Arranging Your Range

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

In the landscape of restaurant equipment, attempting to select from the wide selection of commercial ranges can be, well, challenging. The variations of manufacturers and options are enough to make you feel deranged. So here are a few pointers to help you arrange your range.

First, it’s important to note that commercial ranges fall into two categories, heavy duty commercial ranges and restaurant duty commercial ranges. Heavy duty commercial ranges have larger gas valves, can be linked together for high volume kitchens, and built for more intense use. They require more energy output and cost more to purchase and to maintain. These machines are ideal for high-volume kitchens like cafeterias. Restaurant duty commercial ranges have BTU and power levels that are slightly lower than heavy duty models and cost less. While they are not built to withstand the intensity of a high-volume kitchen, they can easily accommodate the needs of most restaurants.

Commercial ranges have a wide price range depending on the options selected. Most professional kitchens choose open gas burners for their ability to deliver instantaneous heat and high-precision controls. Griddle tops and convection ovens can also be incorporated. Consider whether you need well seasoned or non-stick surfaces, manual controls for user-regulated temperature control or thermostatic controls for accuracy. Clean-up is made easier by grease troughs and removable top grates. We recommend individual pilot lights for each burner, and you will want to consider the BTU rating before making a final decision. If you choose a gas appliance, include in your purchase a new AGA commercial gas flex hose. Standard hoses are not designed for commercial applications. Finally, strange as it may be to put such a large piece of equipment on wheels, casters are a highly-valued feature of commercial ranges, as they make cleaning and service much easier. If your equipment is in use at an elevation above 2000 feet, be sure to alert your service contractor before you arrange for any maintenance calls.

Short Order proudly carries a wide selection of commercial ranges, including Vulcan Ranges, Wolf Ranges, Garland Ranges, and Stock Pot Ranges. Whether you need a standard oven, convection oven or space saver oven, many burners or just a few, griddle or no griddle, we have a combination of features that will fit your exact needs. If you and your current equipment are estranged, check out our selection of commercial ranges.

A Wide Range of Commercial Ranges

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Buying commercial ranges for your kitchen sounds like a simple thing to do… until you start looking! There are a number of things to consider when making your purchase, besides just size and how it looks.

Heavy Duty Ranges

One of the major decisions is heavy duty vs. restaurant duty ranges — should you pay the extra money to have a heavier duty range? Heavy duty ranges like the Vulcan Range GH6 have a shorter cooking time along with a higher energy output, which can mean higher energy costs. Typically, you’ll find heavy duty ranges in hotels, hospitals, institutions, some high volume restaurants and schools.

Configuring Your Ranges

Configuring your ranges is simple, as there are several open burners and griddle tops available. Plus, you can add convection ovens to the standard oven base.

Vulcan Ranges has an amazing selection of Vulcan ranges. From heavy duty to restaurant duty, there’s a Vulcan range suitable for your restaurant. Vulcan ranges are a big name in commercial ranges thanks to their dependability, durability and proven performance.

Other Considerations When Buying Commercial Ranges

When you’re buying commercial ranges, there are a few other considerations, like casters. Casters are great for easy clean up and service. If you’re getting a gas commercial range, don’t forget to include a new AGA commercial gas flex hose. Also, if you’ll be using your new commercial range above an elevation of 2000 feet, specify that when you’re ordering so that the gas valves can be adjusted to account for it.

Buy Commercial Ranges at ShortOrder

With low prices and a fantastic selection, why would you ever order commercial ranges anywhere besides Our low price guarantee on restaurant equipment gives you the assurance that you’re getting commercial ranges at the lowest price out there. Buy commercial ranges now at ShortOrder, the best place to get restaurant equipment.

Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Range

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Vulcan rangeWhen it comes to choosing a commercial range for your kitchen, the choices seem endless. Why is one range more expensive? Where do you start? Commercial ranges come in many shapes and sizes and are manufactured by different companies like Vulcan and Wolf. You can get a
standard oven, convection oven or space saver oven, and with as many or as few burners as you need, with or without a griddle. There is a variation to fit the needs of any commercial kitchen.

Heavy Duty vs. Restaurant Duty Commercial Ranges

Hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions and some high volume restaurants use heavy duty commercial ranges. They have higher energy output and shorter cooking time. Most restaurants and chains can get by with a high quality, restaurant duty commercial range. They can usually accommodate a salamander broiler or cheesemelter.

Heavy Duty Commercial Ranges

Heavy Duty commercial ranges are durable ranges with larger gas valves to allow for easier combining of other components. They can be batteried together to create large units for high volume kitchens and
are built to withstand intense use. They do cost more both up front and in service fees. The higher energy output also means higher energy costs.

Restaurant Duty Commercial Ranges

Restaurant duty commercial ranges are suitable as free standing models with BTU and power levels close to the heavy duty standards, but for an economical price. They cost less and have lower service fees, but they are more costly to install and are not built to withstand intense use as well as the heavy duty commercial ranges.

Commercial Range Configurations

Just about any mix of open burners and griddle tops are available for commercial ranges. Convection ovens can also be added to the standard oven base.

Open Gas Burners for Commercial Ranges

The top choice for most professional kitchens, open gas burner commercial ranges provide instantaneous heat that is easily controlled. Look for easily removable top grates, a wide range of flame heights, ring or star burners, individual pilot lights for each burner and consider the BTU rating.

Griddles for Commercial Ranges

Instead of a burner, you can choose a griddle for the top of all or part of your commercial range. It is a flat metal plate made of steel, cast iron or aluminum and food is cooked directly on top allowing multiple food items to cook simultaneously. Look for a large grease trough for easy clean up, manual valve controls for user regulated temperature control, thermostatic controls for accurate temperature control and a non stick or well seasoned surface.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Commercial Range

Sold as options on most commercial ranges, casters are highly recommended for easy clean up and service. Also, if you will be using your range at an elevation above 2000 feet, be sure to note that while ordering. Gas valves must be adjusted to account for higher elevations.

As with any gas appliance, be sure and include a new AGA commercial gas flex hose. They are designed extremely heavy duty, usually with a brass quick connect. Standard, plumber supplied home-type flex hoses are not designed for commercial applications and are not NSF approved.

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