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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

It’s no secret that ShortOrder has the best selection of restaurant equipment at the lowest prices. But did you know ShortOrder also offers bar equipment? From direct draw to liquor display, has you covered.

Bar Equipment: Blenders

Where would a bar be without commercial blenders? Perfect for whipping up margaritas, pina coladas, smoothis and countless other tasty treats, commercial blenders are essential bar equipment. Choose a model from the economy series, restaurant series or heavy duty/high production series. Economy series blenders are perfect if you’re looking for basic, inexpensive bar equipment. Restaurant series blenders are great for typical restaurant and bar use. And heavy duty/high production blenders like the Waring BB190 are made for heavy use and high efficiency.

Bar Equipment: Bar Sinks

When it comes to bar equipment, bar sinks are another great type of equipment to have. They’re useful for washing, rinsing and sanitizing dishes. They typically have three separate compartments to handle each of those things.

Bar Equipment: Glass Washers

Glass washers are the piece of bar equipment to have for sanitizing glasses. Depending on the glass washer, glasses are sanitized with hot water or chemicals. The Hobart LXIH-3, for example, is a hot water sanitation glass washer.

Bar Equipment: Draft Beer Coolers

Direct draw systems, also called draft beer coolers, come in handy for cooling and dispensing beer. The Beverage-Air BM23-B is a draft beer cooler with an Editor’s Choice and five-star rating from due to its excellence. This draft beer cooler comes with interior lighting, a durable exterior and self-closing doors with locks. There are plenty more draft beer coolers and direct draw systems to choose from here at

Scratch and Dent Restaurant Equipment Now Offered at ShortOrder

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Scratch and dent restaurant equipment is a great option for restaurant owners looking to save money. And now you can find a selection of scratch and dent restaurant equipment here at, in addition to our wide variety of ice machines, commercial ranges, fryers and more.

Scratch and dent restaurant equipment is still good, working equipment. The difference between it and the regular inventory offered at is that the scratch and dent restaurant equipment has minor damage from freight. Since it’s not perfect, this restaurant equipment is offered at a discounted price.

Discounted scratch and dent restaurant equipment means big savings for restaurant owners who don’t mind buying a piece of equipment with minor damage. It should be noted that this damage is purely to the appearance of the restaurant equipment, and it does not make the unit function improperly.

Scratch and Dent Restaurant Equipment at ShortOrder

Don’t miss the scratch and dent restaurant equipment now offered here at Currently, we’re offering discounts on scratched and dented Manitowoc ice machines. Soon we’ll be expanding what’s offered to include more great restaurant equipment at amazingly low prices.

Make Your Restaurant Green

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

This year, make it your resolution as a restaurant industry professional to save some money while saving the environment. Making your restaurant green is trendy, but more importantly, it’s for the future!

Did you know?

– Last year, almost 30% of all meals (and 40% of of food dollars) were eaten away from home
– Nationwide, the restaurant industry consumes 1/3rd of all retail electricity use
– Demand for organic food is growing at a rate of 25% per year

What can you do?

The website has a large amount of helpful information for you, but here are some statistics and tips:

Cooking equipment consumes the largest share of energy in most restaurants. Try to purchase energy efficient equipment — those featuring the Energy Star rating from the US EPA. Most of the Beverage Air line is Energy Star rated, and you can find it here at

– Turn on electric appliances sequentially rather than all at the same time.

– Keep everything clean! The more debris that collects, the harder the restaurant appliances have to work.

– Install light sensitive dimmers that automatically dim when outside natural light is strong enough.

– Install occupancy sensors in restrooms and storage areas – they will turn off lights automatically when the rooms aren’t occupied.

– Install low-flow valves on pre-rinse sprayers. They cost just a few dollars reduce water use by 50% and could save hundreds per year in both heating and water costs.

For more information, check out Together, we can help make 2009 more profitable now and for the future!

Restaurants May Be Required to Disclose Nutrition Info

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Some restaurants may soon be required to disclose nutrition information on their menu. It’s all a part of a campaign recently launched by The Coalition for Responsible Nutrition Information. They are hoping to pass national legislation that would result in chain restaurants and other restaurants using a uniform standard to present nutrition information to patrons.

Since healthy eating habits and weight loss are quickly becoming a concern for many consumers, restaurants that provide consistent nutrition information will be giving people more control over what they’re eating. Basically, the thought is that the more consumers know about what they’re eating at restaurants, the better able they’ll be to make healthy choices at restaurants.

This proposal is known as the LEAN Act, and if passed, it’d give restaurant patrons a great amount of information that they can use to make better choices when they dine out. Some information that would be included: trans fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein, calories and sodium.

So of course comes the question of where this information will be located in restaurants. It must be given in writing in a convenient way that fits in with the restaurant. For example, sit-down restaurants may put the nutrition information on their menu, while fast-food restaurants may display nutrition information on a poster or electronic kiosk.

Restaurant Equipment and Healthy Eating

Restaurant equipment and healthy eating go hand-in-hand. If you’re a restaurant owner who is selling healthy food options, you’ll need quality restaurant equipment to get the job done. Whether you’re a salad restaurant in need of Hobart food cutters or walk-in refrigerators, or a sandwich and smoothie shop in need of a commercial work table or commercial blender, has you covered. Start shopping now to get everything you need for your restaurant.

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