Brand Spotlight: Vulcan Restaurant Equipment

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Vulcan Brand Cheese MelterVulcan restaurant equipment started way back in 1890 with the formation of the Vulcan Gas Heating Company. For nearly 125 years, and through a few incarnations, the name Vulcan has been synonymous with quality heating and cooking equipment. Today a part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, Vulcan continues to expand its product line through an ongoing commitment to research and development.

Vulcan is the single largest manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment, distributing gas- and electric-powered ranges, ovens, and dozens of other cooking devices to commercial businesses from Los Angeles to London and Cordoba to Kyoto.

You can count on Vulcan to already know what food service needs are developing, and be in the process of making new products to address the needs of the ever-changing market. Boasting close affiliations with national organizations like Energy Star®, the National Restaurant Association, the School Nutrition Association, and the Foodservice Consultants Society International, Vulcan is right at the beating heart of food service both culturally and industrially. (more…)

Vulcan Ranges: Prize Fighters in the Kitchen

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Vulcan ranges come from a tried and true brand known in kitchens throughout America for their reliable and sturdy restaurant equipment, including griddles, steamers, cheese melters, fryers and yes, ranges. Anyone with experience in the food service industry knows the glaring difference between the front and the back of the house. In the front, diners are met with peaceful, calm, and attentive service in an atmosphere designed for enjoyment. But in the back of the house, the kitchen can look more like a fighting ring or a three ring circus than a food establishment. People are yelling, food and tools are moving around rapidly, and a swirl of busy (and sometimes dangerous) activity is happening. If you get in the way, you’re toast. Over time, restaurant equipment takes a real beating. Only the sturdiest and most reliable equipment stands the test of time. Vulcan ranges are up to the challenge.

For example, with a MIG welded frame and stainless steel front, sides and backriser, the Vulcan Range 60-SC-6B-24GB-NAT can withstand the roughest of kitchens and still produce like a brute. With six top burners operating at 32,000 BTU/hr and an equally powerful convection oven, this baby can come out swinging and be the last one standing. Of course, if something a little smaller is needed, Vulcan ranges also come in 36’ and 48’ sizes. But every single one of these babies is built like a fighter.

With Vulcan ranges, you know you have power on your side. Well-rated and well-known, Vulcan ranges are career fighters built like champions. When the bell rings and all chaos ensues, with Vulcan ranges you know your kitchen will be a match for both the hunger of your customers and the abuse from your staff. Why trust anything less than a champion fighter in your ring?

Vulcan Ranges: More Power

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Maybe you’ve experienced this. It is the lunch or dinnertime rush. There is a packed house of hungry patrons nearly salivating for your wonderful cuisine. You look back at the cook, notice the worried sweat on his brow, and you belt out the words, “Scotty…I need more power!” To which the cook replies, “I’m giving it all she’s got Captain.” Meanwhile you simply wait impatiently as the beat up old range oven slowly shudders, convulsing, trying to meet your demands. If that is a scenario you have encountered, then get your tractor beams pointed over to Short Order, and pick up one of our fabulous Vulcan Ranges so that you never have to suffer from an event like this.

It might seem like Vulcan logic; however, when ordinary days turn into chaos and the chef looks somewhat stressed, buying new restaurant equipment just might be the solution. Vulcan Ranges are the heavy-duty workhorses that help get the job done quickly and effectively. For example, the Vulcan Range 60-SC-6B-24GB-NAT has the power and ability to handle even the toughest cooking strain. The unit is built with a fully MIG welded frame and stainless steel front, sides and backriser, which means it can take some abuse over the long-term. However, it is the six 32,000 BTU/hr open top burners and the 35,000 BTU/hr Snorkler convection oven in place of a standard oven that give it some kick. While this unit is a wide 60’ model, we carry Vulcan Ranges in 36’ and 48’ inch sizes as well.

Of course, you might need to add more power to your restaurant arsenal too. Vulcan Ranges are just one of the many great commercial equipment items we carry from this longstanding brand. Vulcan also has a wonderful line of griddles, commercial steamers, fryers, cheese melters and more.

Char Broiling with Your Favorite Vulcan

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Nothing turns on the salivary glands like food from the backyard grill. Now you can bring that backyard taste into your restaurant with the Vulcan Char Broiler VCCB47-1-NAT. No, that’s not Dr. Spock’s own space ship. It’s just the one of the best medium-sized char broilers on the planet.

Char broilers come with basic variations. All will produce succulent meats and vegetables bearing grill marks and the undeniable flavor of the grill.

Char broilers provide two main sources of heat: radiant heat and lava rocks. Each acts as a high-temperature storage bank. You need to keep enough heat to cook those cold products, or you and your customers will be unhappily waiting. The Vulcan Char Broiler uses radiant heat and has an under burner deflector to reflect lost heat back up to the cooking service.

Broilers use gas flames to heat the radiants. Heat is distributed more evenly over radiants than lava rock, and the radiants are slanted in such a way that they limit flare ups from fat dripping. Broilers are somewhat easier to clean too. Can you smell those steaks broiling?

The Vulcan Char Broiler is a nice heavy-duty, cast-iron radiant broiler. We rated it 5 stars here at Short Order. Are those steaks done yet?

But that is not the only great item we have in our inventory. There’s a great variety of other products, perfect for warming, cooling, cooking, storing, prepping, serving and much, much more.  You can even get other great Vulcan products, from range ovens to hot plates.

Whether you are a restaurateur, restaurant equipment enthusiast or simply looking for the right place to upgrade your restaurant equipment, check out our full selection of commercial kitchen-enabling wonderworks today at!


Vulcan Ranges: Better Than The Rest

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Forgive us if we’ve been going all-out with the Vulcan ranges post titles, but we stand by it: Vulcan ranges are among the best pieces of restaurant equipment money can buy.  Vulcan ranges are made with unparalleled attention to detail in virtually every regard, which translates to an all-around well-made product.  It’s this attention to detail that makes Vulcan ranges so solidly built, so efficient, so enduring, and so flat-out effective.  This obsession with the small things also means that Vulcan ranges are intuitive, a true pleasure to work with.

Though there is quite a range (pun definitely intended) of models in the Vulcan line, Vulcan ranges generally fall into two different categories.  These are medium-duty and heavy-duty.  As one might imagine, heavy-duty Vulcan ranges are more robust than medium-duty ones.  They generally include more customization options and feature a greater work surface area and BTU output out of the box.  Broadly speaking, medium-duty models are better for more modestly sized restaurants, while heavy-duty ones are more suited for large kitchens, such as those found in certain hotels or in convention centers.  Regardless of which kind of range you end up going with, though, the results will be excellent—those results being, of course, owning a piece of restaurant equipment perfectly capable of cooking with the best.

If you’re looking for Vulcan ranges, or one of Vulcan’s many other products, including ovens, fryers, char broilers, steam tables, cheese melters, and griddles, you know by now that we’ve got you covered.  But that’s not all we’ve got your cooking back on.  We also have an excellent selection of other restaurant equipment industry leaders’ products, including Manitowoc ice machines and Hobart slicers.  Best of all, we offer all of this to you at incomparably low prices!  Check our Low Price Guarantee for proof.

Vulcan Ranges: We Mean It

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Back-to-back posts about Vulcan ranges?  What is this?  Might our fascination with Vulcan ranges be 2011’s version of 2010’s Manitowoc ice machines obsession?  (Somehow, we doubt it, if only because we’ll never fall out of love with Manitowoc ice machines.  After all, we prefer cold over hot, and a machine capable of producing hundreds of pounds of half-dice ice cubes every 24 hours will always have a special place in our hearts, even while we do acknowledge the unique beauty of a range pumping out 32,000 BTUs of energy, heating our food with undeniable precision and grace.  Nevertheless, we love all our children, and stranger things have happened than a sudden, temperature-based preference change.)

Talk about a digression with a capital D!  Back to the matter at hand, that matter being the uniquely excellent line of Vulcan ranges we offer.  They run the gamut from space-saving, efficient models to rangy (groan), expansive ones.  One thing they all have in common, though, is that they’re industry leaders in their field.

Take the Vulcan Range 60-SC-6B-24GB-NAT.  (A mouthful, we know!)  We’ve bestowed this excellent model a five-star rating, the highest we offer.  Our editors have gone one step farther, indicating that it’s an “Editor’s Choice” pick.  That means that we consider this Vulcan range to be one of the very best out there.  We’re not alone in that assessment, as Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a noted industry publication, has designated the 60-SC-6B-24GB-NAT Best in Class.  Heady praise, but we stand by it.

Not looking for ranges?  We understand!  After all, ranges (Vulcan ranges included) aren’t all you need to have a smoothly running commercial kitchen.  If that’s the case, then check out our other lines of restaurant equipment, from Hobart slicers to Beverage Air refrigerators.  No matter what you need to complete your kitchen, chances are we’ll have it in stock at Short Order, and at a spectacular price, to boot.

Vulcan Ranges: Unparalleled Quality

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Pretty lofty title, maybe, but it’s true: Vulcan ranges are of unparalleled quality.  We believe that you’d be hard-pressed to buy better restaurant equipment for the money than Vulcan ranges.  Vulcan ranges are sturdy, built to last, efficient, and incredibly effective.  What’s more, they’re sleek and well-designed, which means your kitchen will look as good as it cooks.  And when using Vulcan ranges, you’ll be cooking pretty darn well.

Vulcan ranges, for the most part, come in two categories: medium- and heavy-duty.  The difference between medium- and heavy-duty Vulcan ranges is that the heavy-duty ones offer more in several areas, including work surface area, customizability, and BTU output, than their medum-duty counterparts.  It’s a useful distinction that goes a long way toward demonstrating the myriad ways Vulcan ranges can help you get the job done as efficiently as possible—that job being, of course, the rapid and effective cooking of whatever food your you (and your customers) fancy.

So, whether you’re responsible for a countertop-only, small-capacity diner or a massive hotel kitchen, there are a set of Vulcan ranges that can fit your needs perfectly.

Take the Vulcan G36L-1-NAT, a model in the impressive Vulcan Endurance line of ranges.  The Vulcan G36L-1-NAT offers an impeccable burner system that delivers precisely controlled levels of heat applied to whatever you’re cooking.  Other impressive Vulcan ranges include the Vulcan VG60-59-NAT and the Vulcan VG36-66-NAT, two highly rated, well-respected products in the field.

Of course, there’s more to Vulcan than just Vulcan ranges.  They also make a host of other incredibly well-made products, including cheese melters, griddles, steam tables, ovens, fryers, char broilers, and more.  Along those lines, we here at Short Order offer more than just Vulcan products!  We also carry superb models of product lines such as Manitowoc ice machines and Hobart slicers.  No matter what sort of restaurant equipment your commercial kitchen needs, we’ll have it—and at incomparably low prices, as well.

Cooking with Vulcan Ranges, Cheese Melters and Char Broilers

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The secret has long been out about Vulcan restaurant equipment: It’s quality-made, durable and dependable. Countless restaurant owners count on Vulcan to get the job done. Whether it’s a Vulcan cheese melter, char broiler or the ever-popular Vulcan range, these impressive units have earned their reputation for being great buys. And you’ll find all the Vulcan restaurant equipment you need here at

Vulcan Ranges

Sleek, sturdy, those red knobs — Vulcan ranges make the grade when it comes to serious food preparation. What’s more is that these units are becoming more and more popular in home kitchens. They’re reliable and easy to clean. An industry leader, Vulcan manufactures impressive commercial ranges that get the job done. The Vulcan V24-NAT Range, a great value, features a thermostat that’s adjustable from 150 to 500 degrees, along with individual pilots for each burner. Compact, this Vulcan range measures 24″ x 31 7/8″ x 59 1/2″, with a cooking height of 36 1/2″.

Vulcan Cheese Melters

Mmmm… that’s what your happy customers will say when you bring out a hot, tasty sandwich made with a Vulcan cheese melter. Don’t miss the Vulcan Cheese Melter 1024 C 208/1, an all-stainless steel unit perfect for light-duty. This Vulcan cheese melter can have legs or be wall-mounted. When you put a plate on the rack, the heating element activates.

Vulcan Char Broilers

Vulcan char broilers are yet another outstanding type of restaurant equipment manufactured by Vulcan. An Editor’s Choice-rated unit, the Vulcan Char Broiler VCCB47-1-NAT also has a five-star rating and features an under burner deflector to reflect lost heat back up.

More from Vulcan

These are just a few of the many Vulcan units we offer at the lowest prices at Start shopping now to find Vulcan convection ovens, heated carts, fryers, warming drawers and more. We’re proud to carry such quality restaurant equipment.

Vulcan Griddles and Char Broilers

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Not too long ago, we posted about whether you preferred making hamburgers with griddles or char broilers at your restaurant. Now, we’d like to spotlight Vulcan griddles and char broilers, which we proudly offer here at If you’re looking for restaurant equipment to make hamburgers or other tasty grilled items, definitely consider Vulcan griddles and char broilers.

Griddles are a flat metal plate made of steel, cast iron or aluminum. Food is cooked on them, and they’re especially useful for cooking different kinds of food — hashbrowns, eggs and pancakes, for example — at once without taste contamination.

If you want to bring the taste of the backyard grill inside, char broilers may be the way to go. You can get grill marks on products and that undeniable grill flavor by using radiant heat or char rocks.

Vulcan Griddles

Talk about dependability: Vulcan griddles are durable and able to handle your toughest jobs. From gas griddles to electric griddles, we have what you need — and several are rated five stars and recognized as Editor’s Choice winners here at ShortOrder. There’s the Vulcan Gas Griddle MGG48-NAT, a recipient of both the Editor’s Choice and five-star ratings. This is a low-profile heavy-duty gas griddle with a stainless steel front, sides and 4-inch front top ledge. It has a large capacity stainless steel grease drawer and an electronic ignition.

There’s also the Vulcan Electric Griddle RRE48D-208/3, a heavy-duty electric griddle with stainless steel 4-inch back and tapered side splashes.

Vulcan Char Broilers

Vulcan char broilers are also dependable and well-known for their outstanding quality. And like Vulcan griddles, there are several five-star and Editor’s Choice-rated Vulcan char broilers at ShortOrder. The Vulcan Char Broiler VCCB36-1-NAT is one such unit. This gas char broiler has a stainless steel front, sides, top rim and grease trough and a full width front grease drawer.

Shop for Vulcan griddles and char broilers at today, where we also have several other brands of restaurant equipment.

Vulcan ranges

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Vulcan ranges make cooking easy

Vulcan ranges are perennial favorites among the restaurant equipment products at Vulcan produces a wide variety of ranges, ovens, steam tables, fryers and griddles, but it’s Vulcan ranges and Vulcan ovens that people think of first, and that’s where Vulcan made its solid reputation for durable, reliable, well-designed restaurant equipment.

Medium-duty and heavy-duty Vulcan ranges are the bulk of Vulcan’s offerings in the range category. The distinction between these Vulcan ranges is capacity – the heavy-duty Vulcan ranges feature more BTUs, more customizability, bigger work surfaces, and integration with other Vulcan products.

The Endurance Vulcan range is a new concept in ranges

A Vulcan range that’s been getting favorable reviews from executive chefs and other restaurant equipment experts lately is the Endurance medium-duty range. The Endurance range is a sophisticated, easy-to-use Vulcan range (gas-burning) with a variety of impressive features that you’d expect to see on a heavy-duty Vulcan range.

For example, the Endurance Vulcan range, like the Vulcan G36L-1-NAT, delivers a remarkable 32,000 BTUs to the stovetop without hotspots – ordinary burners only reach 26,000 BTUs. The Endurance range’s patented high turn down ratio burner system guarantees you focused, controlled heat where and when you need it. The oven, which can reach temperatures of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, comes in both convection and standard oven variations, and the range is remarkably easy to clean. In fact, Vulcan patented the integrated rapid clean system that they designed into the Endurance Vulcan range.

Other high-end features of this handsome Vulcan range include a heavy-duty oven door hinge, a cool-touch oven door handle, lift-off stove burner heads, sturdy easy-lift-off cooking grates, a 6″ wide front top ledge and a front-mounted gas shutoff valve for burner pilots.

A wide range of Vulcan ranges

Other Vulcan ranges include the expansive 60-inch Vulcan range model VG60-59-NAT, a Editor’s Choice, and the economical 36-inch Vulcan range model VG36-66-NAT, another five-star Vulcan range with easy-clean burners.

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