Beverage-Air Refrigerators: Experts in Refrigeration

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Who could have imagined so many years ago that science would discover that molecules move more slowly in cold temperatures, or that we wouldn’t need to bury our food in snow, blocks of ice, or mounds of salt to keep it from spoiling? Would anyone have dreamed over one-hundred years ago that science and machine would come together in the form of amazing mechanisms like compressors and coils that do crazy things to a coolant liquid in order to cool a box that preserves meats, cheeses and milk? Remarkably, all you have to do to keep your food fresh is plug in the refrigerator, and voila! The miracles of science are unleashed. Today, we take refrigeration for granted, except when the parts break and we’re buying ice by the truckload. But, when it comes to restaurant equipment, you won’t have to worry about molecular chemistry or machinery, because Beverage-Air Refrigerators are the masters of keeping your food cold.

Commercial refrigeration equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. From the standard reach-in, to milk coolers, to display refrigerators and ones that fit neatly under the counter, Beverage-Air Refrigerators has a wide assortment to fit your needs. Beverage-Air is so good at designing restaurant equipment for commercial use that nearly every single unit we carry receives a five star rating, our Editor’s Choice selection, or both. This means that you are purchasing refrigeration for your establishment which has been built by experts. Beverage-Air also offers a selection of fabulous products such as the Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration CDR3/1-B-20 that look marvelous too.

Technology is amazing, even when it comes to preserving food. Yet, you need not be concerned with understanding the physics, or the workings of how a refrigeration system operates. You only need to know that the one you buy works great.  When it comes to mastering the mechanics of refrigeration in your restaurant or business, look for the experts with Beverage-Air Refrigerators at Short Order.

Franke Espresso Machines: Reviving Customers Everywhere

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Do you want to win the hearts and minds of your customers? Would you like to be the hero when they come stumbling into your establishment in the early morning hours, groggy and still wiping the sleep out of their eyes? Would you like to give everyone a pick-me-up to help them get through their day? Then you’ve found the right place, because at Short Order we carry a couple of fantastic Franke Espresso Machines that will help wake up your patrons with a tasty caffeinated beverage and have them singing your praises.

Not many pieces of restaurant equipment are celebrated like the espresso machine. You might even imagine how your customer eyes will light up at the first whiffs of the powerful aroma before they even take a sip of that wonderful latte or cappuccino you’ve created with one of these beautiful machines. Franke espresso machines are not just attractive for the delightful taste and stimulating effects that come from the drinks they produce. The simplicity and efficiency of the espresso machine also makes creating hot beverages quick and easy. For example, the Franke Espresso Machine F 2M HD CE 2 –also known as the Flair – features two grinders and eight programmable drink buttons; however, the single-touch grinding and brewing will help save time during the drink making process. This unit will make up to 50 cups per day and includes a built-in, automatic cleaning and rinsing program. For more power under the hood, the Franke Espresso Machine E 2M HD ASP – also known as the Evolution – includes all of the automation plus 128 programmable products. This beauty will produce up to 250 cups per day and features “simultaneous espresso extraction and milk steaming for faster service.”

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your customers smile more each morning or help them stay bright-eyed and bushytailed through their afternoons; we can help your “Evolution” to greatness or let you add some “Flair” to your services.

Now Serving: Buffet Food Safety Tips and Pumpkin Pie

Thursday, November 10th, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!! It’s my favorite holiday – when you gather with friends and family and remember to give thanks for all that you have. It’s a great sentiment and one that I try to remember all year long. All of us at ShortOrder are thankful for you our customers, followers and friends. What are you most thankful for? Post it on our FaceBook page – Inspire others to be thankful too.

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In this issue: some tips on maintaining a clean Thanksgiving buffet, a recipe for Pumpkin Pie, and our Featured Items: Eagle hot food tables, Beverage Air kegerators and Scotsman ice machines.

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Tylee Van Waes


A Feast to Remember!
So your guests remember the food not the illness….

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with large meals and many guests, the meal often turns to a buffet. When food is out on display for self-serving, it is the responsibility of both the guest and the host/restaurant to follow the food safety tips.

For the guest:

  • Wash up! Clean hands are the first step in a safe and healthy food environment.
  • Use a clean plate for every trip to the buffet. This will prevent germs from being transferred between guests.
  • If you are at a buffet and notice someone re-using a dirty plate, inform the manager. Some people may not have seen the sign requiring a fresh plate for each trip.
  • Respect the sneeze guard! If there is one available, serve yourself with your hands and keep your eyes, nose and mouth above the glass barrier.

For the restaurant/server:

  • Wash your hands before preparing food.
  • Keep the kitchen, dishes and utensils clean and always serve food on clean plates.
  • Cook food thoroughly – Fresh and frozen raw meat, poultry and fish should be cooked hot enough to kill the bacteria, parasites and viruses that may be in the product. The temperatures shown below are recommended for home preparation of food. Always use a meat thermometer to check temperatures.
  • Hot foods hot, cold foods cold!
  • Hot foods should be held at 140 degrees or warmer
  • Cold foods should be held at 40 degrees or coolerTwo Hour Rule! Food should not be at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Replace empty dishes – do not refill them.

There you have it folks – not the most exciting subject, but one of the most important! Food safety tips are always important and especially this time of year when buffets are more prevalent.

Enjoy the holiday season – happy feasting!

Eagle Restaurant Equipment: Beauty in Simplicity

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Let’s face it. Shiny and fancy gizmos full of profound electronic wizardry make just about everything easier. With just one touch of a button, a flip of a switch or sometimes with almost no effort at all, these instruments of culinary magic will cook, clean, brew and do just about anything you need them to do. It’s as if you almost want to have a deep conversation with your restaurant equipment. However, in many cases there are also elements of tools within your establishment that sit idly, often in a zen-like state, with no fancy widgets or captivating science but perform vital functions.

For instance, Eagle restaurant equipment may not seem elaborate or lavish. Yet, despite their lack of decorative circuitry or advanced technology, security carts, worktables and dish/compartment sinks play an equally important role as the miraculous eye-popping widgetry. The beauty of it all is in the simplicity, such as within the Eagle Security Cart CSC2460. It looks like a basic cart, but its heavy-gauge open-wire construction help make contents visible for inventory checks. With double doors and a quick action-locking device, items are safe and secure yet easily accessed when necessary. The Eagle Work Table T2424B-BS seems like an inanimate worktable. But, it’s strong, stable and comes with a 4 1/2” backsplash and an undershelf. When you’re prepping, mixing and putting together great food, this unadorned and uncomplicated work table comes to life. Although, there doesn’t seem to be anything novel about dish/compartment sinks, they help perform the vital job of providing a platform for cleaning those large pots, pans and other dishes.

Buying commercial kitchen equipment is almost like a yin yang of seemingly contrary forces that connect the whole of restaurant operations. Eagle restaurant equipment provides the sturdy and durable simplicity necessary to complement all that amazing technology.

Globe Slicers: Cutting Through Restaurant Tasks with Ease

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Behold the utter insanity of restaurant operations before all of the fancy gadgets and restaurant equipment that cook, clean, brew, chill, freeze and practically mop the floor for you–before the era of ultra-convenience. Can you imagine the time when chefs and employees scrambled like mad trying to coordinate and prepare food and beverages, all the while holding a knife in one hand slicing meat, a mop in the other swabbing the deck, and a free elbow souring and scrubbing pots? Ok, that might picture of the early days might be a stretch; however, it does illustrate how technology plays an important part in helping make the food service industry more efficient.

Yet, despite these advances in machinery, there always seems to be at least one unheralded piece of commercial kitchen equipment that isn’t overly profound and full of electronic wizardry, but simply makes things easier. Globe Slicers are the kind of restaurant equipment that can go quite unappreciated in the kitchen setting. While these slicers will likely never become a Silicon Valley icon or be featured on the cover of Wired Magazine, they take much of the tedious labor out of slicing meats, cheeses and other ingredients.

Globe slicers are impressive in their simplicity and design. For example, the Globe Slicer 3600, cuts through the chore of slicing so that you can efficiently focus on other important details that require your attention. With a durable stainless steel construction, a ½ HP, 7 amp motor and a 13” PreciseEdge hardened steel alloy knife; slicing anything by hand will seem so, well, archaic.

Slicers aren’t the only items Globe manufactures that aid in making restaurant operations more effective. Globe also offers the Globe CC12 Meat Chopper and Food Grinder that can handle 250 pounds of meat per hour, and a selection of high-quality and durable mixers. Globe products may not seem as cool and glamorous as other high-technology restaurant equipment; but without them, it can certainly feel like being in the Dark Ages of culinary arts.

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