Summer Grilling Tips for BBQs and Char Broilers

Friday, June 28th, 2013

The Fourth of July is coming up next Thursday, and What’s Cooking wants to prepare you for what is sure to be a good grilling season! Whether you are in a restaurant using char broilers or in the backyard grilling on a barbecue with charcoal, you know that grilling season is one of the best times of the year. Seared steak, juicy hamburgers, grilled vegetables, and even grilled fruits make great additions to a summer meal.

However, there are some important practices to observe when it comes to grilling. This week, What’s Cooking takes a look at some ways to ensure that your grilled dishes are the very best.

Grilling with Char Broilers

Char broilers are a fantastic alternative to an outdoor grill, especially for those in the restaurant business. It may not be practical or possible to grill the old-fashioned way, so using char broilers inside and out of the summer heat is a fine substitute. When grilling with char broilers, start by taking a few precautionary measures to keep your char broilers in good working order, then follow these grilling tips for delicious success.

    • Preheat your char broiler and use seasoned oil on your food in order to reduce sticking and improve flavor.
    • Regularly clean the ashes out of your burner boxes. Heat will transfer to the food more properly and your char broiler will be more efficient.
    • To save money and energy, turn on only the part of the char broiler that you need, and never load your char broiler over its capacity.
    • If your priority is easy maintenance, consider radiant char broilers. Radiant heat char broilers make fat drippings easy to clean up, and slanted radiants help minimize flare-ups.
    • If are using your char broiler mostly for light applications, consider a char broiler that uses char rocks. They are a little more challenging to clean, and are more prone to flare-ups, but can also add a smoky flavor to foods.
    • Change briquettes in a char rock char broiler twice a year to maintain quality.
    • Use a wire brush on the grates regularly throughout the business day.


Grilling on a Barbecue

Outdoor barbecues are an optimal way to cook meats and vegetables to get a great flavor profile.  Use these tips to make your backyard Fourth of July grilling a successful, delicious endeavor.

    • Use direct heat if you want to cook your meat hot and fast by searing it.
    • Use indirect heat if you want to be sure to avoid burning and are looking for a juicier, tenderer choice.
    • Sugar can burn or blacken very easily on a grill, so don’t add sugary sauces until the food is almost ready.
    • Never flatten your meats by pressing them onto the grate; it lets out the juices that make the meat most delicious! Also let your meat rest for about five minutes after you take it off the grill for a juicer result.
    • Get creative about what you can grill on your outdoor barbecue! Everything from zucchini to pound cake to sweet peaches to grilled vegetarian dishes are delicious and flavorful when cooked on a grill.

How will you be using your outdoor grills and char broilers this summer? Find ShortOrder on Twitter and Facebook and tell us about your favorite things to grill!

SoundOff – Compartment Sinks

Friday, June 28th, 2013


Compartment Sinks
June 2013
We are featuring compartment sinks this month since they are a commonly used and needed piece of equipment. Be aware of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards on how sinks must be designed if you are installing it into a restaurant, or other health code applicable location. The three compartment sink is usually the NSF standard for a restaurant. One compartment is to wash, the next one is the rinse and the final one is to sanitize.


When you go to purchase your next compartment sink, here are some helpful things to consider – They come in different types of stainless steel. The smaller the stainless gauge, the thicker and stronger it will be. We carry two different types of drains, lever or twist. The twist drain tends to be the more popular choice, since it is easier to operate. Faucets take a beating! Be sure to buy the best that is within your budget. You can choose between deck-mounted or wall-mounted faucets. Lastly, you need to think about your space restraints and if you need drainboards on any, or all sides of the sink. NSF requirements usually call for drainboards as well.
You can shop for compartment sinks here at

Featured: Compartment Sinks
Features & Specifications

4 Star

– 16/304 SS bowl
– 430 SS drainboard
– NSF approved
– 2 compartment, double drainboard
– 9 1/2″ Backsplash
– 2″ Wide edging
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor
Advance Tabco

4 Star

– 20/304 SS
– NSF approved


– 1 Compartment
– Deck mounted faucet included
– Basket drain
– Warranty: 90 day, parts & labor


4 Star
– 20/304 SS
– NSF approved
– Top or bottom counter mount avail
– Deep-drawn bowls
– Deck mounted faucet included
– Warranty: 1 yr. parts & labor
Advance Tabco

4 Star

– 18/304 SS

– NSF approved
– 1 Compartment
– Faucet holes on 8″ centers
– 1″ Adjustable plastic bullet feet
– Warranty: 90 day, parts & labor

How to Make Your Menu Healthier with Restaurant Equipment

Friday, June 21st, 2013

We all know that top restaurant equipment can supply your menus with healthy food choices. Whether you’re using blenders for smoothies or commercial steamers to cook your food to perfection, restaurant equipment helps you serve it up to your customers. But it can be tough to compete in a world of fast food and deep fried Snickers bars. The fact is that even if your restaurant offers those things, it’s a good idea to offer some healthy options on your menu an on your restaurant equipment, as well. Just like joining the gluten-free and locavore movements offers customers more choices, so does updating your menu with healthy choices. What’s more, it’s possible to be a health-centric restaurant without losing business. If you do it right, you may actually gain business!

Here are ShortOrder’s top tips for making your menu healthier and keeping your restaurant equipment busy with healthy orders.

Offer Options in All Categories

You don’t have to revamp your entire menu or throw out your Gen2 fryers, but it is a good idea to provide a selection of healthy options across the board. Put simply: two salads do not a healthy menu make. Entrees, side dishes, add-ons, and even desserts all deserve a chance at a change for the healthier. Diners will sometimes choose the higher-calorie entrée that the want, then balance it out with a healthy side or add-on, so be sure to focus on those areas.

Suggest Substitutions

If you don’t want to add totally new items to your menu, considering offering healthier alternatives to some components of your current menu items. Offer whole-grain or whole-grain breads and pastas, vegetarian options for main items like hamburgers and hot dogs, and turkey burgers as a lean protein substitute for regular burgers.

Cater to Kids

Kids’ food is taking a turn for the healthier, too. This is a trend that even major fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, where you can choose things like milk, juice, and apples as kids’ meal options, have embraced. Parents can also play a factor in choosing their children’s meals, so offering a healthy option for the kiddos might mean the parents will end up more satisfied as well.

More Restaurant Equipment Tips from ShortOrder

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Top Tips for Rebranding Your Restaurant

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Let’s say you have all the right restaurant equipment, a great wait staff, and a decent customer base, but maybe your business isn’t seeing as much traffic as you need. It might be time to consider rebranding your restaurant. Rebranding consists of changing your marketing concept in order to promote awareness and increase revenue. For example, Domino’s Pizza garnered a lot of attention in 2009 by rebranding via its “Oh Yes We Did” campaign, which was focused on redesigned products and a need for transparency and quality. While you don’t have to undergo a Domino’s-style overhaul, the goal of any rebranding endeavor is the same: update your restaurant and increase awareness of your brand to gain customers and reform your image.

This week, What’s Cooking examines some things you need to know before you embark on a rebranding campaign.

Before You Start

First, decide whether or not rebranding will be worth the cost. Are you going to change the color scheme of your promotional materials, or are you going to renovate the interior of your restaurant entirely? Check how much you can afford to change, and stick to that budget. Next, determine your target audience to figure out what angle you want to approach your campaign from. Then decide if you’ll be primarily doing the work yourself or hiring a design and marketing professional. While you don’t have to drop thousands of dollars on a rebranding campaign (you might be able to do some construction yourself, for example), investing in a good designer, even if he or she is a local operation, can pay off in a more professional look.

Redesign Your Look

Make your new aesthetic consistent across all marketing areas. From your menus to your website, every aspect of your brand should agree when it comes to visual design, target audience, wording, and overall message. This kind of consistency will lend your restaurant more credibility.

Reinvent Your Cuisine

It takes more than high-quality restaurant equipment to bring in business. Even if your menu is made up of delicious, dependable items, changing with the times and trends is an important part of keeping your restaurant relevant, drawing in new customers, and keeping regular customers interested. Whether that means updating your drinks menu or trying out the locavore concept, there are many ways to rethink your food to make it more current. Likewise, make sure your specials are season-appropriate (cold gazpacho instead of hot tomato soup in the summer, for example).

Advertise Your New Image

In order for your rebranding to take effect, you need to create a buzz around your restaurant. Equipment you already have can help with this. How? Start by taking advantage of your existing communication avenues; put the word out about your redesign on Twitter and Facebook, send out promos using your email list, and update your website during the rebranding process.

Deliver Your Promise

Follow through with your new brand image. Delivering quality food and service is just as important as creating a new look. Restaurant equipment from top manufacturers can help you achieve this. ShortOrder’s restaurant equipment is the best, ensuring that your restaurant functions optimally day and night. Dependable restaurant equipment helps you provide great food and great service every time, encouraging customers to come back.

More About Restaurant Equipment

For more tips and tricks to help those in the restaurant business, follow ShortOrder on Twitter and Facebook and get the latest updates on restaurant equipment and more.


Now Serving – June – Preparing for the Heath Inspector and Nachos for Father’s Day

Friday, June 14th, 2013


JUNE 2013 A monthly newsletter showcasing the taste of cookware ISSUE 54
Now Serving

Technically summer doesn’t start until June 21st, but with the heat that we are having in Texas, it sure does feel like summer has arrived. Here are some fun (and somewhat useless) facts about the month of June: the flag of the United States was adopted in 1777, it is National Candy Month, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th this year (that’s this weekend!), and lastly, June has the longest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest daylight hours of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. There you have it! You are now prepared for your next June trivia night. candy month

We want to take this opportunity to remind you about our low price guarantee that a lot of our customers have utilized. If you find a unit that is cheaper elsewhere,

we will gladly match the competitor’s price and beat it by 10% of the difference on an identical item from another dealer (including all freight charges.)

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page from time-to-time, as we do random daily promotions. We also do a random giveaway each month to someone who has reviewed a product online. We did not have any new reviews this month, so if you would have submitted one, you would have been our winner!

Are you looking to save some money? You can always check out our clearance section as it contains scratched and dented, and discontinued products that are all covered by the full manufacturer warranty. In this month’s issue: Tips to be prepared for a surprise health inspection, bacon nachos for dad and our featured products: a Franke espresso machine, a Hatco countertop warmer, and a Beverage-Air glass chiller.

We want to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything good or bad. We are here for you, so give us a shout!

Meghan Jarrell

Will You Be Ready For An Inspection?

Tips to help prepare for the dreaded health inspector


A couple of months ago we talked about doing a spring cleaning overhaul on your restaurant. Now, let’s look at the best way to be prepared for a health inspection. You may, or may not, know when they are coming, so stay ahead of the game. Managers can and should conduct weekly inspections to be proactive. Here are some things to look at that were highlighted on the National Restaurant Association Blog Article – “Nine tips to prepare for a health inspection”:

1. Use the Same Form – Locate the form that your health department uses and go through as if you are the health inspector

2. Walk into your establishment – Get an outsider’s perspective entering the building


3. Review problems post-inspection – Once you have gone through and made your assessments, make sure the kitchen staff and other staff members understand the importance of food safety

4. Ensure staff are on the same page – This is especially important if you have any employees that speak English as a second language, be sure to get a translator to clarify all of the findings

5. Know your priorities – For kitchen employees it should include: food time and temperatures, personal hygiene, and cross contamination. Temperature guidelines are to check the products when they arrive, when they are stored and when they are served

6. Reinforce hand washing – Post signage at all sinks and restrooms and discuss with employees

7. Train your managers – Make sure they are up to date with all of the latest food-safety techniques

8. Review health codes – Check for any special local requirements

9. Get involved politically – Provide a restaurateur’s perspective on local committees

These simple steps should help you and your staff be prepared for a health inspector to arrive at any moment, and for your restaurant to pass with flying colors.

Featured Products
Franke Espresso Machine
Hatco Warmer
Glass Chiller
Franke Espresso Machine
F 2M HD CE 2
1300 watts, 13 amps
$6,733 delivered
Hatco Countertop Warmer
1 door, 4 tier pan rack
$2,152.00 delivered
Beverage-Air Glass Chiller
9.6 cu. ft., 2 sliding top doors
$1,719.00 delivered
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Featured Recipe
Bacon Nachos
bacon nachos
Try this manly recipe for Father’s Day from
Yield: 4-6 Servings


  • 1/2 Lb ground beef
  • 4 Cups tortilla chips
  • 1/4 Cup bacon bits
  • 2 Cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 Cup guacamole
  • 1/2 Cup sour cream
  • Chopped tomatoes and green onions (optional)


  1. Cook beef over med. heat, drain
  2. Place chips on microwave safe plate and layer beef, bacon and cheese
  3. Microwave on high for 1-2 min until cheese is melted
  4. Top with guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes and onions (if desired)
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SoundOff – Undercounter Refrigeration

Friday, June 7th, 2013


Undercounter Refrigeration
May 2013
We have decided to focus on undercounter refrigeration this month. As things are heating up outside this summer, you need to be sure to keep your products cool inside. offers over 140 different undercounter refrigerators from six different manufacturers. You can essentially design your own unit because there are so many different options. You should be able to find the perfect undercounter refrigerator to meet all of your needs.

undercounter fridge

There are quite a few things that you need to consider when looking to purchase your next undercounter refrigerator. Are you going to have it in the back, out of the public eye, or do you need one with glass doors that will look nice in the front of your store? Will it need to be mobile for easy accessibility, or will it be stationary under the counter? Once you assess what the main usage will be for your unit, you can then decide if you prefer doors or drawers with pans in them (usually sold separately). Lastly, think about the small details such as: locks for the doors, digital thermometers, and even what side you would like the door(s) to be hinged on.
You can shop for undercounter refrigerators here at

Featured: Undercounter Refrigeration
Features & Specifications

5 Star

– 115v/60/1
– 3 Amp
– 1/6 Hp
– ADA compliant


– 20″W x 31.5″H x 20.5″D
– S/S Exterior, aluminum interior
– 3″ Casters
– Right-hinged door
– Warranty: 3 yr P/L, 5 yr comp.

4 Star

– 115/60/1
– 3.9 Amp
– 1/5 Hp
– Energy Star
– 60″W x 34.25″H x 31.5″D
– S/S top, front, sides, ABS interior
– 3″ Casters
– 2 Doors, left & right hinged
– Warranty: 1 year parts/labor


Turbo Air

4 Star

– 115/60/1
– 9.9 Amp
– 1/2 Hp
– Energy Star
– 72.7″W x 30″H x 30″D
– S/S top, front, sides, interior floor
– 4″ Casters
– 3 Right-hinged doors
– Warranty: 1 yr P/L, 5 yr comp.

3 Star

– 115/60/1

– 9.7 Amp
– 1/2 Hp
– 93.25″W x 29.75″H x 32.25″D
– S/S top, front, sides, interior floor
– 5″ Casters
– 4 Drawers, 1 door, 2 shelves
– Warranty: 3 yr P/L, 5 yr. comp.

How to Save Energy in the Kitchen with Commercial Restaurant Equipment and More

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Are you looking for ways to cut down on your energy bills? There are some simple things you can do to reduce your bills using the right commercial restaurant equipment, employing better day-to-day habits, and more. This week, What’s Cooking has compiled a quick list of ways to save energy in your kitchen. Read on to find out more!

Choose the Right Commercial Restaurant Equipment for Your Needs

When you’re buying equipment for your kitchen, think about what you’ll need it for from day to day. Refrigerators and ice machines that are too big for your operation can waste a lot of energy, sticking you with an unnecessary bill. Likewise, check out the energy ratings of your kitchen appliances before you make a purchase.

Buy Energy Star-Approved Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial restaurant equipment that is Energy Star certified will save you energy and money, making it a cost-effective decision. What does it mean to be Energy Star-approved? Appliances that feature the Energy Star label are backed by the Environmental Protection Agency, and have been proven to perform as well as or better than a product of its kind that consumes a higher amount of energy. Be sure to check out the energy-saving Scotsman ice machines, for example, which recently won 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year. Bottom line: with Energy Star approved commercial restaurant equipment, you get more efficient equipment in return for savings on energy. Who wouldn’t want that?

Turn Commercial Restaurant Equipment Off

You don’t need to power down every time business slows down, but turning off your commercial restaurant equipment when you can will really cut down on your energy expenses. Take advantage of an afternoon lull to give your ranges and fryers a rest, for example.

Dim the Lights

Take steps with your lighting to make sure you aren’t wasting energy. Turn off lights when you can, like in the afternoon when the restaurant gets the most light, and remember to hit the switch when you leave an office or a pantry. Also, buy low-watt bulbs for your table lamps, and consider investing in LED lighting for overhead, which can ultimately save you thousands of dollars per year.

Treat Your Equipment with Care

Daily use can really take a toll on ice machines, fryers, ranges, and other commercial restaurant equipment if you aren’t careful, so make sure you know how to correctly maintain your commercial restaurant equipment. For example, maintenance of your ice machines is very important when it comes to saving energy. With proper care, your ice machines will run stronger and last longer, giving you more bang for your buck. Have your equipment serviced regularly, and use manufacturer’s parts that are made specifically for your equipment. Lastly, train your staff so that they understand how to use your commercial restaurant equipment efficiently, and explain the importance of saving energy in the kitchen.

More Energy-Saving Tips

How do you save energy in your kitchen? Find ShortOrder on Twitter and Facebook and tell us about your favorite energy-saving commercial restaurant equipment!

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