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Friday, August 31st, 2012

Direct Draw Systems: Kegerators
 August 2012
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Fall football season is upon us and what better way to highlight this month than a beer kegerator? Everyone loves a fresh, cold, draft beer to go with their chips and dip. Some things to look for when purchasing your next kegerator are: size, style, and intended usage.

Kegerators come in a range of sizes from containing one standard keg, up to eight or more slim-barrel kegs, so you need to know how much beer will be consumed. There are also a variety of styles. Kegerators come with a stainless-steel exterior or black-vinyl exterior. In addition to the different exteriors, they also have standard tops or they have what is called a club-top, which includes a sliding door and glass rail. Lastly, you need to be aware of your intended usage. Kegerators that are going to be used outside, need to be the ones that are sealed on the back. Some kegerators are Energy Star compliant too, which will save you money in the long run.

You can shop for kegerators at here.


Featured: Kegerators
Features & Specifications


Beverage Air

5 Star

– Energy Star
– 1/5 hp motor
– Air insulated tower

– Black vinyl exterior
– Warranty: 1 yr parts/labor, 5 yr compressor
– 4″ Casters included



5 Star

– Energy Star
– 1/5 hp
– Air insulated tower
– Stainless-steel exterior
– Warranty: 1 yr parts/labor, 5 yr compressor
– 4″ Casters included



4 Star

– Energy Star
– 1/5 hp
– Air insulated tower
– Black vinyl exterior
– Warranty: 1 yr parts/labor, 5 yr compressor
– 4″ Casters included



3 Star

– Not Energy Star
– 1/6 hp
– Foam insulated tower
– Black vinyl exterior
– Warranty: 1 yr parts/labor, 5 yr compressor
– Casters not included
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Gen2 Ranges: Not for Small Potatoes

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Everything about Gen2 ranges says the sky’s the limit with these magnificent workhorses. Beautifully designed for efficiency, power and reliability, Gen2 ranges have not only earned our 5 star rating and our Editors Choice Award, but they were also voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine.

And it’s no wonder. Let’s look at the Gen2 Range 60-GEN2-10B-S26-NAT. With two 26-1/2″ ovens, a stainless front, landing range and backguard, and a holding range of 150-500 degrees, this baby can naturally do some heavy lifting! This exceptional piece of restaurant equipment is built to sustain the rigors of the toughest kitchen out there and still come out shining. Easy to clean and incredibly reliable, Gen2 ranges are a long time favorite of both chefs and line cooks around the country, and for good reason, too. It would seem that there’s nothing you can’t do with this bruiser.

That is, except put it in a residential home. In fact, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty if the range is installed in a residence or home. And most home insurance policies will be voided as well. That’s because commercial ranges like Gen2 ranges are built for volume. While installing commercial ranges has become a popular trend, its very important to understand what you are getting into. The warranty conditions, codes, and policies are there for a reason–because most homes are simply not designed to accommodate commercial restaurant equipment.

But if you have a commercial kitchen, there’s just about nothing you can’t do with Gen2 ranges. The world is your oyster, or duck, or seared scallop, or steak. Now we’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Cooking Performance Group or Gen2: Choosing the Right Range

Friday, August 24th, 2012

We all know that shopping for a range can be overwhelming. When it comes down to it, there are many similar products out there, like the Cooking Performance Group (CPG) and Gen2 ranges, and it’s hard to know whether or not you’re getting the best deal. By paying attention to the price, the cost of shipping, tax, and product features, you can easily make an important purchase with confidence.

Cooking Performance Group and Gen2 ranges, for example, have very similar product features and offerings. With 30” ovens and six open burners in stainless steel, they both offer a spacious cooking platform and functional product features. The Gen2’s 1-year warranty for parts and labor is comparable to that of the Cooking Performance Group warranty, but Short Order’s exceptional customer service is a sure win for the Gen2.

ShortOrder’s Gen2 really pulls ahead of the Cooking Performance Group range with their low-price guarantee. Committed to being the low price leader, Gen2 and ShortOrder will meet and beat any legitimate advertised price from a competing restaurant equipment dealer for any item in their inventory. This means that 110% of the difference will be refunded on an identical item from another dealer. While many retailers may offer free shipping and tax-free purchases, the Gen2 will match and beat the lowest price and still ship it to you for free, unlike Cooking Performance Group.

Researching restaurant equipment before purchasing for your business is an important way to save money and maximize your budget. If you feel that an item is priced lower than on, feel free to contact us at 800-211-0282.

The Science of Char Broiled Goodness with Gen2 Char Broilers

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Have you ever heard of the mailard reaction? It’s the process by which  grilled meat gets that delicious  roast flavor and aroma. It can only happen when temperatures exceed 310 degrees, the kind of heat you find coming from Gen2 char broilers. Thank goodness for Gen2 char broilers, producing juicy steaks, hamburgers, chicken–all that charbroiled goodness can make your mouth water just thinking about it. Can’t you just imagine that subtle char offsetting the savory meat? That’s about the best tasting science you’ve ever put in your mouth!

But leave it to Gen2 to take a good thing and make it better. We offer both radiant broilers and char rock broilers in three sizes, every one of them receiving our Editors Choice award and our 5 star rating. If you take a look at the GEN2-RB-24C-NAT,  for example, all you’ll see is quality. With stainless steel front and sides, insulation to conserve energy and removable radiants to prevent clogging, there was nothing we found that didn’t work about the design or functionality of this excellent piece of restaurant equipment. And of course, like all our products, we offer Gen2 char broilers at low prices with free shipping.

Gen2 char broilers bring something special to the kitchen that just can’t be beat. Your customers will love that beautiful char grilled taste and tell their friends about it. And with Gen2 char broilers, you know that you won’t need to fix it tomorrow or any time soon. Gen2 char broilers, just like all Gen2 products,  offer the kind unparalleled quality and reliability that makes restaurant equipment worth having. And when you know you can please your customers time and again because your equipment always performs, it makes running your restaurant just that much easier. We think that’s pretty savory too!

Now Serving – Farewell to Tylee, Customer Service Tips and a Dip

Friday, August 17th, 2012
August 2012 A monthly newsletter showcasing the taste of cookware ISSUE 44
Now Serving

It’s already August and summer is coming to a close. Kids are headed back to school soon, and it’s time for a new school year and a new beginning. It’s on that note that I would like to let you all know that my last day with ShortOrder is going to be August 15th. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all over the past (almost 7!!!) years and have had a blast working with the best co-workers a gal could ask for.

 I am turning my precious newsletter over to Meghan Jarrell – Don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands! Meghan has been with ShortOrder for almost a year and she knows her stuff, not to mention she’s a social butterfly – she’s a perfect fit!

 Take some time to welcome Meghan on our Facebook wall – and check back often for special one-day only deals!

 If you miss the Facebook promotions, there’s another way to save on your next purchase. Go to and submit a product review! We’re giving away a $50 Gift Card to one reviewer per month. Join me in congratulating this month’s winner: Larry Young!

 Don’t miss the clearance section, full of scratch and dent and discontinued inventory! These products have only minor physical imperfections and are protected by the full manufacturer warranty. Clearance inventory changes often so check our clearance section for the best deals.

 In this issue: Redefining Customer Service, a recipe for a tasty tomatillo and avocado dip and our Featured Items: a Kolpak walk-in cooler, dry storage shelving, and a Gen2 fryer.

 Remember, this newsletter is for you and if there is anything you’d like to know more about – give us a shout! We’d love to hear from you.

Tylee Van Waes

Redefining Customer Service

Forget about making the customer happy!

Let’s face it, no matter what type of business you are in, everyone has a client or customer that they are trying to keep happy. There are a variety of ways that this has been measured over the years. It has ranged from measuring their level of satisfaction, to the customer’s loyalty to the brand, to their engagement, and even by asking if they would be willing to recommend the company to a friend. All of these different measurements, in the end, are to establish if your customer is happy.  


According to a recent article from Tom Rieger, he has found that making a customer happy is not necessarily the way to go. He claims that what is most  important is that your customer feels like they were treated with dignity. Your front-line customer service representatives are put in a tough spot if their main objective is to always make the customer happy. That would mean that they are always saying, “yes” to please the customer, but in turn, they could be breaking company policies.


What if we shift our thinking about our customer service from making them happy, to making sure that they are treated with dignity and respect? Rieger worked with Dr. Sabrina Pagano studying moral emotions, perceived justice and the concept of dignity and found that:

  •  People feel moral outrage when their dignity is violated, which also causes them to want to get back at whomever has wronged them.
  • People are more open to comply with decisions and outcomes, even if it is not in their favor, when they are treated in a just and fair manner.
  • The range of emotions connected to dignity vary from self-worth and elevation, all the way to embarrassment, shame, and disgust on the other end of the spectrum.

This revolutionizes the way we look at customer service. We should focus on how the customer is treated during the process, not just on giving them what they want to make them happy. If they feel like they were treated fairly and that their dignity was upheld, they are more likely to accept the outcome of the situation, even if it is not in their favor. Think about what you can change today, to start focusing on the dignity of your customers or clients, and not as much on making them happy. This is a paradigm shift, but in the end, could really grow your business.

Featured Products
Kolpak P7
Dry Storage Shelving
Gen 2 Fryer
Kolpak Walk-In Cooler
6×8 Walk-In Cooler
$5,035.00 delivered
 Dry Storage Shelving
60″W x 74″H x 18″D
$151.00 delivered
Gen 2 Fryer
70 lb. SS tank fryer
$1,265.93 delivered
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Featured RecipeTomatillo and Avocado Dip
In the spirit of upcoming football check out this dip from 

Yield: 8 Servings (2 cups)


  • 4 med. tomatillos, husked & quartered  
  • 1 avocado, pitted & peeled
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, chopped 
  • 1/2 cup fresh cilantro sprigs 
  • 1/4 white onion, chopped 
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice 
  • kosher salt & black pepper 
  • blue corn tortilla chips, for serving


  1. In a food processor, combine the tomatillos, avocado, jalapeno, cilantro, onion, and lime juice, pulse until it is the texture of relish.
  2. Season with 1 tsp salt & 1/4 tsp black pepper
  3. Serve with the tortilla chips  
Avocado Dip
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Gen2 Fryers: Reliability at Its Best!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Durable, safe and easy to clean, Gen2 fryers are the top choice of restaurant owners across the country. Crispy golden french fries wrapped in paper. Crunchy fried shrimp dipped in tart cocktail sauce. Soft bits of dough fried to perfection and covered in powdered sugar. Doughnuts, fry bread, fried fish, fried chicken–these are the items customers come back for time and again.  If you’re going to reliably deliver the goods — the fried treats your customers demand — you’ll want the reliability of Gen2 fryers on your side.

If you’ve noticed, we’ve been featuring Gen2 products in the last few weeks. That’s because, when it comes to restaurant equipment, nothing compares to the consistent quality of Gen2. For example, the Gen2-F3-NAT natural gas Gen2 fryers were voted “Best In Class” by Food Service Supplies Magazine. This fryer, like all of our Gen2 products, has earned our Editor’s Choice award and 5 star rating.  With a stainless steel fry tank, a cool zone for easy cleaning and range of 200º-400º, these 40-pound capacity Gen2 fryers really do the trick. We also offer an LP version of the F3, as well as the even heftier 70-pound capacity Gen2 fryers, also fitted for both Natural Gas and LP.

Gen2 fryers come standard with everything you need to install a reliable piece of restaurant equipment. However, if more flexibility is what you desire, accessories are also available. And, like all the products we offer at Short Order, we offer our Gen2 fryers at the lowest prices possible and include free shipping! When most companies offer low prices, they make up the difference in shipping costs. That’s just not the way we do business here at Short Order. So where would you go for better quality at a better price? Frankly, we have no idea.

Gen2 Ranges: What’s in a Name?

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Gen2 ranges bring some important questions to mind. For instance, have you ever wondered why that collection of cooking surfaces in your kitchen is called a range? In fact, the word “range” has a variety of meanings. The word can refer to a testing area for rockets, an spacious expanse of open land, or a variation from one extreme to the other. If you think about it, etymology aside, a kitchen range should be all of these things.

Quality ranges, such as Gen2 ranges, should be spacious, with plenty of room for culinary creativity. And quality ranges should allow for cooking at the lowest and highest temperatures, all the while maintaining a steady source of heat. True to its name, a range should also have the responsiveness and flexibility required to be a “testing area” for new dishes.

Gen2 Ranges embody all the qualities that their title implies. This restaurant equipment performs with unbelievable reliability and responsiveness. In fact, Gen2 ranges were voted “Best in Class” by Food Service Equipment Magazine. That’s why, at Short Order, we are proud to offer a robust selection of Gen2 Ranges in a variety of sizes, from the 24-inch, 4 burner Gen2 Range 24-GEN2-4B-S20 – NAT, all the way up to the workhorse, 60-inch, 10 burner Gen2 Range 60-GEN2-10B-S26-NAT. Now that’s a wide range of options!

Performance is everything at Gen2, and it shows in their Gen2 Ranges as well as their griddles, char broilers and fryers. That’s why we gave the entire line of Gen2 Ranges our Editors Choice award and a 5-star rating. You just can’t go wrong with Gen2 Ranges. In fact, you’ll be so thrilled with the performance of Gen2 Ranges, and the sense of freedom that comes from knowing your equipment is reliable, you might just be caught singing, “Oh, Home on the Range.”

Gen2 Griddles Take the Johnny Cake

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Relatively new to the restaurant equipment market, Gen2 Griddles are (true to their name) the next generation of high-performance griddles. Griddles have a special place in the history of American food. In the homes of farmers from the northeast to the deep south; from the pioneer homesteads to the gold mining towns out West; griddles have been cooking our flapjacks, johnny cakes, fried eggs and fat back for centuries. How cooks managed to cook meals for large families and farm hands on a single cast iron stove is beyond the comprehension of most of us these days. But what today’s restaurant owners and yesterday’s cooks have in common is the need to serve many with great efficiency and culinary skill.

Whether you are cooking the perfect pancake or searing a scallop, you need a cooking surface that provides even, consistent heat to serve every customer every time. Gen2 Griddles are getting high marks for product reliability, performance and user-friendly designs. Take, for instance, a favorite in the line of Gen2 Griddles, the GEN2-TG-24C-NAT. This 24-inch countertop cooking dynamo features a precise and reliable thermostat to help maintain perfect cooking conditions. With 22,000 BTU/hr energy output, these two burners can really keep up! And if the demands of your hungry customers have you looking for something a little heftier among the Gen2 Griddles, take a look at the GEN2-TG-48C-NAT. This 48-inch, four burner gas griddle is an excellent choice for feeding the hungry mob. Both of these fine Gen2 griddles received our Editors Choice award and our highly prized 5-star rating.

Short Order is proud to offer a wide variety of Gen2 Griddles. We feel that our Gen2 Griddles are some of the best griddles out there. In fact, if they had awards for griddles at the County Fair, we know Gen2 Griddles would come home with the prize.

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