Kolpak Walk-In Coolers: Polar Bear Not Included

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Here is a scenario. Demand is high, and patrons are buzzing about your restaurant cuisine. It’s all happening so fast you can’t get orders for food shipments in fast enough. The next day a large order arrives and needs immediate cold storage. There is only one problem; you don’t have the space to keep all the milk, eggs, cheese and meat cold. The solution to the conundrum is installing a fabulous Kolpak Walk-In Cooler P7-612-CT-R. This walk-in cooler is so large; a polar bear could fit inside. Though, we can’t say we recommend polar bear storage as a safe restaurant operating practice. Besides, you probably wouldn’t have any food left in the cooler.

With dimensions of 6’ x 12’ feet or 70″W x 90″H x 139″D, you will have no problem storing those food shipments quickly and efficiently. Kolpak is a walk-In refrigeration industry leader and this piece of restaurant equipment receives our Editor’s Choice selection and a 5-Star rating from Short Order. You might think that setting up a cooler of this size would require hours of services from a refrigeration technician and a plumber. However, assembling the Kolpak Walk-In Cooler P7-612-CT-R requires little more than lifting corner, door and wall panels into place and rolling the self-contained wall-mount refrigeration unit on casters and attaching to the cooler. The top mount system ships ready to install, and wiring frequently requires simply attaching a pigtail and plugging into the wall. And because the unit is self-contained, indoor installations do not require a drain line.

Durable and long lasting, all Kolpak Walk-In’s come with “Super Doors” keeping the cold in and polar bears out (though polar bears are not recommended). A metal finish makes this cooler look great, and excellent air circulation around the coils help make it cost-effective to run. And if this P7-612-CT-R model isn’t large enough for your needs, we also carry a fine selection of Walk-In Coolers of varying sizes that are sure to fit your storage requirements.

APW Hot Dog Cooker DS-1A: Hot Diggity Dog, Mr. Frank™!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Not many things scream Americana like hot summer days of baseball, the local fair, a concert or the watering hole and great restaurant or take-out food. In many cases, all of the above share another piece of American summer tradition: the hot dog. Therefore, we couldn’t resist, “Hot Dogs! Get your hot dogs here!” with the Mr. Frank™ Hot Dog Display Steamer (manufacturer name: the APW Hot Dog Cooker DS-1A) from Short Order.

Kick summertime off for your customers with thoughts of Coney Island, Ferris wheels, “Fenway Franks” and “Dodger Dogs,” topped with ketchup, mustard, relish or whichever condiments you and your customers prefer. Remember, not all hot dog preparation is created equal. Dry, lukewarm, over-cooked and microwaved hot dogs on cold, stale buns aren’t a good mix. The Mr. Frank™ not only heats hot dogs in 20 minutes or less, but it keeps them at National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) safe temperatures.  Divided steaming pans keep both dogs and buns at ideal temperatures as well. When word gets out about how yummy your hot dogs are, this hot dog cooker has you prepared for high-demand. Holding 150 hot dogs and 60 buns, the operator can easily open up the rear doors for simple serving.

Stainless steel interiors and exteriors as well as the built-in drip tray make the Mr. Frank™ easy to clean and long lasting. Optional purchase of condiment serving stations, one with two one-gallon wells with pumps, and the other designed for self-refrigeration, make the whole hot dog experience easy and efficient for the server and your frankfurter-eating customers.

Whether you sell your hot dogs from a stand, restaurant, bar or at the ballpark, the Mr. Frank™ Hot Dog Display Steamer is a necessary piece of restaurant equipment. And we know good hot dogs. That’s why this wonderful hot dog cooker was rated 5-star and Editor’s Choice at Short Order.


Commercial Microwaves: Your Secret Weapon

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Within the hustle and bustle of food service — whether it is restaurants, delis or banquet catering — meals need to move out as fast as customers move in. In those fast-paced environments, you need commercial restaurant equipment that gets the job done quickly and effectively, and commercial microwaves provide a fantastic solution. The microwave isn’t just for use in the home to heat frozen dinners. Commercial grade ovens such as the Panasonic Microwave Oven NE-2157 will help ease the burden on many of those time-consuming cooking tasks such as steaming and defrosting food or heating lukewarm meals.

When it comes to commercial restaurant equipment, the microwave can be a secret weapon. Running a first-rate kitchen takes substantial resourcefulness and meticulous attention to the cooking process.  Whether it’s the need for hot water quickly, heating up a bowl of soup or safely defrosting a frozen food item, microwaves can simplify cooking tasks that would be less productive with conventional means such as heating on a stove. However, domestic-type microwaves, while less expensive, are not ideal for commercial application, in part because they do not meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards. Commercial grade microwave ovens not only meet NSF standards, they are also highly durable with enough wattage to cook food evenly and safely.

Speaking of powerful, the Panasonic Microwave Oven NE-2157 features “2100 Watts of cooking power,” meaning fast turnaround and an ability to cook or reheat bulk food items. And with programmable memory pads, often times you will have the ability to press one button for microwave cooking and move on to the next food preparation task. When cooking is complete, the “Grab & Go” door handle will make it easy to literally grab and go.

At Short Order, we gave the Panasonic Microwave Oven NE-2157 a 5-Star rating, making this beauty perfect for commercial application.

We also carry many other outstanding commercial microwave ovens from Panasonic and Amana with such great quality they won’t leave you steaming; unless, of course, you actually do need to need to steam your food.


Beverage-Air Refrigeration – Putting on a Display

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

When customers walk in the door, first impressions are everything. From uncluttered counters to sparkling floors and sanitary tables, consumers expect a visual appearance as shipshape as the service they receive. What about the presentation of your food and beverage products? At Short Order, we believe the visual display of food products should have the same effect on customers as great service and a spotless establishment. That is why, in this episode, we are featuring the beautifully designed Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration CDR3/1-B-20. This dependable display refrigerator is a fabulous way to keep your food products cold and to delightfully exhibit everything from eye-catching bakery items to beverages and deli products.

With an illuminated viewing area and self-closing rear service glass doors, just about the only thing you will need to do to keep the equipment visually gorgeous is clean the glass and wipe down the stainless steel cabinet exterior. What’s more, the CDR3/1-B-20 model is big enough to get noticed, yet small enough to avoid becoming an obstacle. In fact, by adding some casters to this unit, you can roll your display refrigeration quickly and easily wherever you prefer.

Beverage-Air has several other models in the CDR series, including the CDR4, CDR5 and CDR6. Each unit, including the CDR3 incorporates self-closing tempered sliding glass thermal paned doors with a lock and stay open feature, offering easy access to products. Two adjustable epoxy shelves with fluorescent canopy lights and an optional third shelf provide plenty of space to exhibit food items.

We chose the CDR3 model as our Editor’s Choice winner; however, each display refrigeration model in the Beverage-Air CDR series received a 5-star rating from Short Order. Display refrigerators aren’t the only Beverage-Air Refrigerators we offer, not by a long shot. From glass chillers to kegerators, you will find a bevy of great restaurant equipment products from which to choose.



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