The Best Way to Wash Your Wares in Dish Compartment Sinks

AdvanceT9-3-54-XYou know the old saying “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it?” At Short Order, we’re not afraid to dish it, because our dish compartment sinks can take on just about anything. Built by the fine folks at Eagle and Advance Tabco, and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, our dish compartment sinks are a necessity in every restaurant kitchen. Compartment sinks improve kitchen workflow and keep your operation NSF-safe. But what’s the most efficient way to wash wares in a dish compartment sink? Working from left to right in a three-compartment sink, here is the best way to wash utensils and cookware in your restaurant kitchen’s dish compartment sink.

Compartment 1: Food Removal

Because some foods are notoriously tough to remove from dishes, cutlery, and cookware, your first step in the cleaning process should be an initial scrub to get rid of food particles. Next, wash items with detergent in water heated to a minimum of 110°F. Drain the water every so often to keep up the cleansing process. When washing aluminum cookware, make sure the cookware has cooled before washing so it won’t warp, never soak it, and try using baking soda or vinegar for extra-tough food removal. (For washing tips for other types of cookware, check out this What’s Cooking post.)

Compartment 2: Rinse

Next, rinse all items in warm water. Depending on the workflow of your kitchen, you can either fill the dish compartment with water and dip items to clean, or use running water to wash them.

Compartment 3: Sanitize

Last, the all-important step in a germ-free kitchen: sanitization. Fill the third compartment sink section with hot water and a sanitizer solution. Soak your freshly-washed cookware, dishes, and utensils in this combination for the amount of time specified by the sanitizer’s instructions.

Once the washing process is complete, lay your items out to air dry, and be sure to sanitize your sink at closing time so that it is ready to go for the following day.

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