Ways to Improve Your Food Business in the New Year

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Now that the New Year is officially under way, this is the perfect time to evaluate your restaurant, cafe, food truck, or other food-related business to uncover and shore up weaknesses. Chances are, no matter how well your business did in 2015, there is still room for improvement in a major area such as quality, service, or overall efficiency for the new year. To help identify current shortcomings and set future performance goals, consider taking one or more of these steps:

improve restaurantExpand (or reduce) your menu

Whether you use an expensive point-of-sale tracking system, have tight inventory controls, or personally take orders every single day, you probably have a very good idea of which menu items consistently sell well and which lack customer appeal. Try new recipes that complement the bestsellers and ditch the underperforming dishes to reduce associated waste in food, ingredients, or storage space.

Spend off-peak hours wisely

Slow periods are inevitable in the food service industry, so it’s important to spend that time wisely. Clean up and preparation for the next meal rush are obvious ways to use downtime, but they’re not the only ways. Many business owners have increased revenues by offering off-peak specials such as early bird dining discounts, extended happy hours, or limited late-night menus.

Give your staff the right tools for the job

If your food business is plagued with operating inefficiencies, it might be tempting to place the blame on your kitchen or wait staff. But before doing that, find out whether or not they have the necessary tools for getting the job done. Is there adequate prep space in the kitchen? If not, consider buying more work tables. Is most of the mixing, blending, and chopping of ingredients being done by hand? If so, consider providing commercial food processors to improve speed, efficiency, and safety in these areas.

Develop a social media presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites are no longer optional for businesses—particularly those in the food service industry. Today’s customers expect to be able to find your company and engage with you on one or more of these platforms, and it’s in your best interest to oblige. Being active on social media not only gives you the opportunity to improve your responsiveness to inquiries and complaints, but also helps you manage your brand in a positive way.

Improvements for the New Year don’t have to be radical or expensive in order to be effective; they simply have to fill a void in your business. So start examining your current practices now to see if your bottom line would benefit by implementing one of the above ideas at some point in 2016.

4 Considerations When Buying A Work Table  

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

ShortOrder_Work-TableAre you looking to add more area for prep to your commercial kitchen? If your restaurant is lacking counter space, a stainless steel work table could be the solution to your space problems. Before purchasing a table, ask these 4 questions to make the buying process easier and more efficient:

What size and shape?

The first things to determine when looking for a stainless steel work table are the size and shape suitable for your needs and restaurant kitchen space. The standard widths available are 24, 30, and 36 inches—while standard lengths range from 20 to 120 inches. Make sure to measure the area you’re looking to place the table (or tables) in before ordering. (more…)

Work Tables

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Work tables, as we’ve written elsewhere on our fine site, are the fundamental beginning point of employee productivity in any commercial kitchen.  Your workspace may be stocked floor to ceiling with high-end restaurant equipment from all manner of top manufacturers, but if you lack the space to actually do the prep work that is the blood and guts of any restaurant worth its salt, your enterprise will be doomed from the outset.  As fond as we are of them, no number of Vulcan ranges or Hobart slicers will bail you out from a work table shortage.

And when we talk work tables, we hold one manufacturer in higher regard, to a higher standard, than all others: Eagle work tables.  They’re industry leaders, and have earned the coveted five-star editor’s choice designation by our editors here at Short Order.  We also carry other quality manufacturers, such as those from BK Resources (which also makes excellent equipment stands) and Advance Tabco (a trusted forger of kitchen sinks), neither of which make products that are anything to sniff at.

Eagle work tables come in a wide variety of dimensions, which is perfect for restaurants for all sizes.  Not only do smaller concerns benefit from more modest tables, but even in large kitchens, space is at a premium, so it never hurts to have a small table squeezed in a tight nook when it makes sense.

These sizes run from a compact 24″ x 24″ model (the Eagle Work Table T2424B, the perfect size for a small spot next to a sink) to a roomy 36″ x 96″ product (the Eagle Work Table T3096B, great for multiple people doing prep work at the same time, or for conveyor belt-like assembly).  No matter what you decide to buy, you’ll know that it’s a quality piece of equipment because it’s manufactured by Eagle, and that it will come to you at the lowest price, guaranteed, because you bought it from us at Short Order.

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