Manitowoc Ice Machines: More Flake Ice Models

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Manitowoc ice machines offer a (frankly) breathtaking array of different purposes.  In addition to the traditional ice machines (what they refer to as “cubers” since they make cube-, dice-, or half-dice-shaped ice), Manitowoc also makes dispensers that create  and flake ice machines (or “flakers”).  In addition, crushed ice can be made with a Manitowoc cuber and a Servend dispenser.

In the past, we’ve gone over some of the many fine Manitowoc ice machine cubers available on the market.  More recently, we’ve discussed some of the benefits of flake ice machines.  We’re going to continue our recent winning ways by highlighting the capabilities of a couple of our favorite Manitowoc ice machine flakers: the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0399A and the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0300A.

Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0399A

The Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0399A is a reliable ice maker/bin combo model that can produce up to 332 pounds of flake ice in a 24-hour period.  Its roomy bin can store up to 120 pounds at any given time, which means you can stock up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner rushes.  The RF0399A comes with useful touches like high load capacity bearings, which improve reliability.  The easy access door is wonderfully thoughtful, sliding up and out of the way for easy dipping and scooping access.  It comes with a 3-year parts and 2-year labor warranty.

Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0300A

The Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0300A is more than just 99 less than the RF0399A.  (Sorry, that was so painfully lame we can’t even excuse it.  We’re feeling corny.)  Like the RF0399A, the RF0300A is a fantastically reliable machine.  It produces up to 311 pounds of flake ice per 24 hours and can hold a whopping 290 pounds of it—perfect for getting ready for a busy week.  Adjustable bin legs allow for you to situate this Manitowoc ice machine perfectly.

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Manitowoc Ice Machines: Flake Ice Your Holiday

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Here’s wishing everyone a white Christmas courtesy of Manitowoc ice machines.  After all, with their flake ice machine models, Manitowoc ice machines can crank out flaky, snowy ice with remarkable speed and efficiency, perfect for keeping food cool and fresh for displays.  Or, you know, for making snowballs (flake ice balls?) of remarkable density, texture, and roundness, perfect for tagging unwitting friends of sculpting mini-snowmen.  Point being, whatever you choose to do with your Manitowoc ice machine-derived flake ice, you can make it happen.

There’s a few models of flake Manitowoc ice machines that we’d like to point out for you today.  Consider, for example, the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0399A/115-1, a top-notch model that cranks out 332 pounds of flake ice in a 24-hour period, and that is capable of storing 120 pounds in its bin.  Looking for a bit more space?  How about the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0650/B-570/208-1, which more than doubles the production of the RF0399A at 688 pounds to go with its 430-pound storage bin?  Impressive stuff, if you ask us.  You could practically make a ski slope with this model!  (Okay, maybe not, but you could, at the very least, make a pretty impressive flake ice hill.  Perhaps an igloo?)

Mind you, we consider all these flake ice machines to be among the best in their class, which is why we’ve bestowed them with five-star ratings, and have given them all our coveted “Editor’s Choice” designation.  We stand behind those ratings, too: These are good (and good-looking) flake ice makers.  Manitowoc ice machines are the best!

All right, that’s our Manitowoc ice machines love for the week!  The next time you’re in the market for high quality, low-priced restaurant equipment, choose Short Order.  With our extensive range of equipment from quality manufacturers, we have something for every commercial kitchen.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Kolpak Refrigerators: Walk-Ins Galore!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Hello again, all—it’s time for a little chat about Kolpak refrigerators!  Yes, this means it’s time to turn our loving gaze away from other products—we’re looking at (or, I guess, away?) from you, Manitowoc ice machines—and shine the light of our fancy toward other products.  After all, even though we usually focus on a handful of products in this space—Vulcan ranges, Frymaster fryers, the aforementioned Manitowoc ice machines—we’re big fans of every product we carry.

Have you noticed that our five-star rating system only goes down to three stars?  That’s not because we want to skew the results or mislead; rather, that’s due to the fact that we’d never carry a product we didn’t like!  It’s that simple.

Well, you can now take Kolpak refrigerators off the list of products we like but haven’t written about, because it’s happening now.  And we’re writing about Kolpak refrigerators, sure, but it’s more specific than that.  Just like last week was given over to the flake ice-making ice machines that Manitowoc has rolled out, this week we’re discussing Kolpak refrigerators with walk-in capability.  That’s right, folks: Refrigerators you can walk inside of.  It’s everyone’s dream come true: A room you can intensely climate control!  (Well, maybe that’s not everyone’s dream.  Maybe that’s just our dream.  Ahem.  We digress.)

In all seriousness, though, folks, Kolpak refrigerators are extremely efficient and built to last.  Models like the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P6-054-CT-R and the Kolpak Walk-In Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers and Walk-In Cooler P7-1010-FT-R are exemplary instances of the style, featuring ample storage space cooled down to food-freshness-saving perfection.

It’s true: Kolpak refrigerators are the industry leader in walk-in refrigeration.  If you’re looking for some, or for any other restaurant equipment, check out our selection and see what we have to offer.

Manitowoc Ice Machines: Flake Ice Models

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Manitowoc ice machines are renowned the world over for their superb ice-making capabilities.  There’s a good, perfectly understandable reason for that: The ice machines Manitowoc makes are sturdy, efficient workhorses that get the job done and do it well.  They’re built to last and require less maintenance than other makes of ice machine.  What’s more, they look great doing it.  Yes, there’s no doubt about it—Manitowoc ice machines produce some of the finest dice and half-dice ice cubes on the market.

That’s why we’re particularly proud to announce the addition of a line of flake ice machines to the already-extensive line of Manitowoc ice machines we offer.  And you thought our Manitowoc ice machines couldn’t get any more versatile!  (Silly.)

Flake ice, in case you’re wondering, is made from breaking up very thin frozen sheets of ice.  The result, in aggregate form, looks not unlike snow.  (Of course, if magnified, a flake of irregularly shaped flaked ice would look nothing like the fine geometry of a snowflake, but that’s neither here nor there.)  Flake ice, in addition to making perfectly serviceable snowballs in a pinch, is great for rapidly cooling food in an efficient way.  That’s because its unique shape readily absorbs heat, making food cool down much more quickly than other shapes of ice like dice.

Flake ice can be used in a variety of applications, which include meat, seafood, and produce processing.  It also serves as a great display ice, since its soft shape doesn’t damage or bruise more delicate foods placed on it.

Manitowoc ice machines that produce flake ice include the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0399A/115-1, the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0300A/B-400/115-1, and the Manitowoc Ice Machine RF0650/B-570/208-1.

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Hobart Slicers: A Spotlight

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Hobart slicers are industry leaders, forerunners in the field of technology that develops whirring blades to slice up food into perfectly uniform, customizable slices at rapid speeds.  (Being big fans of concision, we’d like to think that there’s a more pithy, direct term for this field that nevertheless manages to be extremely precise; alas, we have come up empty.  Perhaps in German there’s an agglutinated monstrosity of a word that we could borrow.  Perhaps not.  Either way, we digress.)

Yes, that’s right, folks, Hobart slicers are among the best food slicers money can buy.  Whether you want thick slices of ham to arrange for a buffet, shaved slices of turkey for a delectable club sandwich, or anything in between (do they make tofu-based meat substitutes in lunch meat form?), Hobart’s array of machines will get the job done for you.

It’s not as though Hobart slicers don’t get the praise they deserve.  After all, we rate them all five-star selections, and bestow them with our Editor’s Choice designation to boot.  As if that wasn’t enough, many of Hobart’s products are voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a respectedindustry publication.  That’s no small shakes!

If you have your rapid food slicing needs all squared away and are instead looking for another piece to complete the commercial kitchen of your dreams, check out the selection we offer here at Short Order.  We have the solutions to all your restaurant kitchen needs—well, everything except the cooks!  We assume you’ve got that part covered.  Whether you’re looking for something to chill your drinks (Manitowoc ice machines, anyone?), fry your foods (Frymaster fryers would do the trick here), or saute just about anything under the sun (using, say, Vulcan ranges), we’ve got just the piece of restaurant equipment you need.

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