Spotlight on the Soup Warmer

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

A soup warmer does more than just keep soup warm in your restaurant — when they look good, soup warmers can entice your customers into ordering some soup. They also make it easy to serve soup and, of course, thaw it and keep it at the right temperature. Also called a round countertop warmer, a soup warmer may be the perfect addition to your restaurant, whether you run a buffet-style eatery or a soup-and-salad lunch spot.

One of the units we carry is the APW Countertop Warmer RCW-7, which is Editor’s Choice-rated by ShortOrder editors. With 1000 watts, this soup warmer features heating elements that evenly distribute heat throughout the unit. APW is a trusted name in restaurant equipment, and this soup warmer is built to last — it’s constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel and has an interior liner made of stainless steel.

A Soup Warmer or Three

When buying a soup warmer for your restaurant, be sure you get what you need. How many soups do you serve daily at your restaurant? If the answer is more than one, or you think it eventually could be, consider purchasing more than one soup warmer. Giving a choice of soup is a great way to please customers and keep them coming back for more. And if they love the soup they get, they may just want to try your other soups.

Buy a Soup Warmer for the Lowest Price

At, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of restaurant equipment at the lowest prices. Thanks to our Low Price Guarantee on Restaurant Equipment, our customers have the assurance that they’re getting their order for the best price. We also offer flexible freight terms and ship to Dubai and Canada. If you need more than a soup warmer for your restaurant, don’t miss the Vulcan ranges, Manitowoc ice machines, Bunn coffee makers and more that we offer.

Cooking with Vulcan Ranges, Cheese Melters and Char Broilers

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The secret has long been out about Vulcan restaurant equipment: It’s quality-made, durable and dependable. Countless restaurant owners count on Vulcan to get the job done. Whether it’s a Vulcan cheese melter, char broiler or the ever-popular Vulcan range, these impressive units have earned their reputation for being great buys. And you’ll find all the Vulcan restaurant equipment you need here at

Vulcan Ranges

Sleek, sturdy, those red knobs — Vulcan ranges make the grade when it comes to serious food preparation. What’s more is that these units are becoming more and more popular in home kitchens. They’re reliable and easy to clean. An industry leader, Vulcan manufactures impressive commercial ranges that get the job done. The Vulcan V24-NAT Range, a great value, features a thermostat that’s adjustable from 150 to 500 degrees, along with individual pilots for each burner. Compact, this Vulcan range measures 24″ x 31 7/8″ x 59 1/2″, with a cooking height of 36 1/2″.

Vulcan Cheese Melters

Mmmm… that’s what your happy customers will say when you bring out a hot, tasty sandwich made with a Vulcan cheese melter. Don’t miss the Vulcan Cheese Melter 1024 C 208/1, an all-stainless steel unit perfect for light-duty. This Vulcan cheese melter can have legs or be wall-mounted. When you put a plate on the rack, the heating element activates.

Vulcan Char Broilers

Vulcan char broilers are yet another outstanding type of restaurant equipment manufactured by Vulcan. An Editor’s Choice-rated unit, the Vulcan Char Broiler VCCB47-1-NAT also has a five-star rating and features an under burner deflector to reflect lost heat back up.

More from Vulcan

These are just a few of the many Vulcan units we offer at the lowest prices at Start shopping now to find Vulcan convection ovens, heated carts, fryers, warming drawers and more. We’re proud to carry such quality restaurant equipment.

Happy New Year, Restauranteurs!

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Happy New Year! Here’s to a prosperous 2010 for all of us. With the new year comes new resolutions, goals and starting fresh.

We’re testing some new looks to our home page. If you get the new version, please, let us know what you think about ease of use and flow of information. We always love to hear from our customers! What are some things you’re doing at your restaurant to note the new year?

Have you purchased equipment from Do you love it? Do you hate it? Tell us and your peers why. Go to and submit a product review! Remember, this blog is for you and if there is anything you’d like to know more about – give us a shout! We’d love to hear from you.

The beginning of the new year this year is especially big – a new decade! My goals are to eat healthier and take better care of myself (probably not too dissimilar from your goals). Have you heard any crazy resolutions? What’s your resolution? Share! I love to hear from you.

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In the mean time…

Keep on Cookin’!

Tylee Van Waes,



Seven keys to customer experience

Bruce Temkin

* The author is vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, with a focus on customer experience.

Despite the economic difficulties in 2009, we’ve seen a significant uptick in real customer experience efforts. What do I mean by real? Efforts that address systemic issues like poorly designed interactions, broken processes, outdated business rules, insufficient customer insight and cultures that are far from customer-centric.

This will likely be an even more active year for customer experience. While many companies will make substantial progress, others will falter. Here is some advice for keeping your customer experience efforts on track in 2010 and beyond:

1. Drop the executive commitment facade. It’s very easy for executives to say “customer experience is important.” But it’s much more difficult for them to dedicate the time and energy required to make it a real priority. So in 2010, executives should either get actively involved in customer experience transformation or drop it from their agendas.

Start here: Develop a customer experience dashboard and manage the results with the same energy that you manage financial results.

2. Acknowledge that you don’t know your customers. When market research teams require long lead times and expensive projects to answer questions about customers, too many organizations go without this insight. But the path to customer experience success requires significantly deeper customer observations. So in 2010, companies need to develop voice-of-the-customer programs that provide ongoing and continuous access to customers’ desires.

Start here: Create a voice-of-the-customer program with a cross-functional team that focuses on four “LIRM” components: listening to customers, interpreting the feedback, reacting to the data and monitoring results from actions over time.

3. Keep from getting too distracted by social media. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites may seem sexy, but they aren’t the only channels for customer feedback. Other channels like comments on surveys and call center feedback can often provide even richer hints. So in 2010, companies need to learn from social media feedback, but not overreact to it.

Start here: Treat social media as one of many listening posts in a comprehensive voice-of-the-customer program that examines both structured and unstructured feedback.
4. Stop squeezing the life out of customer service. My research shows that consumers care more about good customer service than they do low prices. It also turns out that many customer service interactions are critical “moments of truth” that drive customer loyalty. But companies often treat customer service as an unwanted stepchild, focusing almost exclusively on aggressive cost-cutting. So in 2010, companies need to start viewing customer service as a strategic asset.

Start here: Measure customer service organizations based on how effectively they help customers instead of efficiency metrics like average handle times.

5. Restore the purpose in your brand. True brands are more than just color palettes, logos and marketing slogans, they’re the fabric that aligns all employees with customers in the pursuit of a common cause. They represent a firm’s raison d’être. Unfortunately, many companies have lost this sense of purpose in their brands. So in 2010, companies need to redefine their brand and embed it in the hearts and minds of all employees.

Start here: Translate your brand into promises you will make (and keep) with customers across every key touch point.

6. Don’t assume employees will get on board. Employees are often the most critical element of any customer experience effort. But firms can’t just hope that everyone will participate in these change initiatives. So in 2010, companies need to actively focus on engaging employees at every level across the organization in their customer experience efforts.

Start here: Communicate (a lot) about “why” customer experience is important and allow employees to participate in defining “how” to make improvements.

7. Translate customer experience into business terms. My research uncovered a strong correlation between customer experience and loyalty. An average $10 billion company can generate $284 million of additional revenues from customer experience improvements. But most companies don’t fully understand the link between customer experience and business results. So in 2010, companies need to identify how customer experience impacts their financial results.

Start here: Engage the CFO to develop a model which shows the impact that customer experience has on customer loyalty.

story courtesy of

Garland Ranges, Ovens, Stock Burners and More

Monday, January 11th, 2010

At, we’re proud to offer Garland restaurant equipment at the lowest prices. If you’re in need of ranges, ovens, stock burners or char broilers for your restaurant, look no further. Garland boasts innovation in their products, and many who have cooked with Garland restaurant equipment can attest to its quality.

Garland Ranges

For most restaurants, ranges are an essential. Consider one of the many durable, dependable Garland ranges available. One such product is the Garland Range G48-6G12LL/NAT a 48-inch range with two standard ovens and a 12-inch griddle. It also features six burners and has a natural gas connection. This Garland range has been recognized with an Editor’s Choice rating from

Garland Char Broilers

We couldn’t make a blog post about Garland restaurant equipment and leave out Garland char broilers! Widely known and used, Garland char broilers are perfect for several applications in the kitchen. Check out the Garland Char Broiler RBA-30-NAT, a 30-inch char broiler that really means business. This has also received the Editor’s Choice rating from

Garland Ovens

What’s a restaurant kitchen without an oven? Garland ranges like the Garland Range G36-6R-NAT come with a standard oven. This oven features an exceptionally heavy-duty door. It’s the most economical unit, and you can expect uniformed heat distribution.

Garland Stock Burners

Another useful kind of restaurant equipment to keep in the kitchen: Garland stock burners, also called stock pot ranges. A favorite is the Garland Stock Pot Range SP-1844 NAT, a single-section unit that runs on natural gas. editors have rated this unit four stars.

More Restaurant Equipment doesn’t only carry Garland restaurant equipment. You’ll find a wide selection of Vulcan ranges, Manitowoc ice machines, Bunn coffee makers and more. Start shopping now — our prices are the lowest out there thanks to our Low Price Guarantee.

Clearance Manitowoc Ice Machines

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Get ’em while you still can: Clearance Manitowoc ice machines currently available at offer huge savings. These units may be scratched and dented, but they are still in working condition — the price is just reduced to compensate for scratches and dents that happened from freight. Manitowoc produces quality restaurant equipment, and these ice machines are perfect for just about any bar, restaurant, diner or even at home. Having a large amount of ice on-hand ensures you’ll be able to deliver customers ice-cold beverages and keep cold food cold. Here are the clearance Manitowoc ice machines currently available. Just remember: At these prices, they won’t last long.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0322A/115-1

The Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0322A/115-1 is one of the clearance Manitowoc ice machines currently available here at Its low price is because of a dent on the condenser. This ice machine is air-cooled and self-contained, and it produces 340 lbs of dice-size cubes in a 24-hour period. It also features a hinged front door for easy access; a food zone designed with soft, round cove corners; and a patented cleaning and sanitizing technology. Thanks to Manitowoc’s smart design, this ice machine is simple to clean, efficient and runs whisper-quiet. The typical dealer price is $2,359.85, but we’re offering it for $1,808.00 — delivered. Unbeatable.

There’s another clearance Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0322A/115-1 available, too — this one just has minor cosmetic damage.

Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0452A/B-400/115-1

Another clearance scratched and dented restaurant equipment available is the Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-0452A/B-400/115-1. There is a small scratch on the left side of head, and the bin has a small scratch on the right side near the bin door frame. This binless Manitowoc ice machine (head only) produces 450 lbs of ice per 24-hour period. Want a custom Manitowoc ice machine that makes dice-sized cubes? Buy this Editor’s Choice ice machine and then order an accompanying bin that matches your needs. is proud to offer restaurant equipment at very low prices. Don’t miss our clearance restaurant equipment and our wide selection of new restaurant equipment.

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