Product Highlight: Beverage-Air Back Bar Refrigerator Storage BB94-1-B

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Beverage Air Back Bar StorageRunning a bar is hard work for management, bartenders, and bar backs. On a busy night or even during happy hour, you could go through many, many bottles of alcohol that need to be readily available. If you don’t have enough storage capacity behind the bar to serve up beverage after beverage, your customers may leave without the smile and tip you’re hoping for. If you need to take your back bar equipment up a notch, see what the Beverage-Air Back Bar Storage BB94-1-B has to offer.


This high-value Refrigerated Back Bar Refrigerator Storage Cabinet is nearly 8 feet wide, over 3 feet tall, and holds almost 40 cubic feet. On top, you have 2 inches of stainless steel to protect your contents. This Beverage-Air cabinet features three sections with three solid, swinging doors so you can divvy up your supplies as needed and access them easily. (more…)

Chillax With Beverage-Air Refrigerators

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Chillax /chi-laks/ verb. 1. To chill and relax simultaneously. 2. To loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook.

The stress of running a restaurant can really heat things up. Between the constant demand for high-quality service, the endless negotiations for space and ingredients, and the overall stress of having to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, every time, with a level of excellence that upholds your company’s hard-earned reputation. It’s enough to make the blood boil. The last thing you need is faulty equipment, especially when it comes to refrigeration. What you need is to chillax, knowing that your refrigerator is ready for the deluge of demands. Fortunately, Beverage-Air Refrigerators are guaranteed to keep your food—and your attitude—chill.

This heavy-duty, reach-in refrigerator offers plenty of space, saves energy and requires little maintenance. No matter what configuration you choose (top or bottom mount, one section or two), Beverage-Air Refrigerators have plenty of room for your dairy, meat, vegetables and other food products to hang out in style.

The refrigerator is an irreplaceable part of your ensemble of restaurant equipment. Without the ability to keep temperature-sensitive food on the down-low, any restauranteur would be looking at a fast track to failure. And the demands put on this vital piece of equipment are extreme. The door is open and shut countless times a day as fresh food is accessed and replaced over and over again. The compressor must be able to stop and start many times over. But Beverage-Air Refrigerators can withstand this abuse, so there is no need to sweet-talk the repair man or have an elaborate backup plan. In fact, these units are so remarkably reliable, we gave every unit our 5-star rating, and several also receive our Editors Choice. So keep it chill, head on over to Short Order today, and discover how you can keep it cool with Beverage-Air.

Beverage-Air Refrigerators: Cold Food, Not Feelings

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Let’s face it, some things are just better when cold. Take milk for instance. Most of us despise warm milk in the way kids’ loathe Brussel sprouts.  Then there are foods such as produce, meats and fish that have to be cold so they do not turn into some sort of high school science experiment. That said, if you’ve gotten the cold stare from your chefs and employees because they are fed up with that crummy old refrigerator, or feel that frigid feeling when shelling out dollar after dollar to the repairperson, then you may want to think about investing in top of the line Beverage-Air Refrigerators for your establishment.

When it comes to restaurant equipment that keeps foodstuffs at ideally chilly temperatures, money in your pocket and the employees off your back, Beverage-Air Refrigerators are an industry leader and a wonderful choice. With Beverage-Air, vegetables stay fresh, the juice stays tasty, and the repairperson stays out of the kitchen. In fact, the only strange refrigerated experiment you may ever see in your Beverage-Air Refrigerators is when science figures out how to create meat inside a petri dish.  Speaking of science, when it comes to refrigeration, Beverage-Air has that down pat. They have been around designing great refrigeration products since 1944. At Short Order, you will find a host of extremely high-quality reach in refrigeration choices, to sandwich prep stations, display refrigerators and more. And if you just need something that keeps food cold but gets out of the way, there are several fantastic choices for under-the-counter freezers and refrigerators too.

It is always better to have cold food than cold feelings. For the former, look no further than Short Order for Beverage-Air Refrigerators and all of your refrigeration and restaurant equipment needs.

Stay frosty my friends.

Beverage-Air Refrigerators: Experts in Refrigeration

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Who could have imagined so many years ago that science would discover that molecules move more slowly in cold temperatures, or that we wouldn’t need to bury our food in snow, blocks of ice, or mounds of salt to keep it from spoiling? Would anyone have dreamed over one-hundred years ago that science and machine would come together in the form of amazing mechanisms like compressors and coils that do crazy things to a coolant liquid in order to cool a box that preserves meats, cheeses and milk? Remarkably, all you have to do to keep your food fresh is plug in the refrigerator, and voila! The miracles of science are unleashed. Today, we take refrigeration for granted, except when the parts break and we’re buying ice by the truckload. But, when it comes to restaurant equipment, you won’t have to worry about molecular chemistry or machinery, because Beverage-Air Refrigerators are the masters of keeping your food cold.

Commercial refrigeration equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. From the standard reach-in, to milk coolers, to display refrigerators and ones that fit neatly under the counter, Beverage-Air Refrigerators has a wide assortment to fit your needs. Beverage-Air is so good at designing restaurant equipment for commercial use that nearly every single unit we carry receives a five star rating, our Editor’s Choice selection, or both. This means that you are purchasing refrigeration for your establishment which has been built by experts. Beverage-Air also offers a selection of fabulous products such as the Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration CDR3/1-B-20 that look marvelous too.

Technology is amazing, even when it comes to preserving food. Yet, you need not be concerned with understanding the physics, or the workings of how a refrigeration system operates. You only need to know that the one you buy works great.  When it comes to mastering the mechanics of refrigeration in your restaurant or business, look for the experts with Beverage-Air Refrigerators at Short Order.

Beverage-Air Refrigerators: Helping You Avert Cold Storage Armageddon

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Running a restaurant is a substantial and spectacularly complicated operation, as you might expect, packed with endless planning and the need to store huge sums of refrigerated food items that sometimes no one really knows where to place. It’s a constant battle for space that sometimes becomes a nearly cinematic conflict. Gallons of milk battle eggs and cheese for territory; the butter becomes resentful; the ketchup and dressings find themselves caught somewhere in the middle of it all. Then, all of the sudden, when the refrigerator breaks down or needs repair and storage is at a premium, the hostilities over cold landscapes become an all out war. Fortunately, Beverage-Air Refrigerators are available from Short Order to help your restaurant avert a cold storage Armageddon.

To avoid hostilities inside the refrigerator and out, you need a heavy-duty reach-in refrigerator that offers plenty of space, saves energy and lasts. Whether you choose a unit with one section or two, top or bottom mount, Beverage-Air Refrigerators are designed to provide adequate room for your dairy, meat, vegetable and other food products.

It might come as a surprise to know that the refrigerator would likely be in many restaurant owners’ top ten list of the most used restaurant equipment. Day in and day out, the doors open and shut, food items are arranged and re-arranged, put in and taken out and the compressor starts and stops constantly. Through all this chaos, Beverage-Air Refrigerators easily withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Thus, there’s no need to keep the repairman on speed dial or fight an everyday war trying to organize and stock refrigerated items. In fact, these units are so reliable and well designed, we gave every unit our 5-star rating and many also receive our Editors Choice. You shouldn’t have to wage a fierce struggle for cold storage. Head on over to Short Order today and discover how to find refrigeration harmony.

Beverage Air Direct Draw Systems – Kegerators: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

We can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Football season is underway, and if your bar or restaurant has a television set — chances are — customers will be lining up to watch gridiron battles and root for their favorite teams with an ice cold brew in hand. Are you prepared? Or, will you be relying on bags of ice the size of a small glacier and soggy, discolored labels to ensure customers enjoy a frosty beer? If that sounds like your establishment — have no fear — we carry restaurant equipment ideal for keeping your libations at chilly temperatures.

Direct Draw Systems, otherwise known as Kegerators, are wonderful devices for doling out pint after tasty pint, just as patrons scream and cheer for their beloved teams. If you have yet to create your fantasy restaurant beer-chilling lineup in time for football season, the Beverage-Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerator BM23-B is a fabulous choice. At Short Order, we gave this “Barmobile Beer Dispenser” a 5-Star rating and our Editors Choice selection. But, don’t just take our word for it. Jane Gruschow from Canadaigua, New York, says of her BM23, “Kegerator is working fantastic!!! No foam issues and beer is always cold!” Pat Elder from Victoria, Texas says, “AWESOME!!!! What else can I say…Ice cold beer, perfect head of foam… Don’t waste your money on cheaper units that have to be retrofitted in order to reduce foam and keep (the) tower cold, this one does it all.”

The BM23-B is also incredibly durable. In fact, its standard construction features wear resistant, black vinyl on steel exteriors, heavy-duty stainless steel top, galvanized steel interiors and reinforced stainless steel floors and doorsill. Your kegerator could take a beating from a linebacker and you wouldn’t have to worry about putting the equipment on injured reserve. The three-inch insulated tower is designed to have a “continuous source of cold air channeled into it to keep beer at its coldest, best quality when dispensed.”

With Direct Draw Systems from Short Order, you’ll be well on your way to a winning season. You can also stock your equipment team with even more champion players by adding Glass Chillers to your bar or restaurant. That means come game time, no matter how many thirsty patrons you serve, no one will have to dread warm beer.

Beverage-Air Refrigeration – Putting on a Display

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

When customers walk in the door, first impressions are everything. From uncluttered counters to sparkling floors and sanitary tables, consumers expect a visual appearance as shipshape as the service they receive. What about the presentation of your food and beverage products? At Short Order, we believe the visual display of food products should have the same effect on customers as great service and a spotless establishment. That is why, in this episode, we are featuring the beautifully designed Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration CDR3/1-B-20. This dependable display refrigerator is a fabulous way to keep your food products cold and to delightfully exhibit everything from eye-catching bakery items to beverages and deli products.

With an illuminated viewing area and self-closing rear service glass doors, just about the only thing you will need to do to keep the equipment visually gorgeous is clean the glass and wipe down the stainless steel cabinet exterior. What’s more, the CDR3/1-B-20 model is big enough to get noticed, yet small enough to avoid becoming an obstacle. In fact, by adding some casters to this unit, you can roll your display refrigeration quickly and easily wherever you prefer.

Beverage-Air has several other models in the CDR series, including the CDR4, CDR5 and CDR6. Each unit, including the CDR3 incorporates self-closing tempered sliding glass thermal paned doors with a lock and stay open feature, offering easy access to products. Two adjustable epoxy shelves with fluorescent canopy lights and an optional third shelf provide plenty of space to exhibit food items.

We chose the CDR3 model as our Editor’s Choice winner; however, each display refrigeration model in the Beverage-Air CDR series received a 5-star rating from Short Order. Display refrigerators aren’t the only Beverage-Air Refrigerators we offer, not by a long shot. From glass chillers to kegerators, you will find a bevy of great restaurant equipment products from which to choose.



Milk Coolers

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Milk coolers are pretty cool pieces of restaurant equipment, if you ask us, and they’re selling like hotcakes because nobody likes room-temperature milk straight out of the container.  (Maybe after you microwave it, sure, but you never want your initial point of contact with milk to be a lukewarm affair.  That’s why we here at Short Order offer a couple different models of milk coolers, and you, the consumer, are free to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Both milk coolers are manufactured by Beverage-Air.  Beverage-Air refrigerators are among our favorite refrigerators on the market, and there are a couple reasons for that.  First, the Beverage Air name is a name we trust.  When they manufacture a product, we know that product is going to be well-made, efficient, and impeccably designed from both a usability and visual perspective.  Their products also come with good warranties—not that you’re likely to need to use it, such is the quality of Beverage Air refrigeration products.

Their milk coolers are no different.  As previously mentioned, we offer two different milk coolers.  One, the Beverage-Air Milk Cooler SMF49Y-1-S, is 49″W x 47″H x 33.5″D, while the other, the Beverage-Air Milk Cooler SMF58-S, measures 58″W x 47″H x 33.5″D.  Each offers you the same quality and efficiency discerning restaurateurs have learned to expect from Beverage-Air, while offering different levels of capacity, each geared to suit different needs.  So the next time you’re considering investing in a milk cooler or two, consider the Beverage-Air line offered by Short Order.

Not looking to cool cartons of milk to crisp, calcium-infused chilliness?  Consider our extensive range of additional pieces of restaurant equipment.  Like we do with our Beverage-Air milk coolers, we stand behind each and every product we offer.  Check out what we have to offer today.

Beverage-Air Refrigerators: Chilling Out

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Beverage-Air refrigerators come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are the perfect pieces of restaurant equipment needed to keep your food fresh and cool.  Whether you’re trying to chill milk for youngsters to grow strong bones with, keep all the fixings for a sandwich crisp and organized, make sure that frosty mug of beer stays frosty, or simply freeze or refrigerate anywhere from a modest to a massive amount of food and/or beverage, Beverage-Air refrigerators are guaranteed to get the job done.

After all, we’re talking about one of the industry leaders of refrigeration and, er, freezeration? products.  Beverage-Air refrigerators have a justly-deserved reputation for being efficient, well-made, and incredibly effective.

Beverage-Air Kegerators

Beverage-Air kegerators are excellent examples of Beverage-Air refrigerators doing a specialized task perfectly.  Sure, you could throw a keg in a refrigerator and call it a day, but that would be an incredibly inefficient use of resources and space, and you’d probably make yourself nuts drilling holes through those excellently manufactured refrigerator walls to run the tubing.  Why not just call it a day and opt for Beverage-Air kegerators?  They’re durable, reliable, easy on the eyes, and do what they’re designed to do virtually flawlessly.  These are a must for any restaurant or bar accustomed to giving discerning customers near-brain freezes with crisp, refreshing mugs of beer.

Beverage-Air Refrigerators

Beverage-Air Refrigerators, as previously alluded to, make a host of chilling and freezing products.  Obviously, regular old refrigerators are part of their trade, but even these come in a dazzling array of styles, so you can find exactly the solution your restaurant needs.  The Beverage-Air Display Refrigerator CRG24-1, for example, is an excellent way of providing customers with an opportunity to grab the beverage they need and go.  It’s a great addition to diners or fast casual establishments. For an under-the-counter model, check out the Beverage-Air Undercounter Refrigerator UCR60A, which features two doors for easy access, as well as a sturdy, stainless steel exterior.

Beverage Air Refrigerators: A Cool Deal

Friday, December 17th, 2010

That’s right: We’re not above writing a post about Beverage Air refrigerators and throwing a groan-worthy pun in the title there.  We’re cool customers like that.  Seriously, though, though we don’t have a tale of recognition a la our Manitowoc ice machines sighting at our local Mexican breakfast haunt, we do have to say we’re huge fans of Beverage Air refrigerators in our own way.  You see, we’re big fans of value and efficiency, and Beverage Air refrigerators embody both of those deeply loved traits.  You’d be seriously hard-pressed to buy a better refrigerator at a lower price.  After all, Beverage Air refrigerators are industry leaders for a reason!

What’s more, at Short Order, know that any restaurant equipment you buy comes with our brilliant Low Price Guarantee.  Not that you’ll be likely to need to use it, of course—our prices are already low.  Dare we say, be-low?  As in, below zero?  As in cold as in refrigerators?  Sorry, we’re trying too hard.

Let’s take a whirlwind tour through some of our favorite Beverage Air refrigerators, shall we?  A sort of “Greatest Hits.”  Here we go:

Beverage-Air Worktop Refrigerator WTR27A

The Beverage-Air Worktop Refrigerator WTR27A has won its fair share of accolades, having been bestowed with our Editor’s Choice rating. With dimensions of 27″W x 39.5″H x 29.25″D, this little model can pack a solid amount of food in its little body for storage.  An all-around good buy.

Beverage-Air Display Refrigerator BZ13-I-B

The Beverage-Air Display Refrigerator BZ13-I-B is perfect for restaurants that focus on self-service.  It’s a perfect unit for displaying beverages or pre-made food items for customers to grab and go.

Restaurant Equipment Galore!

As you know, we can get effusive about our products.  Call us passionate!  Beverage Air refrigerators (or Manitowoc ice machines, for that matter) aren’t all that we care about, not by a long shot!  We also have Vulcan ranges and Hobart slicers, among other things.  Check out our product line today.

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