Panasonic Microwaves: Spotlight

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Panasonic microwaves are a fixture in kitchens both commercial and home-oriented all across this fine land, which may come as a surprise to some restaurant equipment neophytes who associate the name Panasonic with TVs, telephones, phones, and faxes.  Though the electronics manufacturer is rightly lauded and renowned for their more famous home fixtures, their commercial microwave ovens are no less impressive.  Indeed, we favor them in particular among their line of products.  (Of course, being purveyors of restaurant equipment, we might be a little biased.  But certainly not much!)

Many Panasonic microwaves are excellent, but two that stand out include the Panasonic Commercial Microwave Oven NE-3280 and the Panasonic Commercial Microwave Oven NE-2157R, both of which were named Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a venerable industry publication.

Though Panasonic makes a mean microwave (and we’re not afraid to say it), there are a host of other microwaves that can suit your commercial microwaving needs, including Amana microwaves.

Of course, there comes a time when you, as a restaurateur, don’t need to heat up large quantities of an item in rapid, expert fashion.  Sometimes you need a machine to churn out massive quantities of half-dice ice cubes to chill drinks in a similarly rapid, expert fashion.  Or sometimes you don’t need the equipment to be rapid, and would instead just really love a place to store prepped sandwich items in a stable way so that you can assemble sandwiches in a rapid, expert fashion using fresh, delicious ingredients.  Fear not!  Short Order is here to help with all your restaurant equipment needs, large and small, from Vulcan cheese melters to

And no matter what product, drawn from our extensive stock, you finally choose settle on, you can rest assured knowing that it’s covered by our excellent Low Price Guarantee.  That’s hard to beat!

Beverage Air Kegerators

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Beverage Air kegerators might just be the standard-bearers of the keg refrigeration world.  (We were tempted to do a play on words involving “standard-beerers,” but thought better of it.  Didn’t want to tickle too many punny bones.)  Just like any Beverage Air product, Beverage Air kegerators are high performing, sturdy products that will operate efficiently for years to come.  There’s a lot to like about excellent products like the Beverage-Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerator BM23-B or the Beverage-Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerator DD48Y-1-B, both of which will allow you to draw perfectly chilled beer for your customers.  Crisp, cool, refreshing perfection.

Of course, kegerators are not for every restaurant, especially if you don’t serve beer and you dispense your soft drinks using a traditional soda fountain and not using Cornelius kegs for underground craft sodas.  If that’s the case, don’t fret—we have a host of other products that can serve your needs.  Beverage Air makes refrigerators and freezers, both for kitchen use and for display and self-service, that are every bit as good as their highly regarded kegerators; if anything, that’s more what they’re known for.  Manitowoc ice machines provide an excellent way to cool down everything that isn’t going to be kept in a fridge.

Looking for ways to heat things up instead of for ways to cool things down?  (You often need implements to do both in a restaurant, after all.)  We’ve got an extensive “range” (groan) of Vulcan ranges, Frymaster fryers, and the like, all of which can heat your food to deliciously toasty perfection.

We’ll get down to the thrust of the matter: No matter what you’re looking for, whether that’s a Beverage Air kegerator or a different piece of restaurant equipment, know that we’ll have something designed to suit your needs, and it’s all backed with our nifty low price guarantee.

Frymaster Fryers: 75 Years of Excellence

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Frymaster fryers turned 75 years old this year!  That means that, for three-quarters of a century, Frymaster’s been putting out top-of-the-line fryers for restaurant kitchens around the world.  Restaurateurs and chefs all across the land have been crispifying and crunchifying onion rings, chicken drumsticks, French fries, beignets, and more since the interwar era, making generations of mouths and bellies happy using these fantastically well-made machines.

The Frymaster footprint extends beyond perfectly golden batter, however.  The brand has delivered many industry firsts, including built-in oil filtration, advances in oil conservation, and computer controlled frying.  For every twist and turn in the restaurant equipment industry, Frymaster’s been there, forging a new path.

Just how much do we love Frymaster fryers?  Well, we have our very own blog dedicated to them, for starters!  That should count for something.  After all, it’s not as though we dedicate the time or energy to do that with just any manufacturer!  What’s more, we’ve rated Frymaster fryers very highly on our site.  In fact, of their products are rated five stars, which is the highest rating we dole out.  What’s more, we’ve bestowed many of their fryers with an Editor’s Choice designation, meaning we really stand by them.  Not enough for you?  Many fryers, such as the Frymaster fryer EH1721, have been voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, an industry-specific publication.  We note which ones have been so honored.

Looking for other restaurant equipment?  If it’s high quality and made by a trusted manufacturer, chances are we have it.  We have a line of other excellent products, including Manitowoc ice machines and Hobart slicers, two other brands we’re particularly high on.  And when you buy from Short Order, you know that you’ll be getting top-notch restaurant equipment at the lowest price around—check out our low price guarantee for more details.

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