Kolpak Walk-In Coolers: Polar Bear Not Included

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Here is a scenario. Demand is high, and patrons are buzzing about your restaurant cuisine. It’s all happening so fast you can’t get orders for food shipments in fast enough. The next day a large order arrives and needs immediate cold storage. There is only one problem; you don’t have the space to keep all the milk, eggs, cheese and meat cold. The solution to the conundrum is installing a fabulous Kolpak Walk-In Cooler P7-612-CT-R. This walk-in cooler is so large; a polar bear could fit inside. Though, we can’t say we recommend polar bear storage as a safe restaurant operating practice. Besides, you probably wouldn’t have any food left in the cooler.

With dimensions of 6’ x 12’ feet or 70″W x 90″H x 139″D, you will have no problem storing those food shipments quickly and efficiently. Kolpak is a walk-In refrigeration industry leader and this piece of restaurant equipment receives our Editor’s Choice selection and a 5-Star rating from Short Order. You might think that setting up a cooler of this size would require hours of services from a refrigeration technician and a plumber. However, assembling the Kolpak Walk-In Cooler P7-612-CT-R requires little more than lifting corner, door and wall panels into place and rolling the self-contained wall-mount refrigeration unit on casters and attaching to the cooler. The top mount system ships ready to install, and wiring frequently requires simply attaching a pigtail and plugging into the wall. And because the unit is self-contained, indoor installations do not require a drain line.

Durable and long lasting, all Kolpak Walk-In’s come with “Super Doors” keeping the cold in and polar bears out (though polar bears are not recommended). A metal finish makes this cooler look great, and excellent air circulation around the coils help make it cost-effective to run. And if this P7-612-CT-R model isn’t large enough for your needs, we also carry a fine selection of Walk-In Coolers of varying sizes that are sure to fit your storage requirements.

Kolpak Refrigerators: An Introduction

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Perhaps the title of this post is a little misleading, since this isn’t the first time we’ll have written about Kolpak refrigerators.  What’s more, you might be interested to find out that Kolpak refrigerators actually need no introduction, since they’re world-famous (or, at least, famous within the restaurant equipment industry).  There’s one reason and one reason only for the fame and notoriety of Kolpak refrigerators: their quality.  That’s right, Kolpak refrigerators are among the best refrigerators money can buy.  We’re proud to offer them here at Short Order to you, our valued customers, at excellent rates.

(First, an aside.  In writing about Kolpak refrigerators, we’re turning our eyes ever-so-momentarily away from other wonderful products we offer, including Manitowoc ice machinesVulcan rangesFrymaster fryers, and others.  However, never fear!  Our appreciation for those manufacturers and their top-notch products hasn’t diminished a whit.  We’ll still write love letters to them on a regular basis, but we thought we’d just spread the love a little bit.)

Kolpak makes many different kinds of refrigerators, and we adore them all, but we’re particularly fond of the walk-in refrigerator models.  These include such excellent refrigerators as the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P7-1010-FT-R and the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P6-054-CT-R, both of which are top-notch examples of walk-in refrigeration done right.  And by “done right,” we mean with plenty of storage space, thoughtful design, and energy efficiency.

A walk-in refrigerator is crucial for any medium-to-large restaurant, as it provides a place for you to store all your food in a single, easily accessible space.  Plus, in the hot summer months, if you get a big enough model, you can put a chair in there, pour yourself a lemonade, and take a load off.  (Note: what you can do and what you should do are, obviously, not always the same thing.  Point being, Kolpak refrigerators—specifically the walk-in models—are an invaluable asset to many commercial kitchens.)

Kolpak Refrigerators: Walk-Ins Galore!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Hello again, all—it’s time for a little chat about Kolpak refrigerators!  Yes, this means it’s time to turn our loving gaze away from other products—we’re looking at (or, I guess, away?) from you, Manitowoc ice machines—and shine the light of our fancy toward other products.  After all, even though we usually focus on a handful of products in this space—Vulcan ranges, Frymaster fryers, the aforementioned Manitowoc ice machines—we’re big fans of every product we carry.

Have you noticed that our five-star rating system only goes down to three stars?  That’s not because we want to skew the results or mislead; rather, that’s due to the fact that we’d never carry a product we didn’t like!  It’s that simple.

Well, you can now take Kolpak refrigerators off the list of products we like but haven’t written about, because it’s happening now.  And we’re writing about Kolpak refrigerators, sure, but it’s more specific than that.  Just like last week was given over to the flake ice-making ice machines that Manitowoc has rolled out, this week we’re discussing Kolpak refrigerators with walk-in capability.  That’s right, folks: Refrigerators you can walk inside of.  It’s everyone’s dream come true: A room you can intensely climate control!  (Well, maybe that’s not everyone’s dream.  Maybe that’s just our dream.  Ahem.  We digress.)

In all seriousness, though, folks, Kolpak refrigerators are extremely efficient and built to last.  Models like the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P6-054-CT-R and the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P7-1010-FT-R are exemplary instances of the style, featuring ample storage space cooled down to food-freshness-saving perfection.

It’s true: Kolpak refrigerators are the industry leader in walk-in refrigeration.  If you’re looking for some, or for any other restaurant equipment, check out our selection and see what we have to offer.

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