How to Be a Wine Connoisseur

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

How to Be a Wine ConnoisseurSo, it’s wine o’ clock at your restaurant, and you have no idea what wine to serve your customers. Don’t worry; ShortOrder is here to help. We’ve put together a short four-step plan that will turn you into a wine guru.

1. Develop Your Own Wine Palate
If you have never been one for the taste of wine, we suggest starting out with a modest wine. For example, many white wine-only drinkers who want to try the world of red wine start out with a nice Malbec, because its flavor isn’t as bold as, say, a Merlot or Cabernet. Also, to help you truly experience all of the flavors, we suggest that you make sure to swish each sip around your mouth instead of just throwing it back.


Get Out Your Bar Equipment: It’s American Craft Beer Week!

Friday, May 17th, 2013

If you think you’ve missed American Craft Beer Week, don’t worry! Stock your bar equipment and get ready for this weekend. American Craft Beer Week runs through this Sunday, May 19th, so you still have plenty of time to find a craft beer to serve with the bar equipment at your business or enjoy at your favorite watering hole.

What is American Craft Beer Week? It’s a week dedicated to celebrating the small and independent craft breweries that populate this fine nation. (As of June 2012, 2,075 of America’s 2,126 breweries were local craft brewers.) The Brewers Association, the national non-profit association behind ACBW, has called it “The Mother of All Beer Weeks.” ACBW gives all bars, restaurants, and purveyors of alcoholic beverages a reason to feature beers from their local breweries, bringing craft beer fans together to drink and make merry. For a list of craft beer events going on this weekend, check out’s events calendar.

But why not make your own ACBW fun? Or for that matter, make every week American Craft Beer Week? Stock up your bar equipment with local brews and prepare for success. It’s not just generous to support your local breweries—it can also be advantageous to your business. No longer a niche market, craft brew is gaining in popularity; so much so that major chains like Chili’s are putting their bar equipment to use by featuring craft brews on their menus. Additionally, in the “What’s Hot in 2013 Alcohol Survey” by the National Restaurant Association, locally-produced beer was the #1 predicted trend in beer for 2013, with craft beer and house-brewed beer following close behind in 3rd and 4th places. And according to Jennifer Zegler, a beverage analyst for the Mintel market research consultancy, “…craft beer has kept an upward trajectory throughout the economic downturn and subsequent slow recovery,” outdoing domestic and imported beer counterparts.

Do you stock craft beer in your restaurant? What’s your favorite craft beer? How do you use your bar equipment? Find ShortOrder on Twitter and Facebook and let us know how you’re featuring local brews with your restaurant bar equipment these days.


Beverage-Air Glass Chiller GF48L-B: Making Ice Cubes Jealous

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

From colas to lemonade and especially beer (at least in the United States!), we generally to enjoy our food hot and our drinks cold. Marketing campaigns spend millions today touting the latest technological innovations in helping consumers realize their beverage is at an ideal temperature. Yet, you won’t need to create a marketing campaign the size of a Goldman Sachs hedge fund to chill your customers’ beverages perfectly. You only need a Beverage-Air Glass Chiller GF48L-B from Short Order to make your drinks as cold as an Alaskan winter.  Just take it from seminal rappin’-blues band G. Love and Special Sauce who buzz about the enjoyment of a “Cold Beverage,” singing, “Give me frosty mug.”

Whether it’s a draft of malts, hops and yeast poured from a bottle or tap, an oddly named but delicious cocktail with stir sticks and umbrellas or a soft drink to help wash down a fabulous meal, a high-quality glass chiller from Beverage-Air refrigerators will make your ice cubes jealous and your customers happy. The GF48L-B is an ideal size at 48 inches high and 9.6 cubic feet of space — that should meet the cold drink demands of your establishment any time of day or night. A stainless steel interior and black vinyl over a steel exterior make this glass chiller both sturdy and attractive. The built-in condensation evaporator system removes the need for floor drains or plumbing, and adding swivel casters means you can simply roll and relocate the unit to any location necessary. Yet, what would a capable glass chiller be if it didn’t make frosty mugs? All Beverage-Air Glass Chillers rapidly chill mugs and glasses to below zero temperatures.

Here at Short Order we gave this glass chilling, cold beverage engine a 5-Star rating and Editors Choice. We also carry an assortment of other glass chillers from Glastender bar equipment and True refrigeration that will ensure your customers enjoy a frosty mug on each and every visit.


Hobart Glass Washers: Perfect for the Busy Bartender

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

What is a bartender’s worst nightmare? We are pretty sure the possibilities for that category are endless. However, a lack of clean glasses on a busy night does not have to be one of them. That’s why Hobart glass washers from Hobart are a perfect choice to help make a hard-pressed night behind the bar just a little bit easier.

For bartenders, challenges such as demanding patrons, spilled drinks and changing beer taps are all in a good night’s work. And during the bar rush, multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. However, with Hobart glass washers, the during and after dish cleanup is a cinch. With an ability to clean and sanitize 30 racks per hour, your bar or restaurant staff can focus on what you do best – serving customers and spending less time stopping to find clean glasses.  Hobart glass washers provide the quality you’ve come to expect from the makers of Hobart slicers.

The Hobart Glass Washer LXIGH+BUILDUP/208-240/1 is a great choice for fast, hot water cleaning that gets out of the bartender’s way. With dimensions of 24″W x 33.75″H x 26.75″D, this washing system easily fits under most countertops and offers convenient access without obstructing the flow of employee traffic behind the bar. Likewise, the Hobart Glass Washer LXIH-3 also offers hot water sanitation and, with dimensions of 26.9375″W x 33.75″H x 26.75″D, is just slightly larger than its LXIGH counterpart.

If you would prefer the advantages of a great Glass Washer using chemical sanitation instead of hot water, the Hobart Glass Washer LXIC-5 is another excellent choice. This fabulous machine also fits under most countertops with dimensions of 23.9375″W x 33.75″H x 26.75″D.

All three Hobart glass washers received 5-Star ratings at Short Order, your leading choice for top-notch restaurant equipment, and come with automatic fill, two dish racks, upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms and more.

Hobart glass washers can not only help eliminate at least one bartender nightmare for your bar or restaurant, but you can also be a hero to your staff too.


Bar Equipment at ShortOrder

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

It’s no secret that ShortOrder has the best selection of restaurant equipment at the lowest prices. But did you know ShortOrder also offers bar equipment? From direct draw to liquor display, has you covered.

Bar Equipment: Blenders

Where would a bar be without commercial blenders? Perfect for whipping up margaritas, pina coladas, smoothis and countless other tasty treats, commercial blenders are essential bar equipment. Choose a model from the economy series, restaurant series or heavy duty/high production series. Economy series blenders are perfect if you’re looking for basic, inexpensive bar equipment. Restaurant series blenders are great for typical restaurant and bar use. And heavy duty/high production blenders like the Waring BB190 are made for heavy use and high efficiency.

Bar Equipment: Bar Sinks

When it comes to bar equipment, bar sinks are another great type of equipment to have. They’re useful for washing, rinsing and sanitizing dishes. They typically have three separate compartments to handle each of those things.

Bar Equipment: Glass Washers

Glass washers are the piece of bar equipment to have for sanitizing glasses. Depending on the glass washer, glasses are sanitized with hot water or chemicals. The Hobart LXIH-3, for example, is a hot water sanitation glass washer.

Bar Equipment: Draft Beer Coolers

Direct draw systems, also called draft beer coolers, come in handy for cooling and dispensing beer. The Beverage-Air BM23-B is a draft beer cooler with an Editor’s Choice and five-star rating from due to its excellence. This draft beer cooler comes with interior lighting, a durable exterior and self-closing doors with locks. There are plenty more draft beer coolers and direct draw systems to choose from here at

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