3 Tasty Sandwich Ideas for Commercial Toasters

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

3 Tasty Sandwich Ideas for Commercial ToastersCommercial toasters are the best way to give the chilly customer a sandwich for a quick and delicious warm-up, but choosing the right commercial toasters is just as important as the recipes themselves. After all, an influx of hungry customers won’t be satisfied with too much waiting time. Prevent this problem by investing in any number of conveyor commercial toasters, like the APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-3. With its countertop design, stainless steel finish, variable speeds and top and bottom heat controls, it has the ability to produce approximately 1,000 units per hour.

Here are a few good ideas for variations on our favorite toasty sandwiches to warm hungry customers up.


Tap into 2013 Toasted Breads Trend with Commercial Toasters

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

2013 has been proclaimed the Year of the Toasted Breads!  Why, you may ask?  Part of the upswing the popularity of toasted breads (and consequently, commercial toasters) has to do with a rising popularity in snacks and tapas featured more prominently on menus.  Stemming from a desire to appeal to a restaurant-going population that wishes to remain economical when dining out, more restaurants have begun incorporating “bar food”, snacks, and tapas into their all-day menus, often for prices under $5.

So, what kinds of dishes incorporate toasted bread that you can make using commercial toasters?  A whole variety, as it turns out.  You are hardly limited to a basic slice of toast.  There are toasted bread samplers, which allow you to utilize your commercial toasters and explore the different textures and tastes of various breads while pairing them with different spreads or toppings.  Similarly, the “bread board” is gaining popularity as well, which includes not only toasted sliced breads, but also rolls and crostinis as well.  These may be offered as appetizers or as bar food-style snacks to share.

As with any trend, the important thing to do when tapping into a new food style is to separate your dishes from the growing fad by utilizing unique flavors and new ideas.  The beauty of the toasted bread sampler is that it allows a restaurant to put its own spin on the dish, customizing it to the overall theme of the restaurant’s food.  The toppings you choose may be as tame and sweet as a flavorful house-made jam or spiced butter, or as filling and savory as slices of beef tartare or cured salmon.  However you choose to use your commercial toasters to make toasted breads this year, be sure that you can contribute something new to the trend.  Furthermore, it may be wise to change out the ingredients you pair with your breads from your commercial toasters from time to time.  This variety will bring patrons back to try your new menu items, turning a fad into an innovation for your restaurant.

To find the right commercial toasters for your restaurant’s needs, check out ShortOrder’s restaurant equipment today and begin experimenting with toasted breads in your own commercial toasters!

APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2: A Toast to a Toaster

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Here at Short Order, we’d like to make a toast to a model of commercial restaurant equipment that will turn ordinary bread into perfectly piping hot and crunchy toast. The APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2 is a fantastic choice for establishments that need to churn out toasted sandwiches, bagels and muffins to meet high demand.

In the beginning, there was the run of the mill pop-up toaster. They were ideal for home use, but sometimes the toast came out more like a Frisbee than an edible enclosure for a tasty BLT. These average toasters left so many crumbs everywhere that the local mice population could invite their entire extended families for lunch. Additionally, everyday toasters didn’t provide the output necessary for more than a few sandwiches at a time. Realizing the need to toast an assortment of bread products quickly, with the right color and texture and without the mess, commercial toasters were born.

The APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2 was ‘designed smart and developed for high output.’ Producing up to 850 slices of toast per hour, the XTRM-2 could feed an entire ravenous army. Cleaning out those breadcrumbs is simple and fast using the easily accessible conveyers and crumb trays. Additionally, the variable speed controls, as well as top and bottom heating elements, help ensure you won’t be playing flying disc games with charred and rock solid pieces of toast.

APW Wyott calls the XTRM-2 the “safest toaster in the industry” with its “Cool Touch” exteriors. The power-saver stand-by switch — for times when the toaster isn’t running — means its energy efficient too. But, if you’re cranking out nearly a thousand pieces of toast or breaded items per hour, you need something that will last. The XTRM-2 is built with stainless steel construction and metal-sheathed heating elements (as opposed to quartz tube), making this toaster both durable and reliable.

Raise your glass to a toaster that is anything but ordinary. We gave the XTRM-2 a 5-Star Rating and our Editor’s Choice because of its extreme reliability and great value.  So, when you need a high volume of bread, bagels or muffins toasted, head on over to Short Order where we have just what you need.



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