Hamilton Beach Blender 990: Helping Blend Art and Science

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Turning simple ingredients into tasty delights is almost both an art and a science. Quality restaurant equipment performs the cooking, mixing, heating and chilling, while cooks, chefs and bartenders turn food and drink components into the Picasso’s of cuisine and beverages. At Short Order, we have the science part covered for you. From sophisticated commercial microwaves and range ovens to frozen drink dispensers and espresso machines, you can find everything you need to release your inner artist. For example, the blender is just one small appliance, but it can help provide a unique character and consistency to everything from salsas and dips to soups and margaritas. That is why this week we feature the Hamilton Beach Blender 990.

Blenders, despite their small size in comparison to other commercial restaurant equipment, are often the workhorse of a kitchen or bar. After all, they purée and mix solid objects such as frozen bananas and berries and liquid substances such as yogurts and juice into mouth-watering smoothies. Jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic, limes and onion can transform into a fabulous salsa with just a flick of a switch. Of course, we cannot forget about the art of combining liqueur, tequila and lime or lemon juice into yummy margaritas either. To turn simple ingredients to art, you need a blender that is both dependable and powerful. The Hamilton Beach Blender 900 not only looks like a prize-winning trophy, it will easily handle the high demands of any restaurant, hotel or bar.

While dependability is a fabulous quality, a blender also needs to cut and mix just right. The Hamilton Beach 990 incorporates durable stainless steel blades that make certain your food or drink elements are mixed thoroughly. Two-speed blending with a pulse option keeps pureeing, mixing and chopping precise and uncomplicated. And the stainless steel container holds a full gallon of your prized concoction! Dual metal clamps and a heavy-duty rubber gasket also help keep your artful creation from spilling or leaking.

We gave the Hamilton Beach Blender 990 a 5-Star rating and our Editor’s Choice because this power-packed blender is the industry standard for meeting your blending needs. If you’ve been tolerating a sub-par blender that won’t quite blend your secret recipe into a work-of-art, then look no further. The Hamilton Beach Blender is ready to turn your ingredients into a masterpiece!

APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2: A Toast to a Toaster

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Here at Short Order, we’d like to make a toast to a model of commercial restaurant equipment that will turn ordinary bread into perfectly piping hot and crunchy toast. The APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2 is a fantastic choice for establishments that need to churn out toasted sandwiches, bagels and muffins to meet high demand.

In the beginning, there was the run of the mill pop-up toaster. They were ideal for home use, but sometimes the toast came out more like a Frisbee than an edible enclosure for a tasty BLT. These average toasters left so many crumbs everywhere that the local mice population could invite their entire extended families for lunch. Additionally, everyday toasters didn’t provide the output necessary for more than a few sandwiches at a time. Realizing the need to toast an assortment of bread products quickly, with the right color and texture and without the mess, commercial toasters were born.

The APW Commercial Toaster XTRM-2 was ‘designed smart and developed for high output.’ Producing up to 850 slices of toast per hour, the XTRM-2 could feed an entire ravenous army. Cleaning out those breadcrumbs is simple and fast using the easily accessible conveyers and crumb trays. Additionally, the variable speed controls, as well as top and bottom heating elements, help ensure you won’t be playing flying disc games with charred and rock solid pieces of toast.

APW Wyott calls the XTRM-2 the “safest toaster in the industry” with its “Cool Touch” exteriors. The power-saver stand-by switch — for times when the toaster isn’t running — means its energy efficient too. But, if you’re cranking out nearly a thousand pieces of toast or breaded items per hour, you need something that will last. The XTRM-2 is built with stainless steel construction and metal-sheathed heating elements (as opposed to quartz tube), making this toaster both durable and reliable.

Raise your glass to a toaster that is anything but ordinary. We gave the XTRM-2 a 5-Star Rating and our Editor’s Choice because of its extreme reliability and great value.  So, when you need a high volume of bread, bagels or muffins toasted, head on over to Short Order where we have just what you need.



Short Order Griddles: Production Made Simple

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Sometimes the simplest things in life are also the best. Take, for instance, a hearty breakfast of hash browns, bacon and pancakes or a juicy steak or hamburger. In most cases, there is not too much extravagance or fanfare involved in cooking up these meals. Yet, the taste of a well-cooked, simple meal will satisfy the deepest of appetites.

When it comes to restaurant equipment, nothing makes simplicity taste great like a griddle does. That’s why we love griddles. They are straightforward and help create tasty food quickly and efficiently.

At Short Order, we have a large assortment of griddles that get the job done right. For example, the Vulcan Griddle RRE24D-208/1 and the entire electric-powered, countertop RRE griddle series are heavy duty, with a stainless steel fronts and sides, allowing you to churn out order after order, day after day. The 4-inch stainless back and tapered side splashes mean you won’t have grease flying all over the place either. Speaking of grease, after seeing the 3 1/8 inch wide front grease trough that empties into a large capacity grease drawer, you’ll be tempted to summon your inner Travolta or Newton-John by singing, “You’re The One That I Want.”

Additionally, the two solid tubular incoloy heating elements and one-snap action thermostat provide good choices for the high production necessary to meet the demands of all those customers who are looking for tasty hot cakes or a lunchtime burger. While the RRE24D measures out at 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep, other models in the RRE series include sizes ranging from 24 to 72 inches in width.

In fact, the entire line of griddles in the RRE series receives 5-Star ratings and our Editor’s Choice selection here at Short Order. We also have a wide variety of electric, propane and natural gas powered griddle choices from Vulcan, and other brands such as Turbo Air, APW, Garland and Wolf. So, keep breakfast, lunch and dinner simple by ordering a powerful, commercial-style griddle today. Your customers will love it!

Now Serving – August ShortOrder.com Update!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011



Confession: I have fall lust. Although I’m normally a gal that loves summer and all the fun summertime activities that go with it, this summer has been brutal! Texas has been smack-dab in the middle of the heat ALL.SUMMER.LONG. I know we’re not the only state in this predicament! How are you dealing with the heat? Judging from our ice machine sales, I know you guys are using ice!

No matter the weather, ShortOrder.com is ready to deliver your most needed equipment. Most of our inventory is in stock and ready to ship to you. We are also continuing our special discounting program for those with a ShortOrder account. Don’t have an account? Create one today! Just log in with your first and last name and your email address, and you will be able to see steep discounts on many of our most popular items.

Don’t miss the clearance section, full of scratch and dent and discontinued inventory! These products have only minor physical imperfections and are protected by the full manufacturer warranty. Clearance inventory changes often so check our clearance section often for the best deals.

Enough about us! Please join me in congratulating Frank Simon – July’s winner for our product review drawing! You can earn some money while helping other people out. Go to Shortorder.com and submit a product review! We’re giving away a $50 ShortOrder.com Gift Card to one reviewer per month.

In this issue: Some considerations when buying a fryer, a recipe for fried chicken from Paula Deen, and our Featured Items: Scotsman ice machines, a Panasonic microwave and a Randell warmer.

Remember, this newsletter is for you and if there is anything you’d like to know more about – give us a shout! We’d love to hear from you.


Tylee Van Waes

Commercial Mixers: Creating Restaurant Melody

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


Great restaurants often operate like an orchestra. Everything must work in harmony in order to create beautiful results. From the players to the equipment, each component is a key cog in the wheel of success. Just like music, restaurants too have to mix the special ingredients just right. While you likely won’t be mixing the sounds of trumpets and violins, you still need a superior piece of restaurant equipment to get it right. That’s why we recommend the Hobart Mixer HL200-1STD.

As the conductor of your culinary orchestra, you and your personnel often perform multiple tasks all at one time. When you’re ready to mix everything together, it’s much easier to be hands-free, working on other chores simultaneously. The Hobart Mixer HL200-1STD is a great way to help choreograph the process. This highly-durable mixer features a 15-Minute Smart Timer™ that helps make blending ingredients together seamless and accurate. And the automatic time recall is perfect for mixing multiple batches. An ergonomic swing out bowl makes loading and unloading those batches quick and easy. However, many mixers on the market are good at making things a mess. The HL200-1STD includes patented soft start Agitation technology that transitions each speed setting softly so splash out and mess are less likely to occur.

This mixer is no wimp. Its ½ horsepower motor means it will mix virtually anything you put in it. We could very nearly write a book about the great features of this fabulous mixer. More importantly, though, this Hobart Mixer receives our 5-Star rating and Editors Choice, as it’s definitely a workhorse and will make performing your restaurant concerto that much easier.

While we chose Hobart’s HL200-1STD for today’s subject, at Short Order, we carry a wide selection of other mixers and commercial restaurant equipment from Hobart, Glob, Berkel and Univex that will help you create an exquisite symphony of taste.

Eagle Mop Sink: It’s Time to Swab the Decks

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

When it comes to restaurant equipment, things can get complicated. There are all sorts of bells and whistles designed to get the job done. In fact, all those fancy knobs and digital readouts can be the beauty of it all. Perhaps that complication explains why the food we serve is delicious and the drinks tasty. However, after all is said and done, when the patrons have left the building, we don’t necessarily want complicated. That’s why there is nothing overly fancy about the Eagle Mop Sink F1916. It just makes your work easier, without all the fanfare.

Of course, swabbing the deck (aka mopping the floor) usually isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime. But it’s important. Why not make it easier for yourself and your employees to clean the deck? The Eagle Mop sink is floor mounted, so you won’t have to lift a heavy mop bucket of dirty water to dump into sinks meant for something other than floor grime. Speaking of heavy buckets, how many times has that nasty water splashed out onto the edges of your hand sink, across the mirrors and back on to the floor? With the Eagle Mop Sink F1916, the “exclusive anti-splash double-offset “V” edge prevents spillage.” The sink is also built with 16, 18-gauge stainless steel, which means it looks nice, and it’s durable. A full skirt keeps things sanitary, and the 8” water level means you can likely just use the mop sink and not tote around a mop bucket everywhere.

So, while there is nothing truly complex or electrifying about this product, you can rest assured that a quality Mop Sink will make cleaning floors a bit less complicated. Of, course if you’d prefer to turn swabbing the deck into a bit of excitement, find a talking parrot, grab the old pirate hat and start mopping. And in the meantime, remember that at Short Order, we also have dishwashing sinks, hand sinks and other items that help make cleaning your restaurant a much better experience.

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