Protecting Your Investment: Fryer Maintenance

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

ShortOrder_Frymaster-FryersAll equipment needs TLC. The “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset is really only applicable to prep-tables. Almost everything else in your kitchen needs routine maintenance.

Consider the workhorse of many American facilities, the fryer. Fryers are a pretty simple machine. They have targeted jets of flame that heat-up the underside of a pot that contains oil. The oil heats and is used to cook food. When the oil is used, you filter or replace it and move on. Not much to it, right?

In reality, it does still need some routine maintenance. Daily, the exterior should be wiped down and cleaned. Focus on the  rim, sides and front. This is more than an aesthetic thing. Dripping oil on the floor can be a very dangerous matter for your employees. In addition, make sure to clean the fry baskets daily. Remove them from the oil, wash them and let them dry overnight.

When you filter the oil, make it a habit to clean the elements under the fryer. These can and will get congested with oil mist and other contaminants. Filter the oil, clean the elements.

It’s important to boil out your fryer at least twice a year. Remove the oil. Replace with water and cleaning solution. Allow the water to heat and scrub the fryer pot as instructed by the manufacturer. Be careful not to splash hot water on yourself or others while you scrub. Been there, done that – ouch! Once complete, carefully drain the water and rinse the pot with warm water. Once complete, towel dry and replace the oil. You’ll be good for another three to six months.

Full inspection of the unit should be done annually. Check all electronics and make sure they are free of debris. Look at the legs or casters and make sure they are in good working order and stable. Inspect your fry baskets to make sure the handle is secure to the basket. A basket breaking during agitation or product transfer can cause serious injury.

These simple maintenance techniques will increase the longevity of the fryer, keep the foods prepared in it tasting good, keep your workers safe and maximize your return on investment!   


Frymaster Fryers: Experts in Creating a Sensory Experience

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

You can almost smell the aroma just by reading words. It is that whiff of unbelievably crisp fries, onion rings, and chicken that float like balloons from the kitchen and through the entire dining area. Patrons lift their noses almost like bloodhounds trailing a scent. To create that lovely experience, it takes a certain talent, great ingredients and the right tools for the job. At Short Order, when it comes to translating the taste and allure of great food into decadence, providing high-quality restaurant equipment is incredibly important to us. When it comes to the creation of culinary fried food delights, our line of Frymaster Fryers will make you feel like an expert in designing that sensory experience.

After all, it is the overall appeal to each of the senses that helps keep people coming back for more. It doesn’t get any better than using the masters of the crispy and delicious to help you on your path to excellence. Why not combine your culinary expertise with experts in deep frying restaurant equipment? Frymaster Fryers are some of the most established and dependable deep-frying appliances on the market and we carry several models of LP and Natural Gas Frymaster Fryers. For instance, the Frymaster Fryer H55-2-SD – Nat. Gas, is a high efficiency gas fryer with an electronic ignition and melt cycle. This unit also incorporates optional accessories such as automatic basket lifters that can be computer or timer controlled. This H55 model has a 50-lbs shortening capacity and puts out 80,000 BTU’s for “high-volume” frying. On our wonderful Frymaster Fryer list, there is also the RE180, an 80lb capacity model, as well as several fryer filters.

When you see one of these amazing Frymaster Fryers in action, you will definitely catch a glimpse of the expert design, durability and get a sense of the power and functionality built into these amazing deep frying appliances. So, when you want to create the yummy experience of delicious food, look no further than Short Order and our selection of Frymaster Fryers.

Frymaster Fryers: The Scent of Delicacy

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

From the teeming wonderland of Los Angeles, to small roadside diners in Texas, to street corners all over the Midwest and bustling cafes of New England, a wonderful aroma is luring people from the sidewalks of America and inviting them to dine. That emanating scent floating through the air is probably the telltale signs of delicious fries or chicken wings. Or, it could be the fragrance of deep fried shrimp or onion rings. The alluring trace of deep fried delicacies may well have been conjured up in many locales with the use of Frymaster Fryers.

At Short Order, our wide assortment of Frymaster Fryers may just be the perfect restaurant equipment purchase to help create a magnetic draw from the outside, without all of the signs and advertising. Just one whiff and customers could end up lining up outside your door. However, it’s not just the aroma from cooking up fine fare that makes Frymaster Fryers some of the best restaurant equipment available, but rather it is Frymaster’s dependable and high quality selections that make Frymaster one of the best in the industry. From high-production 80 pounds capacity fryers to 40-50 pound natural gas or LP equipment, you will get fast recovery to help maintain high production levels and easy-to-clean and use fryers. For example, the Frymaster Fryer Filter PF50R garnered our Editors Choice and a 5-Star rating, and the Frymaster Fryer RE180 is a top-notch 80 pound electric unit with a digital controller designed to meet high-production, high-sediment frying needs. With the ability to produce up to 84 pounds of French fries per hour, the RE180 shouldn’t be taken lightly—after all, that is quite a few fries!

Frymaster Fryers are one way to ensure your customers will be coming back time and again—allured by the aroma, but satisfied by flavor and texture that delivers. Be sure to check out the variety of fryers we carry on our Short Order website. 




Fry It Up With a Frymaster Fryer

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

A Frymaster Fryer for Your Restaurant

Getting a Frymaster fryer for your restaurant means you’re getting a seriously reliable piece of equipment. Consistent, durable and dependable, Frymaster fryers are known for being outstanding. You’ll find Frymaster fryers in countless restaurant kitchens across the country, as chefs and restaurant owners have come to trust the Frymaster name.

Big Flavor with a Frymaster Fryer

According to data from global research company Mintel, fried foods like chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and onion rings have spots in the top ten appetizers on chain restaurant menus. Foods cooked in a commercial fryer are big on flavor, and customers know it.

Fit Frying

A hot topic as of late, with so many places banning trans fats, is how healthy fried food are. But there is such a thing as fit frying. There are four factors of fit frying, as developed by Frymaster:

– Choose the right commercial fryer
– Select the right cooking oil
– Follow the right cooking process
– Establish the right maintenance

    Taking these four steps can help you make sure those fried foods you’re serving up are healthful and flavorful.

    Buy a Frymaster Fryer at

    If you’re looking to get the best price out there for a Frymaster fryer, look no further than With our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment, you know that you’re getting the best price. Shop at today and get yourself a Frymaster fryer.

    A Guide to Buying Fryers for Your Restaurant

    Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

    Crispy fries, crunchy chips, mouth-watering fried chicken — serving up these tasty treats at your restaurant calls for commercial fryers. But with so many different kinds of fryers, where do you even begin? Let’s take a look.

    Restaurant Fryers: How Big?

    When you’re shopping for restaurant fryers, such as Frymaster fryers, one consideration is the size. Typically, general purpose fryers have a 30-50 pound oil capacity, while large fryers for chicken and fish have an oil capacity of 60-80 pounds. General purpose fryers with a larger capacity mean they’ll have a faster recovery, this being how long it takes for the fryer to heat the oil back to the starting temperature once you drop in cold food. When fryers have a faster recovery, it can mean greater production, since the fryer oil temperature drops less and recovers quicker in order to maintain the proper cooking temperature. When fryers are low recovery, it can result in soggy products.

    Restaurant Fryers: Choose Stainless Steel

    We can’t recommend stainless steel pots enough when it comes to restaurant fryers. They’re easier to clean and last much longer. When you’re shopping for fryers, look for a stainless steel pot with at least a five-year warranty, or, even better, a lifetime warrantee.

    Restaurant Fryers: Sediment Zone Types

    Another thing to consider when buying fryers is the sediment zone. This is where the excess breading and small food pieces collect when they fall off during cooking. Fryers have three different types of sediment zones, also called “cool zones.” Those types include: open pot fryers, tube type fryers and flat bottom fryers.

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    Buy fryers at, where our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment means you’ll be getting your fryers at the lowest price — guaranteed. You’ll find a wide array of fryers like the Frymaster EH1721 and the Frymaster MJ45-SD-Nat here at

    Fit Frying with Frymaster

    Monday, October 13th, 2008

    Fit Frying: is it a myth or can it be done? Frymaster has written an article about how it can in fact be done!

    Fit Frying: The Challenge

    It’s not easy being an operator today. Everyone, it seems, is telling you how to cook. With government agencies mandating removal of trans fats from menus and the Food and Drug Administration expected to deliver recommendations for reducing acrylamide in fried foods next year, delivering maximum taste in foods that are as healthful as possible is a major challenge. Especially when consumers have demonstrated that if something doesn’t taste good, they won’t eat it. Witness the multitude of healthy menu items that have been deleted from restaurant menus over time because they weren’t ordered.

    Frymaster fryerCustomer Demand

    That’s why fried foods are more popular than ever with patrons – they consistently deliver on flavor. Data from Mintel, a global research company, shows that chicken wings and fingers, onion rings and mozzarella sticks are among the top ten appetizers on chain menus. Clearly, frying is one of the most popular cooking methods with patrons and one that provides unique challenges.

    The Solution

    The good news is that by following a simple set of principles, called The 4 Factors for Fit Frying, you can be assured your frying methods address current health issues such as trans fats, optimize taste and maximize oil life. The 4 Factors for Fit Frying program was developed by Frymaster, an Enodis company, and offers best practice guidelines for anyone serving fried foods. It consists of four steps you can take to make sure the fried foods you prepare are flavorful and healthful.

    Fit Frying: 4 Factors

    Factor  1: Choose The Right Fryer

    Factor  2: Select The Right Oil

    Factor 3: Follow The Right Cooking Process

    Factor 4: Establish The Right Maintenance

    Frymaster’s white paper, entitled “The Facts on Fit Frying: Impact and Benefits for Foodservice Operators,” provides an executive summary of The 4 Factors for Fit Frying program.

    Frymaster Fryers

    Thursday, December 13th, 2007

    Frymaster Fryers Make Delicious Fried Foods Easy

    Frymaster fryers are a kitchen appliance that most chefs and restaurant managers don’t want to live without. Voted best in class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, Frymaster fryers have a number of features that allow easy setup and use. If your menu includes one or more fried foods, you should note a few advantages of Frymaster fryers:

    • Set-up for a Frymaster fryer involves only two simple steps.
    • Frymaster fryers have stainless steel frypots and heating elements that lift up for easier cleaning.
    • Frymaster fryer filtration systems extend the life of your oil.
    • Frymaster fryers feature quick temperature recovery for good quality and uniformity.

    Frymaster Fryers Are an Important Part of a Quality Fried-Foods Kitchen

    To ensure the finest fried-foods taste experience for your customers, make sure your Frymaster fryers are surrounded by other pieces of quality restaurant equipment, like Beverage Air refrigerators, Hobart mixers, and Vulcan ranges from You’ll want to manage the process of freezing and warming your french fries, chicken, fish, funnel cakes, or other fried foods before and after they reach your Frymaster fryers.

    Consider Hatco Dump Stations with Your Frymaster Fryer

    Frymaster fryers pair well with Hatco Fry Dump Stations, which provide both above and below electric heating elements, depending on your choice and setup. Like Frymaster fryers, Hatco fry dump stations were voted best in class by Food Service Equipment Magazine. Hatco fry dump stations currently sell for $282 to $425, and just as with the Frymaster fryers and all of our products, come with a 30-day return policy.

    Kolpak Freezers Keep Ingredients Fresh for Frymaster Fryers

    You’ll also want to consider the quality of your freezers to ensure that the money you’ve invested in your Frymaster fryers has not been wasted. Even a Frymaster fryer cannot make excellent food from ingredients that aren’t fresh. If you’re considering new restaurant equipment, you may want to check out our line of Kolpak walk-in freezers.

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