Bakers Pride Ovens

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

We’re going to go ahead and challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone a little bit, here, and regale you with tales of the glories of Bakers Pride ovens.  How, might you ask, is this stepping outside our comfort zone?  (Boy, we just love assuming audience questions!)  Don’t we write about the joys of using this or that product, Manitowoc ice machines one week, Vulcan ranges the next?  Well, yes, but this time it’s different.

We say this because, well, we’ve never written about Bakers Pride ovens before.  Ever.  Not once in the illustrious history of the What’s Cooking blog have we ever laid down ink (or black pixels, we should say) about these magnificent products.

Well, consider that changed.

Bakers Pride ovens can stand toe-to-toe with any of the many other excellent lines of restaurant equipment that we proudly offer here at Short Order.  Our offerings include single deck pizza ovens, double deck pizza ovens, char broilers, and more.  And, like all Bakers Pride ovens, they’re made with spectacular, nuanced attention to detail.

Consider, for example, the Bakers Pride Oven DS-805-NAT, a single-deck pizza oven that runs on natural gas, is a reliable, high-quality piece of equipment that we’ve rated five stars and designated an editor’s choice.  It’s hard to beat that endorsement, and it’s one that we proudly stand behind.

Check out our excellent selection of Bakers Pride ovens here at today!  Looking for something else besides Bakers Pride ovens?  We’ve got an array of excellent restaurant equipment designed to perfectly suit your commercial kitchen’s needs.  If it needs warming, cooling, washing, organizing, or storing, and you want it done in a kitchen, chances are we’ve got just the piece of restaurant equipment to do the job for you.  What’s more, we offer an excellent Low Price Guarantee.  Check it out today!

Milk Coolers

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Milk coolers are pretty cool pieces of restaurant equipment, if you ask us, and they’re selling like hotcakes because nobody likes room-temperature milk straight out of the container.  (Maybe after you microwave it, sure, but you never want your initial point of contact with milk to be a lukewarm affair.  That’s why we here at Short Order offer a couple different models of milk coolers, and you, the consumer, are free to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Both milk coolers are manufactured by Beverage-Air.  Beverage-Air refrigerators are among our favorite refrigerators on the market, and there are a couple reasons for that.  First, the Beverage Air name is a name we trust.  When they manufacture a product, we know that product is going to be well-made, efficient, and impeccably designed from both a usability and visual perspective.  Their products also come with good warranties—not that you’re likely to need to use it, such is the quality of Beverage Air refrigeration products.

Their milk coolers are no different.  As previously mentioned, we offer two different milk coolers.  One, the Beverage-Air Milk Cooler SMF49Y-1-S, is 49″W x 47″H x 33.5″D, while the other, the Beverage-Air Milk Cooler SMF58-S, measures 58″W x 47″H x 33.5″D.  Each offers you the same quality and efficiency discerning restaurateurs have learned to expect from Beverage-Air, while offering different levels of capacity, each geared to suit different needs.  So the next time you’re considering investing in a milk cooler or two, consider the Beverage-Air line offered by Short Order.

Not looking to cool cartons of milk to crisp, calcium-infused chilliness?  Consider our extensive range of additional pieces of restaurant equipment.  Like we do with our Beverage-Air milk coolers, we stand behind each and every product we offer.  Check out what we have to offer today.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

The Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1 is well-known as a truly excellent, high-volume model.  Capable of manufacturing 1160 pounds of full-dice ice cubes in a 24-hour period, the SY-1404A-208-1 is ideal for commercial kitchens that emphasize high-volume output, such as kitchens in hotels, convention centers, or larger restaurants.  With that kind of output, you’ll be able to chill more than a few drinks, something that will most assuredly please your customers.

The Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1 is one of our favorite Manitowoc ice machines, and that’s no small statement.  After all, Manitowoc ice machines are renowned for their energy efficiency, reliability, and sound craftsmanship.  The Manitowoc warranty is excellently structured and certainly a plus, but considering how soundly Manitowoc ice machines are built, it’s likely to be a great feature that you won’t rely on.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1 Features

We’ve already established that the Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1 is a prodigious producer of ice cubes (something to the tune of a ton a every other day!), but that dazzling output is only part of the story.  The SY-1404A-208-1 has an array of other features, as well.  One such feature is its patented ice harvest technology, a feature that lowers the ice machine’s energy requirements.  What’s more, the refrigerant used in this Manitowoc ice machine is CFC-free, which improves the SY-1404A-208-1’s efficiency and green credentials.

What’s more, the Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1 is an expertly designed product, featuring rounded corners that are easy on eyes and elbows.  It’s also a breeze to maintain, containing thoughtful touches like its easily accessible water distribution tube.

Restaurant Equipment

Whether you’re looking for a Manitowoc ice machine to cool things down in the kitchen or something to heat things up (say, Vulcan ranges or Frymaster fryers), Short Order has just the piece of restaurant equipment to keep you cooking.

Vulcan Ranges: Better Than The Rest

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Forgive us if we’ve been going all-out with the Vulcan ranges post titles, but we stand by it: Vulcan ranges are among the best pieces of restaurant equipment money can buy.  Vulcan ranges are made with unparalleled attention to detail in virtually every regard, which translates to an all-around well-made product.  It’s this attention to detail that makes Vulcan ranges so solidly built, so efficient, so enduring, and so flat-out effective.  This obsession with the small things also means that Vulcan ranges are intuitive, a true pleasure to work with.

Though there is quite a range (pun definitely intended) of models in the Vulcan line, Vulcan ranges generally fall into two different categories.  These are medium-duty and heavy-duty.  As one might imagine, heavy-duty Vulcan ranges are more robust than medium-duty ones.  They generally include more customization options and feature a greater work surface area and BTU output out of the box.  Broadly speaking, medium-duty models are better for more modestly sized restaurants, while heavy-duty ones are more suited for large kitchens, such as those found in certain hotels or in convention centers.  Regardless of which kind of range you end up going with, though, the results will be excellent—those results being, of course, owning a piece of restaurant equipment perfectly capable of cooking with the best.

If you’re looking for Vulcan ranges, or one of Vulcan’s many other products, including ovens, fryers, char broilers, steam tables, cheese melters, and griddles, you know by now that we’ve got you covered.  But that’s not all we’ve got your cooking back on.  We also have an excellent selection of other restaurant equipment industry leaders’ products, including Manitowoc ice machines and Hobart slicers.  Best of all, we offer all of this to you at incomparably low prices!  Check our Low Price Guarantee for proof.

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