The Heat Wave Solution: Ice Cream and Spot Freezers from Short Order

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

‘You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.’ And as a massive heat wave engulfs more than half of the United States and your patrons start screaming for a frigid and tasty dairy-licious treat, don’t be a conehead and serve up a half-melted tub of slop! Keep your ice cream icy and other heat wave breaking delicacies frosty with Ice Cream Freezers and Spot Freezers by Beverage-Air, Delfield and True from Short Order.

When temperatures start hitting triple digits and it feels as if you could fry eggs on the street outside your restaurant, you just might be tempted to climb inside the Beverage-Air NC49-1-W. With an operating temperature of 0° Fahrenheit, you’d certainly feel like an Eskimo on the frozen tundra. However, we recommend that you cool off your customers instead — with a frozen delight. When word gets out that you have the coldest ice cream on the block, they’ll be lining up outside your establishment. And with 10.9 cubic feet of storage, you’ll be sure to have room for stocking up enough ice cream to meet that heavy demand. We gave this NC49-1-W and the NC41-1-W model from Beverage-Air a 5-Star rating and our Editor’s Choice selection.

The Energy Star Efficient Delfield Ice Cream and Spot Freezer N225 also receives our Editor’s Choice selection. This self-contained six-gallon drop-in ice cream freezer is manufactured with an 18-gauge stainless steel top and uses an environmentally friendly HFC-404A refrigerant. Another option, the True THDC-2SF dipping cabinet, with operating temperatures as low as minus 10° Fahrenheit could give an iceberg frostbite.

So, when summer becomes so scorching hot outside that it seems like your ice cream will melt just by looking at it, have no fear. Head on over to Short Order for high-quality Ice Cream Freezers and Spot Freezers that will make your customers practically beat down your door and then scream for joy with ice cream as cold as the Arctic!

Hobart Dish Machines: Become Part of ‘The Clean Plate Club’

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Technology in commercial restaurant equipment has been a catalyst for making culinary operations more efficient. Employees spend less time on activities such as washing dishes and more time on mission critical tasks. And while it has been said that dishwashing by hand can produce an almost Zen-like experience, there isn’t much self-realization in finding that the cuisine is hot and ready and the plates and silverware are not. Therefore, let’s leave the hand washing of dishes for the home and enlighten you regarding ‘The Clean Plate Club,’ featuring a fabulous set of dish machines from Hobart.  Though the manufacturer may be more known for its wide selection of  Hobart slicers, everything it makes smacks of excellence.

Hobart is an industry leader in getting the grime, grease and food off table and cookware. Whether your operations require a need to wash a small amount of dishes, or you feed a crowd the size of a small army, your plates, silverware, pots and pans will come out sparkling and clean. Whether you prefer to use an under-the-counter, low-temperature, energy-efficient dish machine such as the Hobart Dish Machine LXIC-6, or a high temperature machine such as the Hobart Dish Machine AM15-1-208/3, you’ll find ‘The Clean Plate Club’ here at Short Order.

For high-volume operations, the energy star rated Hobart Dish Machine CL44E-5 can clean and sanitize 202 racks per hour. In fact, the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) selected the built-in Opti-RinSe™ as a Top 10 Innovative Product of 2005. These technologically advanced spray nozzles will not only save on water, they outperform industry-standard nozzles.

“Hobart developed and implemented this technology into the leading conveyor-type and flight-type warewashing lines in the industry to dramatically reduce operating costs,” said Phil Ratermann, general manager of Hobart’s Warewash unit. “This latest recognition from FCSI is very gratifying and attests to Hobart’s leadership in warewashing.”

‘The Clean Plate Club’ may not sound all that prestigious; however, if you’d prefer to have your restaurant operate in a enlightened state as opposed to watching a dishwasher meditate on re-cleaning and scraping the grime off dishes that came out of a subpar dish machine, then a Hobart dish machine from Short Order is the path to enlightenment.




Beverage-Air Glass Chiller GF48L-B: Making Ice Cubes Jealous

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

From colas to lemonade and especially beer (at least in the United States!), we generally to enjoy our food hot and our drinks cold. Marketing campaigns spend millions today touting the latest technological innovations in helping consumers realize their beverage is at an ideal temperature. Yet, you won’t need to create a marketing campaign the size of a Goldman Sachs hedge fund to chill your customers’ beverages perfectly. You only need a Beverage-Air Glass Chiller GF48L-B from Short Order to make your drinks as cold as an Alaskan winter.  Just take it from seminal rappin’-blues band G. Love and Special Sauce who buzz about the enjoyment of a “Cold Beverage,” singing, “Give me frosty mug.”

Whether it’s a draft of malts, hops and yeast poured from a bottle or tap, an oddly named but delicious cocktail with stir sticks and umbrellas or a soft drink to help wash down a fabulous meal, a high-quality glass chiller from Beverage-Air refrigerators will make your ice cubes jealous and your customers happy. The GF48L-B is an ideal size at 48 inches high and 9.6 cubic feet of space — that should meet the cold drink demands of your establishment any time of day or night. A stainless steel interior and black vinyl over a steel exterior make this glass chiller both sturdy and attractive. The built-in condensation evaporator system removes the need for floor drains or plumbing, and adding swivel casters means you can simply roll and relocate the unit to any location necessary. Yet, what would a capable glass chiller be if it didn’t make frosty mugs? All Beverage-Air Glass Chillers rapidly chill mugs and glasses to below zero temperatures.

Here at Short Order we gave this glass chilling, cold beverage engine a 5-Star rating and Editors Choice. We also carry an assortment of other glass chillers from Glastender bar equipment and True refrigeration that will ensure your customers enjoy a frosty mug on each and every visit.


Bakers Pride Pizza Ovens: Serve ‘Em a Slice of Pie

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Want a fabulous way to win the hearts and minds of the most particular restaurant customers anywhere? Serve them pizza. But don’t just serve them any old round pie; give them a delectable and piping hot dish right out of one of our Bakers Pride ovens, like the Bakers Pride Oven Super Deck GS-805-NAT. This beautifully crafted pizza oven is specifically made for high-volume pizza operations, so you can artistically design and bake a feast so mouth-watering, your customers will say “yummy” before they walk in the door.

The Bakers Pride Super Deck GS-805-NAT receives a 5-Star rating and Editor’s Choice here at Short Order, meaning you can’t go wrong when you are crafting a pizza so delicious an ancient Greco-Roman would sit for hours philosophizing about it. Interestingly, the use of pie as another expression for pizza stems from a Byzantine Greek word known as “pita.” Yet, with the popularity of pizza in world cuisine, you won’t want a pizza that comes from the oven and used as a Frisbee instead of being devoured by your hungry patrons. With a 300° to 600° F throttling thermostat, top and bottom heat control dampers and micro-slides, your pizzas will come out hot and delighting all five human senses. The GS-805-NAT is also fully insulated, ensuring a cooler outer temperature and consistent interior heating. This model and all Bakers Pride ovens can be stacked two high, so pizza operations can be scaled.

Functionality is only one part of this magnificent piece of commercial kitchen equipment. The exterior is constructed using heavy-gauge, type 403 stainless steel, and the interior frame is made from 1/4” heavy-duty angle iron and welded into a single unit. Spring-balanced doors and tubular steel handles all make this oven both sturdy and dependable.

The Super Deck GS-805-NAT isn’t the only fantastic choice for pizza ovens here at Short Order. Choose from this and a variety of other pieces of restaurant equipment from the Bakers Pride brand that will have customers practically banging down your door for a slice of amazing pizza.


APW Char Broilers: Backyard Grilling on the Menu

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

It is officially summertime, and thoughts of flame-broiled backyard taste are simmering in the minds of your customers. Now is the time to bring the grill indoors with an amazing char broiler to cook those fabulous burgers, steaks and other mouth-watering meals on your menu. Indoor grilling with the APW Char Broiler GCRB-48H-Nat will have your patrons telling all their friends about the delicious food you serve at your restaurant.

Whether it’s a succulent piece of sirloin, a plate full of spicy chicken wings or juicy smoked salmon, you’ll be sure to awaken the senses of anyone nearby with the best mid-range char broiler on the market. The GCRB-48H-NAT received Editors Choice and a 5-Star rating here at Short Order in part because this fabulous piece of restaurant equipment incorporates the highest BTU ratings in its class and is built for long-lasting durability. This Countertop Gas CharRock CharBroiler unit is part of a “Champion Cook Series” by APW, meaning the CharRock simulates a backyard charcoal barbecue. The CharRocks are self-cleaning, and maintenance is simple with a removable front panel, top grates and a bottom-mounted grease pan.

Designed with a double walled firebox protecting controls from hot temperatures, a stainless steel front panel and top skirt with a welded construction frame, the GCRB-48H-NAT is a solid piece of restaurant equipment. However, this char broiler is also a performer, reaching ideal cooking temperatures quickly and reducing the labor time needed to cook a hamburger up to 20 percent. The cast iron grate system can also adjust in height, allowing the operator to control how food is cooked.

At 48” in height, the GCRB-48H-NAT is the largest model char broiler in the Champion Series; although, the 24” and 36” models from APW also receive our Editor’s Choice and a 5-Star rating. Therefore, if you’re looking to put the backyard grill on your menu, you won’t go wrong with this selection of char broilers from APW.


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