Vulcan Ranges: The Right Tools for Your Culinary Genius

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

A master chef without a good range oven is like Mozart without a piano. It’s like a professional photographer without a camera, or an artist without a canvas. Master chefs know that the quality of their work is limited by the quality of their tools. So, if the best culinary geniuses use high quality restaurant equipment to do the job, then so should you. When it comes to range ovens, Vulcan Ranges are a fabulous tool to have in your cooking repertoire. Your professional cooking wunderkind will thank you for it.

Just like any professional, you need the right equipment to perform consistently and at your best. What matters is the long-term ability to cook mouthwatering delights your customers will love and enjoy, every single time. Vulcan Ranges provide the reliability you need in a great culinary tool. Even heat distribution and quick and efficient cooking are just what heavy-duty use in range ovens need, and Vulcan has them and more. Their long-term durability and reliability are just two of the incredible traits built in to a wide assortment of Vulcan Ranges we carry. Whether you need a smaller 36’’, 6-Burner model like the Vulcan Range 36-S-6B-NAT, or something larger to handle high demand, such as the 60’’, standard, and convection oven with 10 burners in the Vulcan Range 60-SC-10B-NAT, we have it here at Short Order. Our Editor even calls the 60’’ model a “Heavy duty workhorse in the kitchen”; which means you’re getting some powerful and dependable restaurant equipment to help you sauté, broil and bake all day, every day.

Vulcan Ranges are rather easy to use. So you and your staff don’t need a special manual the size of a phonebook or an advanced culinary degree to use one. That is what the best cooking tools do. They’re simple and effective. When it comes to high-quality range ovens and other restaurant equipment, look no further than Short Order. 

Scotsman Ice Machines: A Successful and Slightly Secret Ingredient

Monday, February 20th, 2012

There are possibly 10,000 or more secrets to success in the restaurant industry. All sorts of unique ways are devised and implemented in an effort to create ambiance, serve great food and drinks and make customers happier than a kid experiencing their first trip to Disneyland. But perhaps the most basic and simple secret used by great rests is using high quality restaurant equipment that makes daily tasks easier. For example, you need ice for drinks, produce, seafood or meat displays. That’s not top-secret information. But, when it comes to those incredibly important chunks of frozen water, Scotsman Ice Machines, are an important ingredient on that path to success.

Scotsman Ice Machines don’t exactly perform quantum physics; nor will you need a security clearance to purchase one. But knowing about these ice machines is pretty important stuff. Scotsman has been on the leading edge of technology and innovation in the world of ice production since 1950. The Scotsman ice systems we carry are quite diverse and built to incredibly high standards. Although Scotsman Ice Machines are incredibly good at freezing good old H2O, the real secret is in how they will also save on resources. Prodigy® cubers exceed both California and Federal regulations for the use of energy and water. This value is evident in the Scotsman Ice Machine C0530MA-32B/B530S. Between the savings, the fantastic features, and long-term reliability, this and virtually all of our Scotsman Ice Machines are more than worthy of our Editors Choice and 5-Star rating.

So, while you’re busy working at crafting secret recipes, planning engaging marketing initiatives, and serving your customers, Scotsman Ice Machines are doing more than just making ice. They are quietly operating with the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, all so that you never have to worry about something as simple as needing ice. You can easily find the C053MA-32B/B530S and a host of other fine Scotsman Ice Machines on our website and discover one of many fine ingredients to restaurant success. 

Manitowoc Ice Machines: Essential Ingredients

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Let’s talk about ice. It’s perhaps the most essential, yet overlooked ingredient for making the perfect cold beverage. Ice perserves the flavor of your favorite hors d ‘oeuvres, and keeps those delicious salads crisp. However, the production of this ingredient doesn’t just happen via magic or Mother Nature’s whim. No, for the ingredient of all ingredients, you need restaurant equipment like Manitowoc Ice Machines that produce those frozen cubes of water – the right way.

You might be thinking, “Hey, it’s just ice. What’s the big deal?” However, running out of ice in the middle of a busy day can really make you sweat—and not just from the heat. At Short Order, we have a large selection of powerful and high-production Manitowoc Ice Machines. That means you can rest assured, knowing that no amount of global warming or kitchen heat will make that ice melt. These ice machines are built for durability and long-lasting reliability. And Manitowoc Ice Machines don’t skimp one iota on ice production, which is a very good thing when the drinks are flowing and the food needs chilling. Imagine 340 pounds of ice in one hour. That’s how much ice the Manitowoc Ice Machine ID-0322A/208/1 can crank out. It is almost like having a mini polar ice cap right there in your establishment.

Ice machines, as restaurant equipment, may be one of the most underestimated tools in the kitchen or bar repertoire. Yet, when you lack ice, you lack one of the most important ingredients anywhere. Try making tasty libations without it, or keeping displayed meats and poultry cold. Try setting up your salad bar without plenty of ice on hand, and you’ll know why Manitowoc Ice Machines are a necessity. 

Hobart Slicers: No Worries Mate!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In 2012, we all will experience extraordinary things. We will also worry and think a lot too. Some of us will concern ourselves with the potential for Doomsday, The Rapture, the Great Shift or whatever you want to call it. Oh, and by golly, others will think about iPhone apps, Jersey Shore and maple syrup. But, you – you also probably will have to agonize over serving delicious food, counting expenses, and whether your restaurant equipment will stay operational the rest of this year. While we might not be able to help you alleviate apprehension at global chaos, what will happen with Pauly and Vinny on television, or what to put on your pancakes; when it comes to cutting meats, cheeses and veggies, we’ve got you covered with a nice selection of Hobart Slicers.

Since every day is a new chance to relish in new experiences, the last thing you should do is lose sleep over restaurant equipment, especially slicers. We like to describe Hobart Slicers in similar terms to how our favorite blokes from Down Under say “no worries.” We truly mean that you will have no worries with these fantastic machines, because when it comes to quality slicing and durability, these slicers are definitely some of the best. Besides, when you are cutting, slicing and dicing in a high volume operation, slicers will get their share of wear and tear and so will your employees. Those of you who have been in the industry awhile probably know this quite well. A good slicer like the Hobart Slicer 2912-1 will make life a whole lot easier on everyone.

Hobart Slicers aren’t cheap, but you also won’t receive shoddy and inferior equipment either. Over the long haul, whichever Hobart Slicer you choose for your establishment will most certainly give you more bang for the buck. What’s our advice? Save all the agony, make it a good year and buy restaurant equipment that lasts.

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