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Monday, April 29th, 2013

Convection Ovens
April 2013
We are highlighting convection ovens this month. They cook faster and more evenly than a standard, conventional oven by moving heated air across the food. There is a fan mounted in the oven wall that forces
the heated air around the cabinet and pushes the cold air out of the way.


Full size convection ovens are larger and have greater capacity. They can save energy with up to a 30% reduction in temperature, and the food cooks up to 25% faster.
As you are looking into purchasing your next convection oven, there are some features that you need to consider. Do you need casters to be able to move it around your kitchen? They are optional with most units. They come with solid state controls or computer controls. You can program frequently used menu settings with the computer controls. Convection ovens are offered in single and double deck, depending on your needs. They are also electric or gas, so be sure to verify what your kitchen is set up for.
You can shop for Convection Ovens at here.

Featured: Convection Ovens
Features & Specifications

4 Star

– 44,000 BTU
– Energy Star
– LP Gas
– Single deck
– S/S front, sides, top, doors
– 26″ legs
– Solid state controls
– Warranty: 1 year parts/labor

4 Star

– 12.5 Kw

– 208/1 Volt
– Double deck
– S/S front, sides, top, doors
– 8″ legs
– Solid state controls
– Warranty: 1 year parts/labor



3 Star

– 12.5 Kw

– 208/3 Volt
– Single deck
– S/S front, sides, top, doors
– 25-3/4″ legs
– Solid state controls w/timer
– Warranty: 1 year parts/labor

3 Star

– 44,000 BTU

– Natural gas
– Double deck
– S/S front, sides, top, doors
– 8″ legs
– Computer Controls
– Warranty: 1 year parts/labor
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How to Update Your Drinks Menu Using Ice Machines and More

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Here at What’s Cooking, we’ve been focusing lately on the benefits of our fantastic ice machines. This week, however, we would like to talk about how you can put them to good use. We are talking, of course, about updating your drinks menu. Why is it important to update your drinks menu? It helps keep your restaurant on the map and distinguishes it from the rest. Whether you choose to add a few signature drinks or mix up the entire menu altogether, changing your drinks menu can be very good for business. Read on for ShortOrder’s tips on how best to use ice machines and more to make the most of your beverages.

How to Update Your Drinks Menu

Get creative with your menu change.  Make some signature drinks, see what is popular at other restaurants, incorporate new beverages on the market into your menu… the possibilities are endless. If you don’t want to commit to long-term change, consider have a special drink of the week. You won’t have to invest in new ingredients permanently, but you will be able to keep your menu fresh and interesting, ensuring that newcomers are drawn in and regulars keep coming back.

Advertise Your Drinks Menu

It is not only important that you update your menu; you need to advertise it. The idea is simple: make it easy for customers to see and select a new drink. Advertise your new menu on your restaurant’s website and social media outlets, include special inserts in your full menus, or add stand-up drink menus to each table. Also add your business to websites like BeerMenus and Taplister, which allow customers to search for craft beer near their location. Advertising on these sites also allows customers to find your restaurant while on the go. Customers search most often on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday between 1 and 9 PM, so be sure that your beer lists are up-to-date at those times.

Alcohol Menu

Consider stocking local beers, wines, and spirits on your new drinks menu. In the “What’s Hot in 2013 Alcohol Survey” by the National Restaurant Association, nearly half of the top 20 trends involved a demand for locally-produced alcohol. Onsite barrel-aged drinks was the #1 predicted trend, while micro-distilled/artisan liquor, locally-produced spirits, regional signature cocktails, locally-produced beer, craft beer, and signature cocktails all made the list as well. Additionally, going local can be a great way to support local businesses and create a niche for your own business. Put those ice machines to good use and come up with some signature cocktails. Obviously the more unique the cocktail the better, but a signature cocktail can also be as simple as putting a twist on a familiar drink and giving it a name that is specific to your restaurant.

Coffee and Tea Menu

You can also mix up your coffee and tea menu! In another survey of 2013 trends by the National Restaurant Association, specialty iced tea and organic coffee ranked among the top 5 beverage trends. Try a coffee combined with a special syrup, flavored milk, or even spiced tea. Offer it hot or use your ice machines to serve it up over ice. We recommend dice-sized cubes from your ice machines for cold coffee and tea drinks.

Ice Machines and More

For more information about ice machines that can help your business thrive, check out ShortOrder’s lines of Manitowoc ice machines and Scotsman ice machines. You can also explore more of our blog and learn about the favorite drinks of famous authors, how to choose ice machines for your business, how to save energy with your ice machines, and much more.

Now Serving – April – Phone Orders! Spring Cleaning, and Chicken Pesto Pasta

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

April 2013 A monthly newsletter showcasing the taste of cookware ISSUE 52
Now Serving

Texas has been quite rainy lately, but as the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.” Since, our lakes and rivers are very dry, we’ll take it! How’s business in your area? Does the spring weather have an effect on your income? I know that spring-

phonetime in hill country is quite a popular place. There is usually a festival of some sort each weekend. That being said, if you need a suggestion for a quick getaway, you should consider Central Texas in April. The weather is lovely.

We have a HUGE announcement! Are you sitting down?! We have heard your requests… and has now implemented phone orders! We still require a digital signature, but it is a very simple process! Give us a call to place your next order (800) 211-0282. You can always leave your thoughts on our Facebook page as well. We want to hear from you. Facebook is also the only way to catch our random daily promotions. We also give away a $50 Gift Card to use at to one product reviewer per month. We do not have a winner this month because we do not have any new reviews. You missed out! It could have been yours.

Don’t forget to always click on our clearance section first. It contains scratch and dent, and discontinued products that are all covered by the full manufacturer warranty. We update it often.

In this month’s issue: Seven Tips for a Cleaner Restaurant, a tasty Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad, and our featured products: a Bakers Pride pizza oven, a Bunn frozen drink dispenser, and a Luxor tub cart.

We always love to hear from our customers! The new ones and our returning ones. Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

Happy Spring to you and yours!

Meghan Jarrell

Spring Cleaning – Why Not?

Seven Tips for a Cleaner Restaurant

Since we have been talking about spring time and the weather changing, we thought this would be the perfect time to mention the dreaded task of “spring cleaning”. Yes, your home probably needs a touch-up, or maybe even your car, but have you thought about your restaurant?

Mary-Claire highlighted seven great tips in her blog on She points out that for starters, try to get some natural light shining in to your restaurant, so that you can see every little corner. Assess your base boards, and walls. Do they need a good scrubbing, maybe even a coat of paint? Here is a quick list of other areas that you need to focus on as well:

1. Restrooms – It is time for a face-lift. Check every little detail including the grout. Use a pressure washing system to remove any build-up and grime.

2. Carpets – This would be a good time to bring in a company and have them deep-cleaned. The winter and early spring has a lot of rain and snow that has probably been tracked in and smashed into your carpet.

3. Mats – Inspect the mats that you have currently, if they are in good shape,

mop bucket

then maybe just pressure-wash them. Since, spring can still be a rainy time, make sure that you have enough mats at each entryway.

4. Air Conditioning Units – As we are rapidly approaching warm summer months, you will need to turn on your AC. Look them over to make sure they are in good condition, or have them professionally cleaned so that they don’t blow dust and dirt around your freshly cleaned restaurant.

5. Hoods – You should already be cleaning your hood vents on a regular basis, but you should also have them professionally deep cleaned once a year.

6. Ice Machines – Ice machines are a huge source of food-borne illness, so you should be cleaning them out on a regular basis. Empty, defrost and sanitize your ice machine.

7. Walls and Ceilings – These areas tend to get ignored. You would be surprised by how much dust and grime can build up over time. Take a sponge and some soapy water to your walls and ceilings for a fresh look and feel.

This list might seem like one big daunting task, but break it down into smaller manageable parts. Try to schedule one or two areas to clean a day, and then in one week’s time, you will have a spick-and-span restaurant.

Featured Products
Bakers Pride Oven
Double-Deck Pizza Oven
$3,846.00 delivered
Bunn Frozen Drink Dispenser
3 Gal. Countertop Model
$1,820.00 delivered
Luxor Utility Cart
3-Shelf Tub Cart
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Featured Recipe
Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad
chicken pesto pasta
Try this tasty dish from
Yield: 4 Servings


  • 3/4 Lb rigatoni
  • 4 Boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 1/2 Cup chopped/pitted kalamata olives
  • 1 Cup halved bocconcini
  • 3/4 Cup pesto
  • 1/2 Tsp kosher salt
  • 1/4 Tsp black pepper


  1. Cook pasta, drain, let cool
  2. Pre-heat oven to 400° F,
  3. Rub chicken with oil, salt and pepper,
  4. Roast 20-25 min, then shred
  5. Mix pasta, shredded chicken, olives, bocconcini and pesto with a dash of salt and pepper
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5 Energy-Saving Tips for Your Ice Machines

Friday, April 19th, 2013

ShortOrder knows that ice machines are vital to your business. Foodservice operations need ice machines for any number of purposes day in and day out, most often requiring ice in large volumes all day, throughout the week. This can result in high costs, not only in terms of ice machine wear, but in energy, as well. We have already touted the benefits of Manitowoc ice machines and Scotsman ice machines, and we’d like to share some more tips with you on how to stay green and save money when it comes to operating your ice machines.

1.  Make sure that your ice machine is of the proper capacity for you restaurant. An ice machine that produces too much or too little ice for your needs can be a big waste of energy.

2.  Invest in an air-cooled ice machine. Air-cooled ice machines use less energy and less water than their water-cooled counterparts.

3.  Close your ice machine’s lid. Keeping the lid open for longer than is necessary makes the ice machine work harder to remain at the correct temperature, causing a further loss of energy. Make sure your employees know to close the ice machine’s lid promptly after every use.

4.  Clean your ice machine regularly. This includes changing out the water filter according to the manufacturer’s directions. Cleaning ice machines on a regular basis allows the machines to remain in proper working order to operate smoothly.

5.  Maintain your ice machine regularly to ensure that all components function correctly. Regular maintenance will prevent the ice machine from breaking down later, leading to not only major repair costs, but to disruption of your business.

For more tips about ice machines and other quality restaurant equipment, keep reading our blog. You can also visit us on Twitter and Facebook for ShortOrder updates, news, and more.

Ice Machines: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

If you are evaluating ice machines to purchase a new one for your business, you know that are many options available. So what kind of ice machine’s right for you? The answer depends on several factors, so a little forethought in the beginning when considering ice machines can save you money and a major headache in the long run.

Your Ice Machine’s Dimensions

Perhaps the easiest thing you can ask yourself about your ice machine’s requirements is what its dimensions should be. After all, you don’t want to buy a machine, only to find that you can’t fit it through the door! Measure the doorways and the space you want to put the ice machine to make sure you will have plenty of room. Allow for five to eight inches of space on every side of the ice machine. If you are going to purchase a compressor, be sure to consider the space it will fit into also.

Volume of Ice

Calculate the volume of ice you will need to remain operational. Keep in mind the fluctuations in the amount you will use from season to season, as well as the climate in which your business operates, especially during peak hours. You should also take into account the potential of growth for your business, so we recommend adding 10-20% to your estimate. When you evaluate ice machines, keep this number in mind, as ice machines come in a variety of options when it comes to pounds of ice produced per 24 hours.

Types of Ice

Next consider the types of ice you’ll need. You may only need a few kinds, or your need may vary with the seasons. (For example, nugget ice may be more popular during the summer than the winter.) Because of this factor, you may need to consider multiple ice machines.

Connection Requirements

Make sure you have the proper electrical and plumbing connections available where you want to place your ice machine. Ice machines need a direct connection to a supply of cold water, as well as a separate drain line for both the ice machine and its bin. Additionally, electrical and water connections need to be at least within six feet of the machine.

Advantages of Air-Cooled Manitowoc Ice Machines

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Manitowoc ice machines come in all shapes and sizes. You already know about the many different types of ice that Manitowoc ice machines can make, and that Manitowoc ice machines are easy to maintain… but did you know that they have a secret, energy-saving weapon? Manitowoc ice machines that are air-cooled could be the best restaurant equipment decision you make when it comes to ice.

About Air-Cooled Ice Machines

So what is an air-cooled ice machine? It’s pretty simple: air-cooled ice machines use a fan to reduce the heat generated by the mechanical refrigeration components inside. The alternative is a water-cooled ice machine, which circulates cool water around the components via pipes to keep the inside cool. The difference between the two, however, comes in the operational costs. Air-cooled ice machines use less energy and water than their water-cooled counterparts, since many water-cooled ice makers use more water to cool the system itself than to actually make ice. Thus, the cost of operation of air-cooled ice machines is lower, and they are more efficient for both day-to-day and long-term use. You could ultimately save quite a bit on your utility bills.

Air-Cooled Indigo Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc’s Indigo Series line of commercial ice machines, for example, contains some great air-cooled Manitowoc ice machines. The Manitowoc Ice Machine ID-0322A/B-320/115-1, for example, is an Energy Star certified machine that will get the job done with efficiency and ease. It monitors the machine’s critical systems, has an easy-read interface, and is fully programmable so that you can conveniently choose how much ice to make and when to make it. Never worry about losing ice production capabilities on a busy Friday night with Manitowoc ice machines in the kitchen. Manitowoc technology is steadily improving to keep commercial ice makers clean, efficient, safe, and energy-saving.

More Manitowoc Ice Machines and Restaurant Equipment

To see more ice machines, visit and find the one that fits your kitchen’s needs best.

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