Precision and Performance: The Stuff of Childhood Dreams

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

If you visited the grocery store as a child, chances are you’ll remember standing at the deli counter, watching the butcher load a block of yellow cheese or a juicy slab of ham onto the large slicer. You were mesmerized as the perfectly thin slices of meat or cheese fell off of the blade in curls, one after the other. And as the butcher wrapped those beautiful stacks in plastic wrap and then paper, your only concern in that moment was getting home to open the packaging and make that first perfect sandwich…

Now that you are responsible for your own restaurant, perhaps some of those simple joys of childhood now elude you–as you deal with the sweaty realities of running a kitchen. But isn’t it true that we all find joy in something that works so precisely as a great slicer? Globe Slicers will give you just that kind of joy, as you watch pound after pound of meat and cheese sliced neatly into stacks ready for use.

Far from the hardship and danger of slicing by hand, this essential piece of restaurant equipment brings efficiency, speed and accuracy together for an unprecedented level of performance. Globe Slicers complete their carving shores quickly and with the highest precision. In fact, Globe Slicer 4975P, a nine-speed automatic slicer with a maintenance-free drive system, includes a 13” PreciseEdge™ knife and Globe’s exclusive EZ-Glide™ table. This is combined with the durability of an all stainless steel base, food chute, table and knife cover. Not only that, but the 4975P is especially engineered to minimize table movement, enabling it to cut with extraordinary precision.

Whether you’re looking for durability, precision or just to satisfy that happy childhood dream, Globe Slicers are a fantastic choice for restaurant equipment. Happy slicing!


Chillax With Beverage-Air Refrigerators

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Chillax /chi-laks/ verb. 1. To chill and relax simultaneously. 2. To loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook.

The stress of running a restaurant can really heat things up. Between the constant demand for high-quality service, the endless negotiations for space and ingredients, and the overall stress of having to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, every time, with a level of excellence that upholds your company’s hard-earned reputation. It’s enough to make the blood boil. The last thing you need is faulty equipment, especially when it comes to refrigeration. What you need is to chillax, knowing that your refrigerator is ready for the deluge of demands. Fortunately, Beverage-Air Refrigerators are guaranteed to keep your food—and your attitude—chill.

This heavy-duty, reach-in refrigerator offers plenty of space, saves energy and requires little maintenance. No matter what configuration you choose (top or bottom mount, one section or two), Beverage-Air Refrigerators have plenty of room for your dairy, meat, vegetables and other food products to hang out in style.

The refrigerator is an irreplaceable part of your ensemble of restaurant equipment. Without the ability to keep temperature-sensitive food on the down-low, any restauranteur would be looking at a fast track to failure. And the demands put on this vital piece of equipment are extreme. The door is open and shut countless times a day as fresh food is accessed and replaced over and over again. The compressor must be able to stop and start many times over. But Beverage-Air Refrigerators can withstand this abuse, so there is no need to sweet-talk the repair man or have an elaborate backup plan. In fact, these units are so remarkably reliable, we gave every unit our 5-star rating, and several also receive our Editors Choice. So keep it chill, head on over to Short Order today, and discover how you can keep it cool with Beverage-Air.

Gen2 Fryers: Like Winning the Lottery

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Gas prices are skyrocketing; solar activity is at its peak and someone just won the Mega Millions in the lottery. With that and the daily troubles of life, you and your customers have enough to worry about. Of course, while seated in your restaurant, your customers only seem to worry about having a great experience and eating food that delights the soul. On your end, it’s not always that simple. Delectable foods often need a fabulous recipe, the right ingredients and restaurant equipment that create magic. When it comes to fryers for your establishment, Gen2 Fryers help make impending doom, the cost of petrol and winning numbers irrelevant.

Need proof? At Short Order, each of our Gen2 Fryers received a 5 Star rating and our Editors Choice. Don’t just take our word for it. Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine voted each Gen2 Fryer “Best in Class” and all you need to do is check out what’s under the hood. Stainless steel fry tanks and door liners are impressive enough. Yet, the other features, such as the Invensys thermostat and built in Flue Deflector make the each one, including the Gen2 Fryer GEN2-F3-LP a solid choice. A full port drain and the fry tank ‘cool zone’ just add to the “hot” factor. What is really hot besides the oil is that Gen2 Fryers come in 40lb and 70lb capacity, LP and Natural Gas. Fryers aren’t the only Gen2 production that will make you feel less apprehensive about your commercial restaurant equipment purchases. From their amazing griddles to their assortment of range ovens, you need not concern yourself with the trivial thought of having the right restaurant equipment for the job.

Are you ready? This is the reality. The price of oil will probably always fluctuate and scientists will have varying interpretations of the Mayan calendar. You probably won’t win the lottery. Heck, it might snow tomorrow in Key West. But, at least when it comes to cooking deliciousness, Gen2 Fryers, griddles and ranges are one thing you don’t have to worry about. 

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