Eagle Group Hot Food Tables: Individual Controls Keep Food Just Right

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

What do you do if you want to warm three different items that need three different temperatures? You buy an Eagle Hot Food Table DHT 3-120. With it, you can warm your mashed potatoes to one temperature, your gravy to another and your cherry cobbler to a third. Is your mouth watering? Ours sure are.

The Eagle DHT 3-120 is just one of many excellent pieces of Eagle restaurant equipment here at Short Order, but it sure is a good one. In fact, it’s top of the line, with an open-base design made of heavy-gauge-type 430 stainless steel. Heating compartments are 8” deep, galvanized and insulated on all four sides and the bottom with 1” fiberglass or the equivalent.  This unit has three compartments — other Eagle hot food tables have more; although, what very well may be the best thing about this series of hot food tables is that there are individual controls for every compartment.

Each of the compartments of the Eagle Group DHT 3-120 Hot Food Table is fitted with 500-watt heating elements. A recessed control panel with those nifty individual infinite controls offers high and low temperature settings, while an indicator light remains on continuously when the control is in the “ON” position. The unit comes with a six-foot cord and plug which extends from the right side of the unit. A handy polycarbonate cutting board is located on the control side of the unit. This table is so cool, even though it is all about the heat.

Pans are sold separately so that you can get the type you need, whether stainless steel or aluminum. Other options from which you can choose include a bolted-in undershelf, overshelves, tray slides, a tray shelf, a dish shelf, a rolltop cover and a hardwood cutting board.

Never serve food at the wrong temperature to your customers again. Oh, and save us a plate, please.

Get your hands on the Eagle Hot Food Table DHT3-120 and other excellent pieces of commercial kitchen equipment for the lowest price at Short Order, where you’ll also receive free shipping. We’re proud to carry the Eagle Hot Food Table DHT3-120, in addition to a great selection of other high-quality hot food tables.


Eagle Group Hot Food Table: Ideal Food Temperatures

Friday, May 20th, 2011

The Eagle Hot Food Table WT4-240 unit, an electric water bath steam table, is under the spotlight today. After all, customers expect hot foods to be hot when they are served. Hot food served cold just loses its appeal and so do over-cooked, limp veggies. In order to keep meals at the ideal temperature, you have to have a great hot food table. And when it comes to keeping food at the ideal temperature Eagle Hot Food Tables from Short Order are an excellent choice.

The WT4-240 is top of the line with an open base design made of heavy gauge type 430 stainless steel. The top is removable for cleaning, and all openings accommodate 12” x 20” steam table pans. This particular unit has four steam pans and contains a water pan beneath the steam pans welded with 16/304 stainless steel and a recessed well that houses the copper-sheathed immersion 3000-5000 watt heater.

The thermostat temperature control has an automatic low water cutoff with a built-in manual reset button. And, there is a polycarbonate 8” wide cutting board and stainless steel shelf attached. Other models are mobile with sturdy wheels. There is even an undershelf of galvanized steel. Options and accessories include overshelves, tray slides/shelf, hardwood cutting board, an AutoFill © automatic water fill system and even a rolltop cover.

Hot food tables from Eagle Group are an outstanding way to avoid cold or over-cooked food service problems and keep your patrons happy.  We are very proud of our hot food tables, but that’s not the only thing we at Short Order happen to have in our inventory, and it’s certainly not the only thing that we’re proud to offer.  We also have a range of other restaurant equipment products perfect for warming, cooling, cooking, storing, prepping, serving and more.  Check out our full selection of commercial kitchen-enabling wonderworks today!


Power-Up: Bunn Coffee Service Machines

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Throughout history, it has been the subject of small battles and political wrangling. It is the top agricultural export in several countries. Small and large businesses are successful and continue to thrive because of it. Some people are absolutely cranky in the morning until they have it. No, we aren’t talking about donuts. The “it” is coffee. And Americans consume more coffee than any country in the world. Therefore, having plenty of coffee ready to go is a must.

When your customers are lining up out the door, clamoring for their first cup of Joe, help them power-up with the Bunn Coffee Service 27900.0002. This “Dual Soft Heat® Brewer with Docking System” is a magnificent piece of restaurant equipment that is sure to make the process of coffee brewing easy and efficient. This coffee service will brew 16.3 to 18.9 gallons of coffee per hour in half gallon to one and one-half gallon batches so you can avoid the dreaded problem of having to brew small pot after pot just to keep up with demand. And with automatic heat control, you will never have to worry whether the coffee is too hot or too cold.

Fresh ground coffee is typically a customer favorite. But who wants to grind all those coffee beans? This extraordinary coffee maker has an electronic grinder interface that tells the grinder the right amount of grounds necessary for the selected brew size. And using variable batch selector knob, you can easily scale up or down brew batch sizes as necessary.

This amazing java-brewing machine is more than bells and whistles. Voted “Best in Class” by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine and receiving an editor’s choice Five-Star rating here at Short Order, this high-quality Bunn Coffee Service machine and all Bunn products come with a fabulous warranty.

We also carry other superb products from Bunn. So, whether you’re serving throngs of groggy morning customers or frozen drinks and juice on a hot summer day, you will always find ideal, great-quality restaurant equipment at Short Order.





Hobart Glass Washers: Perfect for the Busy Bartender

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

What is a bartender’s worst nightmare? We are pretty sure the possibilities for that category are endless. However, a lack of clean glasses on a busy night does not have to be one of them. That’s why Hobart glass washers from Hobart are a perfect choice to help make a hard-pressed night behind the bar just a little bit easier.

For bartenders, challenges such as demanding patrons, spilled drinks and changing beer taps are all in a good night’s work. And during the bar rush, multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. However, with Hobart glass washers, the during and after dish cleanup is a cinch. With an ability to clean and sanitize 30 racks per hour, your bar or restaurant staff can focus on what you do best – serving customers and spending less time stopping to find clean glasses.  Hobart glass washers provide the quality you’ve come to expect from the makers of Hobart slicers.

The Hobart Glass Washer LXIGH+BUILDUP/208-240/1 is a great choice for fast, hot water cleaning that gets out of the bartender’s way. With dimensions of 24″W x 33.75″H x 26.75″D, this washing system easily fits under most countertops and offers convenient access without obstructing the flow of employee traffic behind the bar. Likewise, the Hobart Glass Washer LXIH-3 also offers hot water sanitation and, with dimensions of 26.9375″W x 33.75″H x 26.75″D, is just slightly larger than its LXIGH counterpart.

If you would prefer the advantages of a great Glass Washer using chemical sanitation instead of hot water, the Hobart Glass Washer LXIC-5 is another excellent choice. This fabulous machine also fits under most countertops with dimensions of 23.9375″W x 33.75″H x 26.75″D.

All three Hobart glass washers received 5-Star ratings at Short Order, your leading choice for top-notch restaurant equipment, and come with automatic fill, two dish racks, upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms and more.

Hobart glass washers can not only help eliminate at least one bartender nightmare for your bar or restaurant, but you can also be a hero to your staff too.


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