Globe Slicers Mean Quality, Precision and Reliability

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Globe slicers are designed to be quality pieces of restaurant equipment. And they’re also designed for precision and reliability, as the Globe company is dedicated to manufacturing outstanding products.  Highly durable, premium Globe slicers have a reputation for being a proven leader in the industry.

The Globe Food Equipment Company, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, builds Globe slicers to perform. Tough jobs are no problem, as these heavy-duty commercial slicers were made to be durable and reliable.

Globe Slicers: Affordable

Another reason Globe slicers are so appealing is that they’re affordable. From compact slicers like the Globe Slicer GC12B to the two-speed automatic slicer, low prices make Globe slicers a great choice for restaurant owners.

Globe Slicers: Easy to Clean

Sanitation is absolutely necessary when it comes to restaurant equipment. Globe slicers were designed with that in mind. Premium Globe slicers have features that make them easy to clean and provide superior sanitation. For example, the Globe Slicer 3600P has a premium gear drive system and a stainless steel construction with antimicrobial protection. What’s even better is that these features that have been put in place to provide superior sanitation and make them easy to clean are said to improve product yield.

Buy Globe Slicers

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Manitowoc Ice Machine

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Buying a Manitowoc ice machine means you’re getting the industry standard. Tough, dependable, efficient — those are all qualities of a Manitowoc ice machine. If you’re a restaurant owner, bar owner or commercial kitchen owner in need of ice for cooling, food prep or just drinks, a Manitowoc ice machine will help you get the job done.

Manitowoc Ice Machine: Where’d They Get That Name?

So you’re thinking about getting a Manitowoc ice machine — or maybe you already have one — and you have a pretty important question: Just how’d they get that name? Tough to get right on a first try, the  name is pronounced “man-ih-tah-wuk,” and it comes from the city in Wisconsin. The Manitowoc ice machine company is actually based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which is on Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Manitowoc River.

Started in 1964, the company has always been dedicated to putting out quality products that help reduce operating costs and emphasize food safety.

Manitowoc Ice Machine: Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

A Manitowoc ice machine is ideal for commercial kitchens, including restaurants and bars. When customers demand cold drinks to be ice cold, there’s no other option. A reliable Manitowoc ice machine is the way to go.

And the company realizes that not all restaurants, bars and commercial kitchens need the same Manitowoc ice machine. So that’s why they’ve made different models that produce different types and amounts of ice. For example, a bakery may only need a Manitowoc Ice Machine QM-45A. This unit produces 95 pounds of dice-sized ice cubes every 24 hours. On the other hand, a bar may need a Manitowoc ice machine that can produce much more ice. Something like the Manitowoc Ice Machine SD-1402A.

Buy a Manitowoc Ice Machine

Buy a Manitowoc ice machine for your restaurant, bar or commercial kitchen, and you’ll be getting a quality product that you can rely on. Users love the energy efficiency, sanitation, serviceability and low noise levels of a Manitowoc ice machine.

Get the lowest price at when you buy a Manitowoc ice machine. It’s all thanks to our Low Price Guarantee, which gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting your restaurant equipment for the lowest price out there.

manitowoc ice machine

Catering a Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Catering can be a stressful affair, but with a little planning and the right catering equipment, you can be sure that you leave the guests with nothing but the best holiday memories.

Do you have a large enough staff?

Get a final, accurate head count. Staff size will depend on the experience level of the staff, but in general, no less than one staffer for every 15-20 guests is a good starting point.

Bar Stocked?

Make sure your staff has what it needs to show the guests a good time. Do you have enough beer? What about mixed drinks? Consider having a blender available to make blended cocktails.

Beverage Air ER48 Equipment

Your staff should have the right equipment for the party. Do you need a countertop fryer? If you are not cooking on-site, plan on having a warmer or a heat lamp. Your guests and their stomachs will thank you for serving food at the right temperature.


Save the best for last! Guest love to indulge on delicious desserts with coffee – be prepared with enough coffee by having a coffee maker on site or bringing some along in an insulated airpot.

Will your party be outdoors? You might want a tent and possibly portable heaters this time of year. Great music leads to dancing… dance floors can be rented and constructed pretty much anywhere! Don’t forget the tables, chairs and serving dishes and you’ll be on your way. Finally, take a deep breath and remember: great food, great entertainment and great friends are all the ingredients you need to serve up a great time!

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Restaurant Equipment Repair

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Needing restaurant equipment repair can be frustrating, and it happens to all of us sooner or later. That pizza oven or ice machine you depend on for your restaurant to function does you no good if it’s not working. Every moment a piece of equipment sits there broken is another moment you’re losing out on what it’s supposed to be doing. Work can get backed up, and business can be lost all because of a broken piece of equipment.

Finding someone to handle your restaurant equipment repair in a timely fashion can sometimes be difficult. And unfortunately once you do get someone out to look at it, they may have to give you some bad news if the damage is serious. You may get lucky and only need a very minor repair like a new light bulb, replacement burner or a new pilot light. But costly repair parts or long hours involving expensive labor might be required. Or a needed part might have to be shipped in order for the repair to be made, causing you to have to wait even longer to have your restaurant equipment back in use.

Restaurant equipment repair can really cost you, even to the point where it makes more sense to just buy a new piece of equipment to replace the broken one. So how do you decide to go with repair or buy a new one? Well, you’ll want to take into consideration how much it’d cost to replace. Then compare that with how much it’d cost to repair the broken one. Factor in time it’s not in service, labor costs and parts costs. You can also take into consideration the age of the piece of restaurant equipment. Restaurant owners find that when they look at it this way, it’s often a better choice to buy a new piece of restaurant equipment to replace the broken one.

You can buy new restaurant equipment at the lowest prices at With our Low Price Guarantee, you have the assurance that you’re getting the lowest price out there. Find Frymaster fryers, Manitowoc ice machines, Globe mixers and more at

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