Manitowoc Ice Machines: Yet More Favorites

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Our love for Manitowoc Ice Machines continues ever onward this week, with this new spotlight on a few additional models that we have yet to acknowledge. And the last thing we want is for these cool (literally) S-Series machines to go without recognition. We’ve just been busy testing and enjoying all the other dozens of Manitowoc units in our inventory here at Short Order. In our last post, we introduced all you restaurant equipment fans to the Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-0604A, capable of yielding up to 650 pounds of half-dice ice cubes in 24 hours. Pretty impressive stuff. But moving right along…

Manitowoc Ice Machine SD0302A

Welcome to this week’s featured model, the Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0302A. It’s a head-and-bin combination unit, meaning the storage bin for your freshly diced ice cubes is connected directly to the production zone, where all the magic happens. A model like this is convenient because of its relatively small size. But what it may lack in size, it makes up for in dependability, producing at a rate of 325 ice cubes per 24 hours. This guy will give you very few service problems, if any. Like basically all Manitowoc Ice Machines, its operating costs are low and its S-Series design makes it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-1402A

This next model we’d like to discuss could be considered the larger, high volume cousin to the aforementioned SD-0320A. The Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-1402A is also a head-and-bin combo unit, but this guy churns out a whopping 1,160 pounds of dice-sized cubes in the same 24-hour period. This workhorse is better suited to the high-volume kitchens found in establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

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Manitowoc Ice Machines: There’s More!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The Manitowoc ice machines love continues over here at the What’s Cooking blog.  Last time out, we profiled a couple choice products, including the Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0322A and the Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-1402A, the latter a real workhorse capable of pumping out 1,450 lbs of ice in a 24-hour period.  (This blogger, it might be pointed out, uses a lot of ice.  This blogger, however, cannot conceive of a way to use 1,450 lbs of dice-cut ice outside of a commercial kitchen environment.  But we’re trying.)

This time out, we’re going to pick out two other products, both of which are just as deserving of the praise we heaped on the aforementioned ice machines.  Why?  Easy!  It’s because we’re huge, unapologetic fans of the Manitowoc brand, and we just can’t stop writing about them!  It’s not hard to see why, either: With nearly uniform accolades from every corner of the restaurant world, accolades that manifest themselves in Best in Class nods by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine and Energy Star compliant designations from the U.S. government, Manitowoc products are simply a pleasure to write about.

And the first on the block is…

Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-0604A

The Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-0604A!  This handsome model is a highly reliable, easily serviceable, top-of-the-line product made by those restaurant equipment craftsmen up in Wisconsin.  There’s a thoughtfulness, an attention to user-friendly simplicity put forth in this model’s design, something that’s gratefully noted when it comes time to clean.  Here’s something else it’s got going for it in the user-friendliness department: a production rate of 650 lbs of half-dice ice cubes in a 24-hour period.  That’s a pretty hefty and satisfying clip, for those of you taking notes at home.

And if you are taking notes, get ready to turn the page, because…

Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-0324A

The  Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-0324A is our next topic!  A nifty little machine, the SY-0324A is capable of pumping out 325 lbs of ice per day, all while exhibiting all those wonderful characteristics we’ve come to know and appreciate from Manitowoc ice machines.

That’s all she wrote for today, folks!  See you next week.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SY-0324A

Manitowoc Ice Machines: A Spotlight

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

There’s a good chance that, if you know anything about this blogger, that you know he is a huge fan of Manitowoc ice machines, to the point of excitedly indicating the presence of a Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0302A at a Mexican restaurant to his breakfast partner (the riveting details of said breakfast can be found here).  With this fascination (healthy obsession?) in mind, let’s go over a few others that we’re big fans of, beyond the typically glorious (and immortalized) SD-0302A.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0322A

The Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0322A is an excellent, reliable, top-of-the-line ice machine.  It’s Energy Star compliant, and has been voted Best in Class by the fine folks over at Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a premier industry publication.  Capable of producing up to 340 pounds (or 154 kilograms) of dice ice cubes in a 24-hour period, this ice machine head can really get things cranking.  It’s also an incredibly sanitary unit, featuring patented cleaning and sanitizing technology, including select components manufactured with AlphaSan antimicrobial.  It’s also user-friendly in a way that makes maintenance a breeze, featuring a water distribution tube that is removable without tools.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-1402A

There comes a time when what a product arrives that is so stupendously magnificent, so incredibly powerful and handy, that one is at a loss of words.  The Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-1402A is not that, at least not for this blogger, because we’re never at a loss of words, but shucks, does it ever come close.  The SD-1402A is capable of humming away to the tune of 1,450 pounds (that would be 658 kilograms) of ice each and every day!  That’s a hair shy of three-quarters of the way to a ton of ice produced in a 24-hour period.  Impressive.  The SD-1402A also features a very handsome 5-year parts and labor warranty on the ice machine evaporator, 5-year parts and 3-year labor coverage on the compressor, and 3-year parts and labor on all other ice machine, dispenser, and storage bin components.  Way to protect your investment!

These are just a few of the wild and wonderful ice machines Manitowoc has available to offer.  That’s all we’ve got for now, but something tells us we’ll be back on this topic sooner rather than later.  We just can’t get enough!  In the meantime, see what other restaurant equipment Short Order has to offer.

Panasonic Microwaves

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Panasonic microwaves are the perfect tools you need for heating up large quantities of food or liquid in a restaurant setting.  If the name “Panasonic” sounds familiar to you, well, it would be hard for it to not ring a bell.  After all, they are those famed purveyors of electronic equipment of all stripes, including televisions, camcorders, phones, faxes, vacuum cleaners, blood pressure monitors…you get the idea.  Oh, let’s just list one more: home appliances.  Many a home kitchen across this fine land are festooned with bread makers, refrigerators, rice cookers, and microwaves from Panasonic.  There’s a reason why, and it’s more than just the ubiquity of the brand: Panasonic makes good stuff.

This good-stuff-making extends to the commercial kitchen, as well.  Take the Panasonic Commercial Microwave Oven NE-1024T, for example.  This 1000-watt model was voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, which is a premier publication in the field.  Our editors happen to support this assessment, giving the microwave five stars.  All those accolades come with this affordable, useful model.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Panasonic Microwave Oven NE-3280, a true behemoth of a machine.  Its 3200 watts of power will cook whatever you need it to.  It’s got 10 programs available, as well, which makes operating the thing a whole lot easier and more effective.

As you can see, we’re pretty high on the microwaves we have available (check our Amana microwaves for examples of other ones we sell), but that’s not all we here at Short Order have to offer.  If you’re looking for any kind of restaurant equipment from a trusted manufacturer, like Vulcan ranges or Manitowoc ice machines, chances are we’ll have it, and we’ll be offering it at a fair price.  At Short Order, we’re here to make your commercial kitchen function more smoothly and efficiently.  Let us help!

Amana Microwaves

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Amana microwaves are, for our money, some of the best microwaves on the market.  Even if you’re new to the restaurant business, you’ll certainly recognize their name brand: After all, Amana is an industry leader in home appliances, which include everything from refrigerators to ranges.  You might be surprised to know, then, that they also produce excellent restaurant equipment—indeed, some of their offerings are some of our favorites.  Here’s just a few of the many microwaves that Amana manufactures and that we offer here at Short Order.

Amana Microwave Oven ALD10T

The Amana Microwave Oven ALD10T is an excellent, efficient product.  At $325.00, it’s also reasonably priced.  The 1000-watt ALD10T is NSF-approved, which should come as a seal of approval for all you restaurateurs looking to maintain an NSF-friendly commercial kitchen.  We’re pretty high on this microwave, having designated it an Editor’s Choice product and awarded it a five-star rating.  We’re not the only ones, either: the ALD10T was awarded Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, a premier publication in the industry.  All told, this is a solid machine.

Amana Microwave Oven HDC12A

Looking for something a little more heavy-duty?  The Amana Microwave Oven HDC12A will serve you wonderfully.  The HDC12A features a stainless steel exterior and interior and is powered with 1200 watts, giving you plenty of juice to cook with.  Its extra power doesn’t mean that you’re buying a bulky product, however: The HDC12A is remarkably compact.  You get a lot of bang out of this tough guy, which is great news for kitchens where every square foot counts.  And really, what kitchen isn’t like that?

All these microwaves, along with many other products we’re proud to sell here at Short Order, come with our vaunted Low Price Guarantee.  That means you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a good product at a great price when you shop with us.

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