The Care and Keeping of Food Slicers

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Food slicers are a necessity in many kitchens. Useful for cold cuts, sliced bread, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and so much more, every good kitchen should have a food slicer on hand. Using a slicer is faster and more uniform than slicing large amounts of food by hand, so you end up saving both time and capital. This week in What’s Cooking, we bring you some quick tips so you can get the most out of your slicers and keep your kitchen running efficiently.

Care and Maintenance

Be good to your food slicers! Just as with any other piece of commercial restaurant equipment, food slicers can last a long time with the right maintenance and treatment. Keep these tips in mind as you operate your food slicers.

• Make sure that the blade diameter you choose is approximately equal to the diameter of the product being sliced.
• Lubricate your food slicer’s blade with mineral oil rather than cooking oil, since the latter can eventually jam up the machinery.
• Keep your food slicer’s blade sharpened.
• Lock your slicer’s blade when not in use.
• Return your food slicer’s blade to its original setting if you adjust it to cut thinner or thicker slices.

Slicing Meats

• Never slice frozen meat—it will damage the slicer.
• If your meat is of an uneven texture, it will slice much more easily if partially-frozen.
• Never use your hands to move meats toward the blade; instead, use the food pusher to steadily apply pressure and move the meat.
• Make sure the meat is completely boneless before you slice it.
• Choose light or standard duty slicers for slicing deli meats.

Slicing Cheeses

• Lightly wetting the slicer’s blade will produce a finer cut when slicing cheese.
• Cold cheese is easier to slice, especially if dealing with a soft cheese.
• Medium or heavy duty slicers are best for cheeses.

Slicing Produce and Breads

• De-seed fruits and vegetables before slicing.
• Produce is easiest to slice when cold.
• Always slice bread at room temperature.

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Hobart Slicers: Impeccable Design that Performs Too!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

My how we like shiny and pretty new things. For some of us, fancy restaurant equipment gizmos often come with a complicated learning curve and a price tag to match. It is just then that you find your contraption to be not so polished after all. In fact, soon you find yourself using duct tape and paper clips, grease and possibly a sledgehammer in an attempt to get your thingamajig to work as well as it did the first day you bought it. And if your thingamajig is a slicer, you’ll then be dealing with a bunch of work to do. If you have experienced a form of slicer buyer’s remorse, then it may be time to purchase for your establishment one of our highly touted Hobart Slicers instead.

Hobart Slicers are not only rather exquisite looking; they shimmer with wild ingeniousness. Might we add that you do not need to download anything, type in passwords, buy more storage space or constantly upgrade like that appealing tablet computer that you are still trying to figure out. After all, it is just a slicer. Except, when it’s not. See, at Short Order, we gave our selection of Hobart Slicers a 5-Star rating and a few of them receive our Editor’s Choice, because unlike some other commercial kitchen equipment doohickey’s, you truly get what you pay for. That is a good thing, because Hobart Slicers —such as the Hobart Slicer 2612-1— will not only do the job of slicing, they are incredibly durable and incorporate some helpful and fancy features that many other slicer brands do not. Attributes such as the CleanCut™ Knife helps reduce the cost of ownership and improve yield, while the burnished aluminum base and exclusive tilting and removable carriage system allow for maximum performance and reliability.

Sometimes it is far more comforting to know that your shimmering new restaurant equipment investments won’t become obsolete, maddening or utterly complicated right off the bat. And when it comes to contraptions that slice, Hobart Slicers don’t just exude impressiveness with appealing design, they do the job right and will continue to execute for a long time to come. 

Hobart Slicers: Become a Restaurant Samurai

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

You could spend your life looking for the perfect slice and it would not be a wasted one. It would be a journey in search of the cleanest, almost legendarily precise cut through the softest cheeses and thickest meats. This is a path in search of razor sharp efficiency, reliability and toughness. A skill not unlike tapping into slicing power of an ancient katana, commonly referred to as a “samurai sword.”  Yet, you need not travel to far off lands or learn the “way of the sword” to uncover the perfect cut for your culinary needs. At Short Order, we carry a selection of Hobart Slicers that are a cut above the rest.

While you could delicately carve exceedingly beautiful selections of turkey, hard salami, pepperjack and provolone with the exactness of an ancient Japanese blade, using a samurai sword to slice your ingredients would likely become quite exhausting if not dangerous. However, using Hobart Slicers, you can still unleash your food cutting warrior ethos. For example, the Hobart Slicer EDGE-1 features a 12” contoured carbon steel knife driven by a 1/3 horsepower motor. The top mounted Borazon stone sharpener will sharpen and hone the blade in five seconds. The gauge plate interlock and permanently mounted ring guard also help protect the knife-edge when cleaning or in operation. For optimum efficiency, the Poly V belt runs at 370 rpm, making slicing easy. The one-piece sanitary anodized aluminum base, removable carriage system and removable rear deflector make cleaning simple. All Hobart Slicers received our editors 5-Star rating and the the Edge-1 and the Hobart Slicer 2712-1 also are picked as our Editors Choice.

For restaurant equipment that lets you summon your inner samurai and helps you cut a noble path through both difficult and supple food items, look no further than Hobart Slicers from Short Order. Happy slicing and sayonara, until next time.

Globe Slicers Now at ShortOrder

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Find Globe slicers now at, the best place to go for restaurant equipment. We’re proud to announce that we will now be carrying Globe slicers and other fantastic products from Globe. From slicers to meat choppers, Globe makes affordable restaurant equipment.

Globe Slicers Globe slicer

Globe slicers are reliable, affordable and highly durable. Globe premium slicers like the Globe 3600P Manual Slicer feature a premium gear drive system, open space base design and a stainless steel construction with antimicrobial protection. Premium Globe slicers are easy to clean, provide superior sanitation and are said to improve product yield.

Globe: The Company Behind Globe Slicers

A leading manufacturer of restaurant equipment, Globe Food Equipment Company is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Plan to put your new Globe slicer in a demanding, fast-paced environment? Perfect — Globe slicers, Globe meat choppers and Globe mixers are built to perform. Besides manufacturing durable restaurant equipment, Globe also makes their products easy to clean and sanitize.

More Than Just Globe Slicers

You’ll find more than just Globe slicers at Don’t miss Globe meat choppers and Globe vertical mixers. With such an amazing selection and a Low Price Guarantee, it’s no wonder is a leader among restaurant equipment dealers.

Hobart 3000 Slicer Wins Award

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

A new Hobart slicer was presented a 2007 Kitchen Innovations award by the National Restaurant Association at this years Restaurant, Hotel-Motel show. Hobart unveiled a completely new slicer design with the introduction of the 3000 series. This new slicer offers improved ease of use, easier cleaning and simplified slicing controls while still offering the durability and performance you expect from Hobart slicers.

Hobart 3000 Series Design Features

Design features that set the Hobart 3000 Series slicer apart from the competition include:

  • A fifty-degree cutting plane
  • glass bead finished gauge plate and top knife cover
  • smoother glide against the knife
  • improved product retention
  • better operator visibility
  • lighter tray
  • linear drive helps reduce fatigue
  • built in “select-a-stroke” technology
  • rear mounted meat grip
  • sharpen knife indicator

Hobart Slicers

Hobart is a leading commercial food equipment manufacturer. Hobart makes restaurant equipment for dish washing, waste handling, food prep, cooking, baking, wrapping, weighing and labeling. Hobart also manufacturers Traulsen refrigerators.

Short Order Carries Hobart Slicers

If you are looking for Hobart slicers, you’re at the right place. carries a full line of Hobart commercial restaurant equipment, including Hobart slicers. You can find the following Hobart restaurant equipment at Shortorder:


Hobart – 4812-33

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $1,969.00
Meat Grinder w/12 Lbs. Hub, Rectangular Feed Pan and Tinned Chopping End

Hobart – 4822-34

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $2,607.00
Meat Grinder w/22 Lbs. Hub, Rectangular Feed Pan and Tinned Chopping End

Hobart – 4822-36

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $2,737.00
Meat Grinder w/22 Lbs. Hub, Rectangular Feed Pan and Tinned Chopping End

Hobart – 610-1

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $844.00
Manual Slicer, 10

Hobart – 2612-1

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $2,801.00
Manual Slicer, 12″ knife

Hobart – 2812-1

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $3,161.00
Manual Slicer, 12

Hobart – EDGE-1

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $1,449.00
Manual Slicer, 12

Hobart – 2712-1

Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star Rating_star $4,380.00
Semi-Auto Slicer, 12″ knife

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