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Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Short-Order_Undercounter-IceIce is serious business, whether you’re serving fountain drinks or adult beverages. Without a constant, consistent supply of good ice, you can’t keep your customers refreshed. Maybe you have a large ice machine that is inconveniently placed and are looking for something to have on-hand while serving. Undercounter ice machines are designed to fit below a counter to maximize your kitchen’s space while still producing a serious amount of ice. Thinking about upping your ice game? Here are a few things to consider about undercounter ice machines.

How much ice do you use?

Ice machines use a measurement of pounds of ice per day. It’s good to know your range of ice usage on a 24-hour basis to know what capacity you are looking for. This is also important because while your ice machine is making an amount of ice per day, the bin holds a lesser amount (for example, the Manitowoc Ice Machine UD-0310W produces 271 lbs. daily and has a 100-lb. bin). If the ice bin fills, the machine will stop making ice, and if you use all of that at once, you’re starting from scratch. Keep note of how much you use on a day-to-day basis to find what size storage bin and commercial icemaker you need.

Consider dimensions

Before you pick out your perfect ice machine, think about where you would like to put it and make sure your icemaker will fit. Most are between 34 and 39 inches in height and vary in width and depth.

Types of ice

You’ll find that there are three types that commercial ice machines make: cubes, flakes and nuggets. Cubes are measured in “dice” size, usually with the option of “half dice” or “whole dice.” These are the most popular types of machines purchased.

With flakes, the machines produce small, hard bits of ice that mold to any shape, making it great for salad bars. Flakes also have a low production cost.

Nuggets are small, soft, chewable pieces of ice that are great for carbonated beverages and making blended beverages. This type of ice does tend to melt and stick together in a dispenser, so make sure you get an appropriate agitator kit.

Nothing is better than an ice cold drink on a hot day. Find the perfect undercounter ice machine for your business at ShortOrder.com!

What Makes Manitowoc Ice Machines Green?

Monday, July 15th, 2013

If you’ve been following What’s Cooking, you already know that we here at ShortOrder love Manitowoc ice machines. As a maker of top-of-the-line restaurant equipment, Manitowoc understands what it means to produce a quality product that functions optimally in any restaurant. Manitowoc is also dedicated to keeping its Manitowoc ice machines and equipment friendly to the environment while seeking ways to reduce restaurants’ energy bills. This week, What’s Cooking takes a look at the some of the steps the Manitowoc brand takes to stay sustainable.

Manitowoc Innovation

Because Manitowoc regularly looks for ways to improve its product, it regularly uses guidelines for energy and water efficiency, as well as sustainable materials, into the creation of new products. The results are environmentally-friendly designs and more efficient equipment that keeps this kind of research and information in mind.

Manitowoc and Energy Star

The Manitowoc brand also proudly meets or exceeds Energy Star guidelines in the making of its equipment. Energy Star appliances are ones that are backed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and that have been proven to perform as well as or better than similar products that consume a higher amount of energy. If that isn’t green, we don’t know what is.

Manitowoc’s EnerLogic™ Goes the Extra Mile

Because there are some appliances that don’t fall into a category inspected by the EPA, Manitowoc takes care to ensure that those, too, are energy efficient. Manitowoc’s EnerLogic™ offers products that have received a third-party assessment and are deemed capable of reducing energy or resource costs. In fact, Manitowoc currently makes over 1,800 products that comply with Energy Star or EnerLogic™.

Air-Cooled Manitowoc Ice Machines

Air-cooled ice machines generally trump their water-cooled counterparts in terms of energy efficiency. They are also less expensive in the long run, because they are beneficial when water utility bills are high (unlike water-cooled ice machines, they don’t require cool water to circulate in order to cool the machine). To take advantage of air cooled Manitowoc ice machines, take a look at Manitowoc’s Indigo Series line of ice machines.

Manitowoc Ice Machines and More from ShortOrder

For more news on restaurant sustainability, products like Manitowoc ice machines, and restaurant equipment, keep reading What’s Cooking, and connect with ShortOrder via Twitter and Facebook.

Manitowoc: Ice Machines and Shipbuilding Define Wisconsin Town

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Manitowoc, WI, Is a Town of 35,000 People Who Can Go with the Flow

Manitowoc ice machines used to be all we knew about Manitowoc. In fact, we didn’t even know that Manitowoc ice machines were built in a place called Manitowoc. Then we took the time to find out more about this small town in eastern Wisconsin. It’s not just the epicenter of the commercial ice machine world; it’s the pride of the Manitowoc River and the county seat of – you guessed it – Manitowoc County. Located in Brett Farve’s back pocket, just a half-hour from Green Bay, Manitowoc sits at the mouth of the Manitowoc River where it enters Lake Michigan.

Manitowoc History

Manitowoc’s humble origins date back to 1820 and the family of Matthew Stanley, the original settlers. Given its geographical advantages as a gateway to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, Manitowoc unsurprisingly has been closely tied to seafaring, trading, fishing and shipbuilding. During World War II, Manitowoc iced its share of the Axis military machine by building tankers, subs and landing craft.

Manitowoc Attractions

Today, this powerhouse of commercial icemaker manufacturing is the site of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, one of the largest museums in the U.S. dedicated to ships and seafarers. Originally the Manitowoc Submarine Memorial Association, the museum is the current home of the mothballed WWII submarine Cobia and boasts over 60,000 square feet of displays. The quality and quantity of the Manitowoc museum’s efforts have been rewarded with Smithsonian Museum affiliation.

Other Manitowoc Features

For a small town that doesn’t even have its own TV station, Manitowoc is associated with a good number of fun features and facts:

  • the mother house of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity is in Manitowoc.
  • this city of some 35,000 residents also is home to about 23,000 Roman Catholics.
  • Manitowoc has sent several favorite sons to the NFL, including Don Davey, Doug Free and Mike Lorenz.
  • In the movie The Prince and Me, Julia Stiles plays a farm girl from Manitowoc, the ice machine mecca of the country.

And Manitowoc Ice Machines

Of course, on our little restaurant equipment blog, no mention of Manitowoc, WI, is going to pass without us pontificating a little about best-of-breed Manitowoc ice machines like the Manitowoc SY-0504, an easy-to-clean and typically reliable Manitowoc icemaker that generates 540 pounds of half-dice sized ice cubes every day. Manitowoc ice machines are made by the Manitowoc Foodservice Group, a three-division corporation that features the brands Manitowoc Ice, Kolpak, McCall, Hartford, Servend and Multiplex.

Needless to say, Manitowoc ice machines are pretty darned important to the small town of Manitowoc, WI. Without them – and the good people of Manitowoc who make them – our glasses would be a lot lonelier during long, hot, ice-cube-less summer nights.

Manitowoc ice machines: cold ice, hot machines

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Manitowoc ice machines are as reliable as the seasons

Manitowoc ice machine weather has arrived. But it never left. As fall embraces us, bringing with it the chilly prospect of winter, we at Shortorder.com are still happy to have Manitowoc ice machines in our diverse selection of restaurant equipment. You see, the weather may be turning cooler, but diners and bar patrons still need ice in their drinks to give them the proper zing. Manitowoc ice machines are all-season restaurant equipment.

Manitowoc ice machines also are recognized for their all-season reliability. In fact, in November 2006, America’s #1 selling ice machine was again chosen as “Overall Best in Class” in the ice machines category by the readers of the restaurant equipment publication Foodservice Equipment & Supplies. This wasn’t the first time, either. Manitowoc ice machines have won this award for six years running. The award, chosen based on the votes of restaurant equipment buyers, dealers, and distributors, recognizes the excellence in quality, service, and support that are synonymous with the phrase “Manitowoc ice machine.”

For example, take the Manitowoc ice machine model SD-0452A. A Short Order editors choice, this stainless-steel-clad Manitowoc ice machine earns points for low operating costs, ease of maintenance, and superb reliability. The Manitowoc ice machine model SD-0452A just sits in your restaurant, bar, or kitchen, punching out 450 pounds of cube-style ice every day, rain or shine, and looking good doing it.

If you’re thinking of an ice machine for your establishment, take a peek at our ice machine buyer’s guide, a straightforward document that will help you narrow down your choices and make an ice machine buying decision that fits your needs. And don’t forget – every Manitowoc ice machine you buy at Shortorder.com comes with free onsite setup.

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