Commercial Microwave Ovens & Their Many Uses

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Whether you are the head chef of a five star restaurant getting ready for this evening’s dinner service, or you are preparing lunches in a school cafeteria, the ability to quickly and efficiently prepare your food is a must. Having the best in commercial microwave ovens and knowing how to use them can make a great kitchen even better. We’ve outlined three of the most important uses of commercial microwave ovens below.

Knowing when and how to properly thaw frozen foods is one of the most challenging parts of cooking, mostly because, when done properly, it can take literally the entire day. However, if you use commercial microwave ovens like the Panasonic NE-1022F, thawing your ingredients can be a quick and painless process. Here are a few things to remember:

  • When in doubt, use your commercial microwave oven’s thawing button for best results. The Panasonic NE 1022F comes with 1000 watts of power, ensuring that your food will be cooked perfectly every time on any heat level you need.
  • Make sure to stop the microwave and check your food throughout the pre-set time. If the food is warm, let it stand for a few moments before turning the microwave back one to ensure that it’s only defrosting, and not cooking. Give foods like soups or purees a stir before continuing to ensure even heat distribution.
  • Remember, for safety’s sake, to cook whatever you’re preparing immediately after you defrost it.


Many people aren’t aware that steaming vegetables in commercial microwave ovens retains more nutrients than cooking them on the stove. For best results, add a little water, cover your dish with plastic wrap, and cook on high for a short amount of time. The Amana RC30S2 for example not only has 100 customizable memory settings, but 11 preset power levels designed cook your food perfectly whichever way you’d like it.

Another little-known trick for commercial microwaves is that they can reheat and re-crisp meals or snacks like fries or potato chips. The key is to place a paper towel or napkin on top of the plate of food. The napkin will absorb the moisture that makes the food soggy leaving it crisp and ready to eat in just seconds.
Whether you’re thawing chicken for dinner with the Panasonic NE-1022F steaming veggies with the Amana RC30S2, or using one of our many other commercial microwave ovens, Short Order has what you need to reheat, steam, defrost, and cook all of your food to perfection.

Amana Microwaves

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Amana microwaves are, for our money, some of the best microwaves on the market.  Even if you’re new to the restaurant business, you’ll certainly recognize their name brand: After all, Amana is an industry leader in home appliances, which include everything from refrigerators to ranges.  You might be surprised to know, then, that they also produce excellent restaurant equipment—indeed, some of their offerings are some of our favorites.  Here’s just a few of the many microwaves that Amana manufactures and that we offer here at Short Order.

Amana Microwave Oven ALD10T

The Amana Microwave Oven ALD10T is an excellent, efficient product.  At $325.00, it’s also reasonably priced.  The 1000-watt ALD10T is NSF-approved, which should come as a seal of approval for all you restaurateurs looking to maintain an NSF-friendly commercial kitchen.  We’re pretty high on this microwave, having designated it an Editor’s Choice product and awarded it a five-star rating.  We’re not the only ones, either: the ALD10T was awarded Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a premier publication in the industry.  All told, this is a solid machine.

Amana Microwave Oven HDC12A

Looking for something a little more heavy-duty?  The Amana Microwave Oven HDC12A will serve you wonderfully.  The HDC12A features a stainless steel exterior and interior and is powered with 1200 watts, giving you plenty of juice to cook with.  Its extra power doesn’t mean that you’re buying a bulky product, however: The HDC12A is remarkably compact.  You get a lot of bang out of this tough guy, which is great news for kitchens where every square foot counts.  And really, what kitchen isn’t like that?

All these microwaves, along with many other products we’re proud to sell here at Short Order, come with our vaunted Low Price Guarantee.  That means you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a good product at a great price when you shop with us.

Restaurant Microwaves at a Glance

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Restaurant microwaves can help your kitchen staff prepare foods quickly and efficiently. Here at, you’ll find an amazing selection of the best brands of restaurant microwaves at the lowest prices.

Amana Restaurant Microwaves

restaurant microwavesThe Amana Microwave Oven HDC12A is stackable and compact, so it can fit into just about any restaurant kitchen.  Its 1200 watts of power can hold up to 100 programmable menu items for simple, consistent results.  Its .6 cubic feet capacity is large enough for a half pan and has an interior ceramic shelf sealed and recessed to help reduce plate to shelf edge impact and keeps spills contained.  This Editor’s Choice restaurant microwave has a 5-star rating. And it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Consider the Amana Microwave RC30S, a 3000-watt commercial oven. It’s one of the most powerful restaurant microwaves you can buy. It has an NSF-approved, stainless steel exterior and interior, 1 cubic foot capacity, plus the unique double stirrer distribution system to eliminate hot and cold spots. The Amana Microwave RC30S simplifies cooking with a four-stage cooking option for one-touch cooking. It also has up to 100 programmable menu items and 11 power levels.

Panasonic Restaurant Microwaves

The Panasonic Microwave NE-1757R is a medium-duty restaurant microwave that’s received a 5-star rating from our editors. It’s also been voted “Best in Class” by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine.  It offers 1700 watts of cooking power with a top and bottom energy feed.  This stainless steel restaurant microwave has 3-stage cooking and enhanced diagnostics.

Also worth checking out is the Panasonic Microwave NE-2180, a unit that’s been well received by consumers. This restaurant microwave acts as a connectionless steamer powered by microwave technology.  Its large oven has a capacity of 1.6 ft’ and holds up to two 4″ tall, full-size steam table pans with covers.  Its “Grab & Go” door handle and removable center shelf make this a 5-star rated, user-friendly product.

These are just a few of the many restaurant microwaves we offer at Our Low Price Guarantee means that our customers have the assurance that they’re getting restaurant equipment for the lowest price possible.

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