Commercial Fryers For Your Restaurant

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

At ShortOrder, we have a wide variety of commercial fryers to suit any kitchen’s volume.  Whether you’ve got a small mom-and-pop concern or you are the executive chef of a bustling hotel kitchen, we have exactly the solution you’re looking for.  We stock only the best equipment from Dean, Eagle, Frymaster, Vulcan and more, and our rating system and detailed specifications pages help you know you’re getting what you’re looking for.  Below are just two exemplary commercial fryers from among the dozens we offer.

Dean Commercial Fryer SR42G-Nat: An Economical Choice

The Dean Commercial Fryer SR42G-Nat is the model of efficiency for smaller restaurants.  It contains a 14×14″ cooking area, which is sufficient for virtually any item necessary.  At the same time, this commercial fryer uses a low 35-43 lbs. of cooking oil so you can stretch your supplies.  This commercial fryer also uses an efficient heating design to maximize cooking efficiency: the heating elements are surrounded by the cooking oil, which means less unused heat and energy gets lost.  This translates to a lower amount of natural gas used per load of product cookedwhich means more savings for you.

Frymaster Commercial Fryer EH1721: Large-Load Cooking

The Frymaster Commercial Fryer EH1721 focuses on cooking in quantity — a large quantity.  The 18×18″ cooking area holds a whopping 80 lbs. of cooking oil for large-batch efficiency.  And this Frymaster fryer achieves its goals admirably.  After all, it’s been voted Best in Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine, and has been designated an Editor’s Choice and given a five-star rating by the folks here at ShortOrder. Your Destination For Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As illustrated, our selection of fryers is top-notch, but that’s not all we have to offer.  We also have a wide variety of other commercial restaurant equipment, including Manitowoc ice machines, Beverage-Air freezers, Vulcan ranges, Hobart slicers, and more.  And everything is backed by our special Low Price Guarantee, so you’ll know you’re getting an industry-leading product at an excellent value.

Commercial Ovens for Your Restaurant

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

We here at ShortOrder are proud to offer commercial ovens  that satisfy a wide variety of needs.  From pizza deck ovens to convection ovens to heavy duty “cook and hold”-type ovens, we have enough options available to fulfill any cooking need.

Bakers Pride GS-805-NAT and Montague 23P-2-NAT: Pizza Ovens

For excellent pizza deck-type ovens, look no further than the Bakers Pride GS-805-NAT and the Montague 23p-2-NAT.  These two ovens are excellent options, and both are recipients of the Editor’s Choice designation.  They fulfill different needs.  While the Bakers Pride model is designed for smaller pizza concerns, the Montague is a much more heavy-duty piece of equipment.  When buying equipment with us, it’s all about getting exactly what you need, and each of these models fulfills a different area of demand for chefs.

Vulcan VC4ED-9/1-208/1 and Garland MCO-ES-10-S-208-3: Convection Ovens

The ever-excellent Vulcan brand of restaurant equipment continues to impress with its VC4ED-9/1-208/1 convection oven.  This versatile oven was voted Best In Class by Food Service Equipment Supplies Magazine.  In addition, the editors here at ShortOrder have also designated it an Editor’s Choice.  It’s easy to see why: The Vulcan VC4ED-9/1-208/1 is a perfect balance between form and function, and this handsome and capable oven will always get the job done.

The Garland MCO-ES-10-S-208-3, however, is nothing to sniff at.  Indeed, it is an excellent “medium duty” option to the VC4ED-9/1-208/1’s lighter approach, so it’s perfect for average-sized restaurants looking for a quality oven with predictable results.  Predictability might be bad in some circumstances, but when it comes to cooking your food, you want it right every time, and the Garland MCO-ES-10-S-208-3 is sure to deliver.

Buy Restaurant Equipment at ShortOrder

But whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s an oven mentioned above or some completely different piece of restaurant equipment like a Manitowoc ice machine, a Hobart slicer, or a Beverage Air freezer, we have it available for you.  And everything comes with ShortOrder’s Low Price Guarantee, which means you’ll be getting the best deal on your equipment around.


Banquet Equipment for Successful Catering

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Banquet equipment is a must-have for successful catering. Keeping hot foods hot is essential — there’s nothing worse than a plate of cold food that’s meant to be warm, especially when guests are expecting to be wowed. Serve food fresh and hot with quality, dependable banquet equipment. We have what you need at — and it’s all at the lowest prices thanks to our Low Price Guarantee.

Warming and Holding Equipment

Warming and holding equipment are perfect for banquet catering. Find a great selection of warming and holding equipment at ShortOrder, from hot food tables to countertop warmers.

Banquet Hot Food Tables

Another essential in terms of banquet equipment are hot food tables. As their name implies, hot food tables’ purpose is to warm pans of food for preparation, assembly and serving. There are several models of hot food tables to choose from depending on what your needs are. We’re proud to carry many top-notch Randell hot food tables, Eagle hot food tables and Delfield hot food tables.

Banquet Carving Stations

Get oohs and ahhs from banquet attendees as they walk up to the countertop carving stations you have set up — they look impressive. Perfect for meats, carving stations are another great thing to have on-hand for banquet catering. We’re proud to offer Alto Shaam carving stations and Hatco carving stations. The Alto Shaam Carving Station 100 Hsl/Bcs 2 has an Editor’s Choice rating. This unit has two adjustable heat lamps, one-inch legs and a heated base with a cutting board.

Additionally, we offer the Hatco Carving Station GRCSCLH-24, another recipient of our Editor’s Choice rating. Features include: ceramic heating element, sneeze guard, heated base and incandescent light. Thanks to the ceramic heating element, food holding times are safely extended during serving.

Banquet Equipment and More is the best place to go for banquet equipment and restaurant equipment. Whether you’re looking for Eagle countertop warmers, Manitowoc ice machines or Vulcan ranges, we have you covered.

All About Reach-In Refrigerators

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

There are many different things to consider when buying a new reach-in refrigerator or commercial freezer for your restaurant. Following are some tips on how to make the best choice for you.

What kind of refrigeration system?

There are 2 main types: Top-mounted and Bottom-mounted.

Top Mounted

Top mounted refrigeration systems have the compressor on the top of the unit and are the industry standard. They are more energy efficient because the hot air discharge does not enter the refrigerated area and the work zone stays cooler as well. The increased air circulation around the compressor increases the compressor life. Top mounted units also don’t take up refrigerated storage area. The only down sides of the top mounted refrigeration is that you lose additional storage space on top of the unit and if you have a very low ceiling, the hot air might be hazardous.

Bottom Mounted

Bottom mounted refrigeration usually is on economy units. They run cooler and consume less energy, but the increased efficiency is reduced due to hot air entering the refrigerated area and work zone. It does take up some of the refrigerated storage area as well, leaving the bottom shelf higher. You do have the advantage of added storage space on top of the refrigerator.

Expansion Valve vs. Cap-Tube

This is the way your refrigerator controls how much cooling power is needed. Refrigerators on or near cook lines, where the door is opened and closed often, have higher temperature demands. The best bet in that case would be a refrigerator with expansion valve-type refrigeration. Less expensive, cap-tube refrigeration is designed for refrigerators that are mostly closed for storage and holding.

Reach-In Refrigerators: What Size?

Remember, reach-in refrigerators are big! Measure your doors, hallways and installation space to ensure that your new refrigerator will be able to make it into your business. There are many models to choose from — Beverage-Air, Delfield and Traulsen are all offered at — so you’re bound to find one that will be a great fit for your restaurant.

Reach-In Refrigerators: Doors

The biggest benefit to having doors that open 180 degrees is that large trays and pans are able to slide in and out easier. Look for swing doors that have a 90 or 120 degree stay-open feature. Slide doors can be useful in tight spaces, but only one door can be open at a time.

Full height doors will allow for more storage space, but are also less energy efficient. Half height doors will have less storage space, and therefore, be more energy efficient.

Reach-In Refrigerators: Casters

For easier cleaning and sanitizing, casters are highly recommended. Not only do they allow for mobility, more health departments are strongly recommending them. Some models come with them standard, but they are considered options on others.

Dean Fryers: Spotlight on the SM80G-NAT Commercial Fryer

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

When it comes to high-volume commercial fryers, it’s difficult to beat Dean fryers. And the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT is no exception: Designed to hold up to 100 pounds (56L) of cooking oil, this commercial fryer is the ideal choice for fast-paced restaurants looking to get the job done quickly and easily.  But just because the SM80G-NAT is big doesn’t mean that it’s an energy hog.  Indeed, this Dean fryer is surprisingly economical, which means you’ll be able to cook all the fried chicken you need without being sucker-punched by a huge utility bill.

Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT: Loaded With Features

The Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT is designed to cook your food without battering your budget.  Its reliance on natural gas and its millivolt pilot mean that no electrical hookup is required.  In addition, this Dean fryer’s cold zone is designed to trap errant food particles.  This prevents any crumbs from carbonizing and tainting your cooking oil, which means your oil stays fresher for longer.  The heating element consists of five tubes surrounded by oil, so more of the Dean fryer’s energy goes into the oil.  All of this results in a remarkably efficient, productive fryer.  What’s more, you can battery two or more SM80G-NAT fryers together to satisfy any cooking requirements.

The Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT: A Dependable Choice

With an emphasis on rock-solid construction and simplicity, the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT is built to last. Its frypot, front, door, sides, and diffusers are all made of stainless steel, and its burners are made of durable cast iron.  Its sloped bottom and wide drain valve also facilitate no-hassle cleaning and maintenance.

Buy the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT

Buy the Dean Fryer SM80G-NAT and know that you’re getting an excellent piece of restaurant equipment, one that we at ShortOrder have designated an Editor’s Choice and a five-star rating.  And know that when you shop with us here at ShortOrder, whether you buy this product, a Manitowoc ice machine or a Vulcan range, you’ll be getting our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment.  Not a bad deal.

Makin’ Hamburgers: Griddles or Char Broilers?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

When you cook hamburgers at your restaurant, do you use char broilers or griddles? Do you season the patty? And what about the bun? We realize these questions can result in a heated debate when those passionate about hamburgers are asked to answer, but, really, there’s no right answer. There are countless ways to make delicious hamburgers, and here is some quick information on restaurant equipment that can help you get the job done.

Commercial Griddles

Hamburgers call for high-production griddles since more recovery is needed. Relatively simple restaurant equipment, griddles allow you to cook a variety of food at once without taste contamination. Commercial griddles may be made out of cast iron, aluminum or steel, and they should sit on either a refrigerated base with drawers or a heavy-duty stainless steel stand with casters. When choosing one, keep in mind that gas griddles are less costly to operate and cheaper to maintain than electric griddles.

Commercial Char Broilers

Grill marks on the patty are a trademark of char broilers, which are designed to bring the taste of the backyard grill inside. Getting grill marks on the meat can be achieved with radiant heat or with char rocks. One thing to keep in mind with char broilers is that they have a high energy use, since there’s an open burner that has to be lit the entire time you’re using the char broiler.

Be sure and check out our selection of char broilers, including the APW Char Broiler GCRB-24H-NAT, a unit that runs on natural gas. It’s also the recipient of an Editor’s Choice award and a five-star rating.

Restaurant Equipment at

You’ll find much more than just griddles and char broilers at, where our Low Price Guarantee means you have the assurance that you’re getting your restaurant equipment for the lowest price. From Manitowoc ice machines to Dean fryers, has you covered.

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