A Lunch Break with the Hobart Corporation

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Hobart Equipment | Short OrderAt Short Order when we work hard, we have to treat ourselves to a lunch break now and then. Today, join What’s Cooking as we learn about the Hobart Corporation.

Before the Kitchen Appliances

With a hundred years of experience combined with an innovative track record, the Hobart Corporation has a story that is compelling and deserving of recognition. It all began in 1897, when the Hobart Electric Manufacturing Company was formed. A strategic and pivotal backbone for the company, it allowed the company to pursue and invest in various product lines such as the electric meat choppers in 1905 or the Model A-80 Mixer, which dominated the commercial mixer market. The company would reorganize itself in 1913 as the Hobart Manufacturing Company and sales would go beyond an impressive $1 million mark that same year. But the Hobart Corporation has never stopped innovating. It would go on to create a whole list of unique products like the first potato slicer, the world’s largest commercial mixer, the first electric slicer, and the classic SaniQuick Cold Water Glasswasher.

Longevity Is Spelled “H-O-B-A-R-T”

The best part about all of these great products is their longevity. Take for example the Hobart Mixer. Back in 1990, the Hobart Corporation recognized the durability of the product with a contest: “Oldest Running Hobart Mixer.” The contest drew 6,000 entries and the winning mixer was a Hobart mixer that was built in 1919 that was originally built and sold to Von Hatten’s Bakery in Fort Smith, AR. And this is just one of the many products that Hobart Corporation prides itself on.

A Variety of Product Lines


Hobart Slicers: No Worries Mate!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In 2012, we all will experience extraordinary things. We will also worry and think a lot too. Some of us will concern ourselves with the potential for Doomsday, The Rapture, the Great Shift or whatever you want to call it. Oh, and by golly, others will think about iPhone apps, Jersey Shore and maple syrup. But, you – you also probably will have to agonize over serving delicious food, counting expenses, and whether your restaurant equipment will stay operational the rest of this year. While we might not be able to help you alleviate apprehension at global chaos, what will happen with Pauly and Vinny on television, or what to put on your pancakes; when it comes to cutting meats, cheeses and veggies, we’ve got you covered with a nice selection of Hobart Slicers.

Since every day is a new chance to relish in new experiences, the last thing you should do is lose sleep over restaurant equipment, especially slicers. We like to describe Hobart Slicers in similar terms to how our favorite blokes from Down Under say “no worries.” We truly mean that you will have no worries with these fantastic machines, because when it comes to quality slicing and durability, these slicers are definitely some of the best. Besides, when you are cutting, slicing and dicing in a high volume operation, slicers will get their share of wear and tear and so will your employees. Those of you who have been in the industry awhile probably know this quite well. A good slicer like the Hobart Slicer 2912-1 will make life a whole lot easier on everyone.

Hobart Slicers aren’t cheap, but you also won’t receive shoddy and inferior equipment either. Over the long haul, whichever Hobart Slicer you choose for your establishment will most certainly give you more bang for the buck. What’s our advice? Save all the agony, make it a good year and buy restaurant equipment that lasts.

Hobart Slicers: Move Over Fancy Gizmo’s. Hobart is Here.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

We are a species endlessly blessed with the vision to imagine or re-imagine the things that make life easier. We have little gadgets that play music, send emails, and items you merely touch that seemingly create magic. When it comes to restaurant equipment at Short Order, many the items we carry don’t operate exactly one of those fancy contraptions from an Apple store or Best Buy will, but they perform wonderful and captivating functions all the same.

Take for instance, our selection of magnificent Hobart Slicers. These robust and beautifully crafted machines are incredibly dependable. More importantly, many of them cut through thick meats, cheeses, vegetables, or just about anything, like a hot knife through butter. Can your iPhone do that? However, while your busy slicing; if you listen really carefully, you might just hear singing from your slicer. It’s the sound of your workload diminishing quickly and effortlessly. Just like those impressive gizmos, streamlined to make things easier, Hobart Slicers take advantage of some pretty impressive features themselves. Instead of lumpish, dinosaur-like machinery, you get heavy gauge stainless steel beauty, horsepower, and sharp precision. Most of all, Hobart Slicers are easy to operate.

When it comes to your slicing needs, there may not be an ‘app for that,’ and the Hobart Slicer 2712-1 won’t update your Facebook profile or check your bank account; however, this simple but effective heavy-duty machine is plainly the best slicer made. The two-speed automatic carriage with front mounted controls will easily increase your productivity, while “exclusive tilting” and “removable carriage” system help reduce labor and improve the ability to keep the machine clean and sanitary.

Of course, Hobart Slicers aren’t the only thing we carry from this wonderful brand of restaurant equipment. From Hobart mixers to meat grinders to dish and glass washing machines, these machines are long lasting and get the job done with incredible efficiency. And when your machines are this well made, it’s easy to find it all nothing short of magical.

Hobart Dish Machines: Become Part of ‘The Clean Plate Club’

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Technology in commercial restaurant equipment has been a catalyst for making culinary operations more efficient. Employees spend less time on activities such as washing dishes and more time on mission critical tasks. And while it has been said that dishwashing by hand can produce an almost Zen-like experience, there isn’t much self-realization in finding that the cuisine is hot and ready and the plates and silverware are not. Therefore, let’s leave the hand washing of dishes for the home and enlighten you regarding ‘The Clean Plate Club,’ featuring a fabulous set of dish machines from Hobart.  Though the manufacturer may be more known for its wide selection of  Hobart slicers, everything it makes smacks of excellence.

Hobart is an industry leader in getting the grime, grease and food off table and cookware. Whether your operations require a need to wash a small amount of dishes, or you feed a crowd the size of a small army, your plates, silverware, pots and pans will come out sparkling and clean. Whether you prefer to use an under-the-counter, low-temperature, energy-efficient dish machine such as the Hobart Dish Machine LXIC-6, or a high temperature machine such as the Hobart Dish Machine AM15-1-208/3, you’ll find ‘The Clean Plate Club’ here at Short Order.

For high-volume operations, the energy star rated Hobart Dish Machine CL44E-5 can clean and sanitize 202 racks per hour. In fact, the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) selected the built-in Opti-RinSe™ as a Top 10 Innovative Product of 2005. These technologically advanced spray nozzles will not only save on water, they outperform industry-standard nozzles.

“Hobart developed and implemented this technology into the leading conveyor-type and flight-type warewashing lines in the industry to dramatically reduce operating costs,” said Phil Ratermann, general manager of Hobart’s Warewash unit. “This latest recognition from FCSI is very gratifying and attests to Hobart’s leadership in warewashing.”

‘The Clean Plate Club’ may not sound all that prestigious; however, if you’d prefer to have your restaurant operate in a enlightened state as opposed to watching a dishwasher meditate on re-cleaning and scraping the grime off dishes that came out of a subpar dish machine, then a Hobart dish machine from Short Order is the path to enlightenment.




Hobart Slicers: A Spotlight

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Hobart slicers are industry leaders, forerunners in the field of technology that develops whirring blades to slice up food into perfectly uniform, customizable slices at rapid speeds.  (Being big fans of concision, we’d like to think that there’s a more pithy, direct term for this field that nevertheless manages to be extremely precise; alas, we have come up empty.  Perhaps in German there’s an agglutinated monstrosity of a word that we could borrow.  Perhaps not.  Either way, we digress.)

Yes, that’s right, folks, Hobart slicers are among the best food slicers money can buy.  Whether you want thick slices of ham to arrange for a buffet, shaved slices of turkey for a delectable club sandwich, or anything in between (do they make tofu-based meat substitutes in lunch meat form?), Hobart’s array of machines will get the job done for you.

It’s not as though Hobart slicers don’t get the praise they deserve.  After all, we rate them all five-star selections, and bestow them with our Editor’s Choice designation to boot.  As if that wasn’t enough, many of Hobart’s products are voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a respectedindustry publication.  That’s no small shakes!

If you have your rapid food slicing needs all squared away and are instead looking for another piece to complete the commercial kitchen of your dreams, check out the selection we offer here at Short Order.  We have the solutions to all your restaurant kitchen needs—well, everything except the cooks!  We assume you’ve got that part covered.  Whether you’re looking for something to chill your drinks (Manitowoc ice machines, anyone?), fry your foods (Frymaster fryers would do the trick here), or saute just about anything under the sun (using, say, Vulcan ranges), we’ve got just the piece of restaurant equipment you need.

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