Kolpak Refrigerators: An Introduction

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Perhaps the title of this post is a little misleading, since this isn’t the first time we’ll have written about Kolpak refrigerators.  What’s more, you might be interested to find out that Kolpak refrigerators actually need no introduction, since they’re world-famous (or, at least, famous within the restaurant equipment industry).  There’s one reason and one reason only for the fame and notoriety of Kolpak refrigerators: their quality.  That’s right, Kolpak refrigerators are among the best refrigerators money can buy.  We’re proud to offer them here at Short Order to you, our valued customers, at excellent rates.

(First, an aside.  In writing about Kolpak refrigerators, we’re turning our eyes ever-so-momentarily away from other wonderful products we offer, including Manitowoc ice machinesVulcan rangesFrymaster fryers, and others.  However, never fear!  Our appreciation for those manufacturers and their top-notch products hasn’t diminished a whit.  We’ll still write love letters to them on a regular basis, but we thought we’d just spread the love a little bit.)

Kolpak makes many different kinds of refrigerators, and we adore them all, but we’re particularly fond of the walk-in refrigerator models.  These include such excellent refrigerators as the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P7-1010-FT-R and the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P6-054-CT-R, both of which are top-notch examples of walk-in refrigeration done right.  And by “done right,” we mean with plenty of storage space, thoughtful design, and energy efficiency.

A walk-in refrigerator is crucial for any medium-to-large restaurant, as it provides a place for you to store all your food in a single, easily accessible space.  Plus, in the hot summer months, if you get a big enough model, you can put a chair in there, pour yourself a lemonade, and take a load off.  (Note: what you can do and what you should do are, obviously, not always the same thing.  Point being, Kolpak refrigerators—specifically the walk-in models—are an invaluable asset to many commercial kitchens.)

Beverage Air Refrigerators: A Cool Deal

Friday, December 17th, 2010

That’s right: We’re not above writing a post about Beverage Air refrigerators and throwing a groan-worthy pun in the title there.  We’re cool customers like that.  Seriously, though, though we don’t have a tale of recognition a la our Manitowoc ice machines sighting at our local Mexican breakfast haunt, we do have to say we’re huge fans of Beverage Air refrigerators in our own way.  You see, we’re big fans of value and efficiency, and Beverage Air refrigerators embody both of those deeply loved traits.  You’d be seriously hard-pressed to buy a better refrigerator at a lower price.  After all, Beverage Air refrigerators are industry leaders for a reason!

What’s more, at Short Order, know that any restaurant equipment you buy comes with our brilliant Low Price Guarantee.  Not that you’ll be likely to need to use it, of course—our prices are already low.  Dare we say, be-low?  As in, below zero?  As in cold as in refrigerators?  Sorry, we’re trying too hard.

Let’s take a whirlwind tour through some of our favorite Beverage Air refrigerators, shall we?  A sort of “Greatest Hits.”  Here we go:

Beverage-Air Worktop Refrigerator WTR27A

The Beverage-Air Worktop Refrigerator WTR27A has won its fair share of accolades, having been bestowed with our Editor’s Choice rating. With dimensions of 27″W x 39.5″H x 29.25″D, this little model can pack a solid amount of food in its little body for storage.  An all-around good buy.

Beverage-Air Display Refrigerator BZ13-I-B

The Beverage-Air Display Refrigerator BZ13-I-B is perfect for restaurants that focus on self-service.  It’s a perfect unit for displaying beverages or pre-made food items for customers to grab and go.

Restaurant Equipment Galore!

As you know, we can get effusive about our products.  Call us passionate!  Beverage Air refrigerators (or Manitowoc ice machines, for that matter) aren’t all that we care about, not by a long shot!  We also have Vulcan ranges and Hobart slicers, among other things.  Check out our product line today.

Manitowoc Ice Machines: A Real Deal

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Manitowoc ice machines, are the best-selling ice machine in America, and with good reason.  Simply put, there’s no other ice machine manufacturer out there that comes close to maintaining the consistency across the board that Manitowoc offers.  As far as energy efficiency, craftsmanship, sanitation, and design are concerned, Manitowoc ice machines are without parallel.  That’s why we here at Short Order have rated so many of their products with a five-star rating and bestowed many others with our exclusive “Editor’s Choice” designation.  Food Service Equipment and Supplies Magazine agrees with our lofty assessment, designating a host of Manitowoc ice machines with their coveted “Best in Class” rating.

Here are a couple Manitowoc ice machines among many that we’re fond of.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1

The Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-1404A-208-1 is an excellent choice for those looking for a dependable workhorse of an ice machine.  The SY-1404A-208-1 is capable of producing a remarkable 1,160 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period.  With that kind of output capacity, you’ll be able to cool drinks to your heart’s content.  As if that wasn’t enough, you can rest easy in knowing that your veritable in-kitchen blizzard won’t place undue strain on the environment; after all Manitowoc ice machines use a refrigerant that is CFC free.

Manitowoc Ice Machine QD-0212A

The Manitowoc Ice Machine QD-0212A is a perfect under-counter unit. It stands at a perfectly sized, compact 38 1/2 inches tall, and has been designed specifically for under-counter use. This unit produces anywhere from 155 to 215 pounds of ice per 24 hours, which makes it perfect as a supplement to a larger system, as part of a separate station, or for compact eateries.

Buy Manitowoc Ice Machines

Whether you go large or small, chances are there will be a product among the line of Manitowoc ice machines that will suit your needs perfectly.  We’re proud to carry them, along with a host of other top-notch restaurant equipment, such as Vulcan rangesBeverage-Air refrigerators, and more, here at Short Order.

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