Globe Slicers: Thou Shalt Skip the Sword, Armor and Chainmail

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Can you imagine what it must have been like long before commercial restaurant equipment and technology, when knights and peasants of the Middle Ages tried to slice meat, vegetables and cheeses? A blacksmith toils for hours, pounding steel, forging, tempering and hardening a blade just enough to cut through the thickest meats. Then some big bruising knight sends off his lackey, saying in strange old English, “Goeth now and fetch thy sword.” Then the knight lumbers over to the spread of uncut food, struggling with pounds of armor and chainmail to make a decent cut, nearly falling over and gouging tables and chairs in the process. Thankfully, now, we need not speak like Shakespeare or become experts in sword making to obtain precious slices of meat, because Globe Slicers do the trick almost effortlessly.

It may have taken several centuries for ages of Fibonacci mathematicians, dreaming philosophers and brutish knights in giant European castles to figure out there was a better way to slice food. It’s a good thing they passed on their knowledge of things to others that allow for the technological advancements we see today in Globe Slicers. If they hadn’t, we might still be clumsily using swords and chainsaws to slice a tomato and it would probably yield a rather messy result. Yet, all that labor that went into composing metal and heat together into a fine sword, isn’t much different than the components and work it takes to make the hard chromed, special alloy hollow ground knife such as the one in the Globe Slicer C10. And there’s no need to go back to the sword smith after dulling the blade. Its top mounted metal knife sharpener keeps making clean slices cut after cut. Since it has a ¼ HP knife motor, you likely won’t pull a muscle as you would after incessant hacking with a sword.

So, when you’re ready to skip the chainmail, sword and protective armor and save yourself a whole lot of time slicing fine cuts in your restaurant, ‘goeth over to Short Order and seek thine Globe Slicers today.’ 

Frymaster Fryers: Experts in Creating a Sensory Experience

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

You can almost smell the aroma just by reading words. It is that whiff of unbelievably crisp fries, onion rings, and chicken that float like balloons from the kitchen and through the entire dining area. Patrons lift their noses almost like bloodhounds trailing a scent. To create that lovely experience, it takes a certain talent, great ingredients and the right tools for the job. At Short Order, when it comes to translating the taste and allure of great food into decadence, providing high-quality restaurant equipment is incredibly important to us. When it comes to the creation of culinary fried food delights, our line of Frymaster Fryers will make you feel like an expert in designing that sensory experience.

After all, it is the overall appeal to each of the senses that helps keep people coming back for more. It doesn’t get any better than using the masters of the crispy and delicious to help you on your path to excellence. Why not combine your culinary expertise with experts in deep frying restaurant equipment? Frymaster Fryers are some of the most established and dependable deep-frying appliances on the market and we carry several models of LP and Natural Gas Frymaster Fryers. For instance, the Frymaster Fryer H55-2-SD – Nat. Gas, is a high efficiency gas fryer with an electronic ignition and melt cycle. This unit also incorporates optional accessories such as automatic basket lifters that can be computer or timer controlled. This H55 model has a 50-lbs shortening capacity and puts out 80,000 BTU’s for “high-volume” frying. On our wonderful Frymaster Fryer list, there is also the RE180, an 80lb capacity model, as well as several fryer filters.

When you see one of these amazing Frymaster Fryers in action, you will definitely catch a glimpse of the expert design, durability and get a sense of the power and functionality built into these amazing deep frying appliances. So, when you want to create the yummy experience of delicious food, look no further than Short Order and our selection of Frymaster Fryers.

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Thursday, January 12th, 2012


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Gen2 Griddles: HOT

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Ages ago, man grunted and danced in stunned amazement at the fire, with its intense light and heat. Once harnessing its power, man’s relationship with fire became a connection that altered everything. When we dig down and think deeply about combustion and heat, it is the essence of production. Heat not only cooks food, but it helps make really terrific gadgets, big SUV’s, the computer you’re reading this on and products like Gen2 Griddles.

Let’s ponder on this for a moment. The very same life-altering discovery that was made by primitive man, now scorches, and molds things like sulfur, iron and chromium to create hardened steel. It’s that steel that is fashioned together with knobs, tubes and other components — also made from fire — that result in the high quality Gen2 Griddles. But, it’s not only the griddles from our new line of Gen2 restaurant equipment products that cook like a blistering furnace. This new name in the restaurant equipment industry boasts some unique product reliability and performance in commercial ranges, fryers, salamanders and char broilers. However, on the subject of griddles, we carry two highly prized units that you will think were gifts from the mythical gods of fire. The Gen2 Griddle GEN2 – TG-24C – NAT is a 24 inch, two burner, countertop cooking wonder. Its heavy-duty thermostat control help maintain ideal cooking temperatures, and 22,000 BTU/hr, “U” type burners put out some intensely even heat. Similarly, the Gen2 Griddle GEN2 – TG-48C – NAT, is a 48 inch, four burner gas griddle. Both units received our 5-Star and Editors Choice rating, not because they’re new, but because they are what anyone would desire in a griddle.

We won’t bore you with too many technical specifications on Gen2 Griddles. You’ll just have to go to our website and see what all of the fiery buzz is about. We’re pretty sure that you’ll be lit up by what you see!

Vulcan Ranges: More Power

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Maybe you’ve experienced this. It is the lunch or dinnertime rush. There is a packed house of hungry patrons nearly salivating for your wonderful cuisine. You look back at the cook, notice the worried sweat on his brow, and you belt out the words, “Scotty…I need more power!” To which the cook replies, “I’m giving it all she’s got Captain.” Meanwhile you simply wait impatiently as the beat up old range oven slowly shudders, convulsing, trying to meet your demands. If that is a scenario you have encountered, then get your tractor beams pointed over to Short Order, and pick up one of our fabulous Vulcan Ranges so that you never have to suffer from an event like this.

It might seem like Vulcan logic; however, when ordinary days turn into chaos and the chef looks somewhat stressed, buying new restaurant equipment just might be the solution. Vulcan Ranges are the heavy-duty workhorses that help get the job done quickly and effectively. For example, the Vulcan Range 60-SC-6B-24GB-NAT has the power and ability to handle even the toughest cooking strain. The unit is built with a fully MIG welded frame and stainless steel front, sides and backriser, which means it can take some abuse over the long-term. However, it is the six 32,000 BTU/hr open top burners and the 35,000 BTU/hr Snorkler convection oven in place of a standard oven that give it some kick. While this unit is a wide 60’ model, we carry Vulcan Ranges in 36’ and 48’ inch sizes as well.

Of course, you might need to add more power to your restaurant arsenal too. Vulcan Ranges are just one of the many great commercial equipment items we carry from this longstanding brand. Vulcan also has a wonderful line of griddles, commercial steamers, fryers, cheese melters and more.

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