Blender Equipment: All-in-One Efficiency and Healthy Recipes

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Among your business’ restaurant equipment, whether it be in a restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery, you may find a lonely, unused blender with untapped potential.  Sure, you break it out every once in a while to mince the garlic or speed up some vegetable purée, but there are so many advantages to a good blender that may motivate you to begin exploring your blending options.

Of the top advantages of having one of the best brands of blender equipment, the simple idea of efficiency is probably the first. By taking the all-in-one approach of combining ingredients, you eliminate the prep time involved in cooking three different courses with four different dips to match. Not only will combining raw (preferably local ingredients to ensure freshness) ingredients in one blender save prep time, it will also severely reduce the clean up involved afterwards. Without having to fire up the grill and get into the messy business of pots and pans, all you’ll have to worry about is washing the blender after a quick meal.

Another benefit of opting for a blended snack or meal is, of course, the nutritional benefit. By blending and puréeing your raw ingredients, you are facilitating a much easier digestive process and intake of nutrients and vitamins. The simple fact of the matter is that our chompers don’t physically break down food the way a high-powered blender can. The other nutritional benefit of creating a blended meal is retaining the maximum amount of proteins and nutrients within your food, much of which is denaturated or broken down when you introduce the element of heat through grilling, frying, boiling, or baking your vegetables. Blending food is also a fantastic way to get your day’s worth of vegetable and fruit servings without having to sit down and gnaw through it all over the span of a day.

Here are some of ShortOrder healthy blender recipes, easily customizable and full of purposeful nutrients:

    • Mean and Green: Try combining kale, green grapes, cucumber, and granny smith apple for a delectable combination of both fruits and vegetables. This eerily green concoction will provide guests with a burst of energy and improve general health.
    • Boost of Immunity: A mix of your citruses (grapefruit and oranges) with kiwi will pump you full of the Vitamins A and C you need to help guests combat the inevitable sickly seasons.
    • Hummus: Top-grade blenders are not restricted to making smoothies and fruit juices. Try throwing chickpeas in with a number of fresh ingredients (garlic, parsley, red pepper) to make a fresh, healthy hummus to serve with pita chips!
    • Soup: Puréeing vegetables such as broccoli or tomatoes for use in a warm, simple soup served with a side of bread can always be a great way for guests to enjoy something light and healthy.


Check out ShortOrder’s selection of blenders to see which fits your business’ menu the best! Have some favorite blender recipes of your own? Share them with ShortOrder via Twitter or Facebook!

Bar Equipment at ShortOrder

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

It’s no secret that ShortOrder has the best selection of restaurant equipment at the lowest prices. But did you know ShortOrder also offers bar equipment? From direct draw to liquor display, has you covered.

Bar Equipment: Blenders

Where would a bar be without commercial blenders? Perfect for whipping up margaritas, pina coladas, smoothis and countless other tasty treats, commercial blenders are essential bar equipment. Choose a model from the economy series, restaurant series or heavy duty/high production series. Economy series blenders are perfect if you’re looking for basic, inexpensive bar equipment. Restaurant series blenders are great for typical restaurant and bar use. And heavy duty/high production blenders like the Waring BB190 are made for heavy use and high efficiency.

Bar Equipment: Bar Sinks

When it comes to bar equipment, bar sinks are another great type of equipment to have. They’re useful for washing, rinsing and sanitizing dishes. They typically have three separate compartments to handle each of those things.

Bar Equipment: Glass Washers

Glass washers are the piece of bar equipment to have for sanitizing glasses. Depending on the glass washer, glasses are sanitized with hot water or chemicals. The Hobart LXIH-3, for example, is a hot water sanitation glass washer.

Bar Equipment: Draft Beer Coolers

Direct draw systems, also called draft beer coolers, come in handy for cooling and dispensing beer. The Beverage-Air BM23-B is a draft beer cooler with an Editor’s Choice and five-star rating from due to its excellence. This draft beer cooler comes with interior lighting, a durable exterior and self-closing doors with locks. There are plenty more draft beer coolers and direct draw systems to choose from here at

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