried and true brand known in kitchens throughout America for their reliable and sturdy restaurant equipment, including griddles, steamers, cheese melters, fryers and yes, ranges. Anyone with experience in the food service industry knows the glaring difference between the front and the back of the house. In the front, diners are met with peaceful, calm, and attentive service in an atmosphere designed for enjoyment. But in the back of the house, the kitchen can look more like a fighting ring or a three ring circus than a food establishment. People are yelling, food and tools are moving around rapidly, and a swirl of busy (and sometimes dangerous) activity is happening. If you get in the way, you’re toast. Over time, restaurant equipment takes a real beating. Only the sturdiest and most reliable equipment stands the test of time. Vulcan ranges are up to the challenge.

For example, with a MIG welded frame and stainless steel front, sides and backriser, the Vulcan Range 60-SC-6B-24GB-NAT can withstand the roughest of kitchens and still produce like a brute. With six top burners operating at 32,000 BTU/hr and an equally powerful convection oven, this baby can come out swinging and be the last one standing. Of course, if something a little smaller is needed, Vulcan ranges also come in 36’ and 48’ sizes. But every single one of these babies is built like a fighter.

With Vulcan ranges, you know you have power on your side. Well-rated and well-known, Vulcan ranges are career fighters built like champions. When the bell rings and all chaos ensues, with Vulcan ranges you know your kitchen will be a match for both the hunger of your customers and the abuse from your staff. Why trust anything less than a champion fighter in your ring?

Arranging Your Range

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

In the landscape of restaurant equipment, attempting to select from the wide selection of commercial ranges can be, well, challenging. The variations of manufacturers and options are enough to make you feel deranged. So here are a few pointers to help you arrange your range.

First, it’s important to note that commercial ranges fall into two categories, heavy duty commercial ranges and restaurant duty commercial ranges. Heavy duty commercial ranges have larger gas valves, can be linked together for high volume kitchens, and built for more intense use. They require more energy output and cost more to purchase and to maintain. These machines are ideal for high-volume kitchens like cafeterias. Restaurant duty commercial ranges have BTU and power levels that are slightly lower than heavy duty models and cost less. While they are not built to withstand the intensity of a high-volume kitchen, they can easily accommodate the needs of most restaurants.

Commercial ranges have a wide price range depending on the options selected. Most professional kitchens choose open gas burners for their ability to deliver instantaneous heat and high-precision controls. Griddle tops and convection ovens can also be incorporated. Consider whether you need well seasoned or non-stick surfaces, manual controls for user-regulated temperature control or thermostatic controls for accuracy. Clean-up is made easier by grease troughs and removable top grates. We recommend individual pilot lights for each burner, and you will want to consider the BTU rating before making a final decision. If you choose a gas appliance, include in your purchase a new AGA commercial gas flex hose. Standard hoses are not designed for commercial applications. Finally, strange as it may be to put such a large piece of equipment on wheels, casters are a highly-valued feature of commercial ranges, as they make cleaning and service much easier. If your equipment is in use at an elevation above 2000 feet, be sure to alert your service contractor before you arrange for any maintenance calls.

Short Order proudly carries a wide selection of commercial ranges, including Vulcan Ranges, Wolf Ranges, Garland Ranges, and Stock Pot Ranges. Whether you need a standard oven, convection oven or space saver oven, many burners or just a few, griddle or no griddle, we have a combination of features that will fit your exact needs. If you and your current equipment are estranged, check out our selection of commercial ranges.

Precision and Performance: The Stuff of Childhood Dreams

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

If you visited the grocery store as a child, chances are you’ll remember standing at the deli counter, watching the butcher load a block of yellow cheese or a juicy slab of ham onto the large slicer. You were mesmerized as the perfectly thin slices of meat or cheese fell off of the blade in curls, one after the other. And as the butcher wrapped those beautiful stacks in plastic wrap and then paper, your only concern in that moment was getting home to open the packaging and make that first perfect sandwich…

Now that you are responsible for your own restaurant, perhaps some of those simple joys of childhood now elude you–as you deal with the sweaty realities of running a kitchen. But isn’t it true that we all find joy in something that works so precisely as a great slicer? Globe Slicers will give you just that kind of joy, as you watch pound after pound of meat and cheese sliced neatly into stacks ready for use.

Far from the hardship and danger of slicing by hand, this essential piece of restaurant equipment brings efficiency, speed and accuracy together for an unprecedented level of performance. Globe Slicers complete their carving shores quickly and with the highest precision. In fact, Globe Slicer 4975P, a nine-speed automatic slicer with a maintenance-free drive system, includes a 13” PreciseEdge™ knife and Globe’s exclusive EZ-Glide™ table. This is combined with the durability of an all stainless steel base, food chute, table and knife cover. Not only that, but the 4975P is especially engineered to minimize table movement, enabling it to cut with extraordinary precision.

Whether you’re looking for durability, precision or just to satisfy that happy childhood dream, Globe Slicers are a fantastic choice for restaurant equipment. Happy slicing!


Gen2 Fryers: Like Winning the Lottery

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Gas prices are skyrocketing; solar activity is at its peak and someone just won the Mega Millions in the lottery. With that and the daily troubles of life, you and your customers have enough to worry about. Of course, while seated in your restaurant, your customers only seem to worry about having a great experience and eating food that delights the soul. On your end, it’s not always that simple. Delectable foods often need a fabulous recipe, the right ingredients and restaurant equipment that create magic. When it comes to fryers for your establishment, Gen2 Fryers help make impending doom, the cost of petrol and winning numbers irrelevant.

Need proof? At Short Order, each of our Gen2 Fryers received a 5 Star rating and our Editors Choice. Don’t just take our word for it. Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine voted each Gen2 Fryer “Best in Class” and all you need to do is check out what’s under the hood. Stainless steel fry tanks and door liners are impressive enough. Yet, the other features, such as the Invensys thermostat and built in Flue Deflector make the each one, including the Gen2 Fryer GEN2-F3-LP a solid choice. A full port drain and the fry tank ‘cool zone’ just add to the “hot” factor. What is really hot besides the oil is that Gen2 Fryers come in 40lb and 70lb capacity, LP and Natural Gas. Fryers aren’t the only Gen2 production that will make you feel less apprehensive about your commercial restaurant equipment purchases. From their amazing griddles to their assortment of range ovens, you need not concern yourself with the trivial thought of having the right restaurant equipment for the job.

Are you ready? This is the reality. The price of oil will probably always fluctuate and scientists will have varying interpretations of the Mayan calendar. You probably won’t win the lottery. Heck, it might snow tomorrow in Key West. But, at least when it comes to cooking deliciousness, Gen2 Fryers, griddles and ranges are one thing you don’t have to worry about. 

Manitowoc Ice Machines: A Cool Choice

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

It is only spring and an unexpected heat wave is seizing your town with an unheard of fiery grip. The news media is touting it as “unheralded” and “record breaking.” As luck would have it all the other restaurant equipment has been working just fine, and now that blasted ice machine is on the fritz again. No amount of MacGyver-like magic seems to fix it this time, and your employees are ferrying in half melted bags of ice by the truckload. And although you might be wearing a parka while reading this, it is never too late to replace that dinosaur of an ice machine, or buy a new one that lasts. One of the more popular brands to consider is our line of Manitowoc Ice Machines.

You swore to yourself that before summer you would look into purchasing a new ice machine for your establishment. With Manitowoc Ice Machines, you don’t need to worry about circuitry failures or broken parts. With Manitowoc, you pretty much just set it and forget it, heat wave or ice storm. When patrons come in to your place all clamoring for something cold and refreshing you will be able to give them a frosty cold beverage every time. From dice-sized ice production and nugget ice makers to small under-counter ice cubers and the Manitowoc Ice Machine ID-1402A/B-970/208/1which produces a whopping 1500 pounds of ice in 24 hours – Manitowoc has ice covered.

Because you never know when subpar restaurant equipment might take the week off, or when freakish and unseasonable weather might strike, its best to be prepared. When it comes to ice, Manitowoc Ice Machines will keep you and your beverages looking and feeling very cool.

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