Manitowoc Ice Machines: Worth It

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Manitowoc ice machines are highly praised products, especially around these parts.  If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you have most likely noticed that.  There’s a host of reasons for our allegiance to these wonderful pieces of equipment.

We at Short Order are a purveyor of the finest in restaurant equipment, and Manitowoc, with its emphasis on quality performance and long-term reliability, easily fits that bill.  This is more than just blogger fodder, now—we truly stand by Manitowoc, and let our customers know that with our honest and reliable ratings system on our site.  You see, we rate everything on our site on a five-star scale.  Nothing gets under three stars for a simple reason: If we believe a product deserves less than that, we won’t sell it!  Simple as that.  We’re so high on Manitowoc products that we rate them, by and large, with five stars, which means we think they’re the best of the best.

That’s not all, though.  Among the products we designate with a five-star rating, we also select an elite handful for a further “Editor’s Choice” notation, which means we consider that product to be among the very best of its kind.  Case in point: the Manitowoc SD-0302A, which we particularly like for its efficient 325 lbs of ice production per 24-hour period and its dependability.

If you visited that Manitowoc SD-0302A page, you’ll notice, just below our Editor’s Choice designation, a further award.  That would be the Best in Class designation, chosen by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a noted publication in the restaurant equipment field.  That’s there because we respect their opinion, and we want to share an expert, outsider take on Short Order.  Think of it as a second opinion on our finest products.  It might not surprise you that a host of Manitowoc ice machines have been voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine.

Perhaps, now, our fandom of Manitowoc ice machines makes a little more sense!

Panasonic Microwave 1258 Takes The Heat

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

The demands of your commercial kitchen call for the help of Panasonic Microwave 1258, a powerful 1200-watt heating machine that gets any job done efficiently. This nifty piece of restaurant equipment is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and will pass any insurance or local code inspection with the flying colors of its electromagnetic frequency bands.

With over 60 program settings and an air filter that is exceptionally easy to clean, the Panasonic Microwave 1258 has been well-received by the countless food service operators who depend on it daily. The high wattage of Panasonic Microwave 1258 means faster cooking and safer defrosting via an advanced heat distribution system that ensures your food is heated evenly.

It is well-suited to cooking and reheating larger food items. The programmable controls (like we mentioned earlier, this guy has 60) make it easy to get meals started with just one touch. Did you know commercial microwave ovens actually save energy and are more efficient than conventional ovens when it comes to simple reheating? The Panasonic Microwave 1258 is also a great choice for cooking without the addition of extra oils and fats.

Of course, at Short Order we proudly offer a variety of restaurant equipment, from great microwaves like the Panasonic Microwave 1258 to high quality Manitowoc ice machines and Vulcan ranges. With our low price guarantee on restaurant equipment, you can shop confidently knowing that the brand names are here with the best value available anywhere.

Ice Machines: High Production Units

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

When shopping for new ice machines for your food service operation, we suggest adding 20% to your current usage estimates and purchasing a unit that produces higher output than you think you need today. Look at your commercial kitchen as the backbone of a growing business that will need dependable restaurant equipment to support it through all stages, present and future. At Short Order we are fully stocked with high-quality ice machines for you, including Manitowoc ice machines, that yield over 300 pounds of ice per 24-hour cycle.

For example, take a look at our Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0452A, which produces 450 pounds of dice-sized, cube-style ice in 24 hours— that’s nearly a quarter-ton of ice! This model is featured as an Editor’s Choice by Foodservice Equipment Supplies, a major industry media source based in Chicago. The SD-0452A is one of the Manitowoc S-Series ice machines, with innovative technology that set a new standard for sanitation, conservation and serviceability. The hard texture of whole cubes is perfect for mixed drinks, sodas, salad bars and self-serve ice dispensing in your restaurant.

At Short Order, we even offer extremely high production ice machines that can produce over a thousand pounds of ice per cycle! These are ideal for high-volume kitchens in large institutions such as hospitals, university dining halls and retirement homes.  Consider the Scotsman Ice Machine N1322A-21A, producing nugget-style ice at 1,180 pounds in 24 hours.

This Scotsman ice machine’s water and electrical usage costs are lower over a lifetime than other models, due in part to the efficiency of producing (much, much) more with standard resources. Nugget ice features a softer, chewier texture while still providing maximum drink cooling. Because this type of ice will melt and stick together in the dispenser, be sure to purchase an agitator kit in tandem with this model.

Learn more about ice machines by visiting our Buyers Guides and browsing the huge inventory of brand-name ice machines in our online store at Short Order. We cater (no pun intended) to all of your restaurant equipment needs, bringing you everything from Vulcan Ranges to Globe Slicers at the lowest prices available, guaranteed.

Restaurant Equipment: Short Order on ResellerRatings!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

We’re proud to announce that you, the consumer, may now review how we at Short Order sell our restaurant equipment at!  Simply visit our review page to see how our customers rated and reviewed our products and services.  Are you a customer and would like to weigh in on how we’re doing/how we did?  Great!  Head on over to our review submission survey and go to town.

At Short Order, we believe in giving excellent customer service.  That’s why we personally rate every piece of restaurant equipment we offer.  Though everything we sell is high quality, we do believe some products are better than others—hello, Manitowoc ice machines—and our editors honestly rate each product according to that belief.  If we think a product is especially worthy of praise—like with the Beverage-Air HR1-1-S—we’ll give it an Editor’s Choice designation.  It’s all part of providing the best guidance we can to our customers.

That’s also why we offer detailed specifications of each product we sell, along with a .pdf of the owner’s manual, on each product page.  We recognize restaurant equipment isn’t cheap.  Any such purchase is a big-time investment in the  future of your commercial kitchen, and we want to make sure you enter into your purchase armed with as much quality knowledge as possible.

Just because we’re willing to  go the extra mile to provide you with information and ratings—both in-house and from our customers on—doesn’t mean we’re going to charge an arm and a leg for our commercial kitchen equipment.  We proudly stand by our Low Price Guarantee, which states that we’ll gladly beat any legitimate advertised price from a competing food service equipment dealer for every single item we carry.  We’ll do so by refunding 110% of the difference on the identical item from another dealer.

At Short Order, we’re happy to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one.

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