Manitowoc Ice Machines: Easy To Clean

The purchase of restaurant equipment is a huge investment, particularly when you select high quality, brand name equipment such as Manitowoc ice machines. But what you may pay for in dollars (and at ShortOrder we guarantee to offer the best prices available anywhere on all of our products) comes back to your food service kitchen in terms of convenience and quality. Enjoy years of high-production services from units like the Manitowoc Ice Machine Model SD-0452A, which produces up to 450 pounds of dice-sized cube ice every 24 hours. That’s a quarter ton of fresh ice to serve customers of your restaurant, bar or institution (these high-production machines are ideal for use in the commercial kitchens of hospitals, university dining halls and nursing homes).

To get the most out of an investment like Manitowoc ice machines, proper maintenance is necessary. This includes cleaning the unit as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Luckily, Manitowoc ice machines are equipped with special features that help cut down on how often you need to clean the machine, while making it as easy as possible to get the job done when the time comes.

With all ice machines, there are a couple main issues that must be addressed with cleaning. The first is slime in the ice machine. This condition is well-known to those of us in the food service industry, and it actually refers to a build up of mold that occurs in cool, moist places. You can imagine that an ice machine is absolutely ideal for this type of mold to thrive! To remove the slime, be sure to wipe down surfaces of your unit on a regular basis, and ensure that the internal workings are clean.

Some manufacturers, including Manitowoc, actually produce a sodium chloride sachet you can slide into a compartment on the door of the unit. This sachet helps inhibit mold growth in high-yeast environments, actually reducing the frequency of cleaning. It’s just one more way that Manitowoc ice machines pay you back with extra benefits and convenience. This is some particularly easy-to-clean restaurant equipment, and restaurant operators know that time is a scarce resource in our busy kitchens.

Next week, we’ll move on to address the second major issue of ice machine cleanliness. See you then!

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