Shopping for a New Reach-In Refrigerator

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Picking a new reach-in refrigerator is a big decision. It’s a hefty expense and you want to be sure you have the right one for your business. Here are some things to consider before making your purchase: First of all, what kind of refrigeration system do you need? There are two main types: top-mounted and bottom-mounted reach-in refrigerators.

reach-in refrigeratorReach-in Refrigerators: Top Mounted

Top-mounted refrigeration systems have the compressor on the top of the unit and are the industry standard. These reach-in refrigerators are more energy efficient because the hot air discharge does not enter the refrigerated area and the work zone stays cooler as well. The increased air circulation around the compressor increases the compressor life. Top-mounted units also don’t take up refrigerated storage area. The only down sides of the top mounted refrigeration is that you lose additional storage space on top of the unit and if you have a very low ceiling, the hot air might be hazardous.

Reach-in Refrigerators: Bottom Mounted

Bottom-mounted refrigeration usually is on economy units. These reach-in refrigerators run cooler and consume less energy, but the increased efficiency is reduced due to hot air entering the refrigerated area and work zone. It does take up some of the refrigerated storage area as well, leaving the bottom shelf higher. You do have the advantage of added storage space on top of the refrigerator.

Reach-in Refrigerators: Expansion Valve vs. Cap-Tube

This is the way your reach-in refrigerator controls how much cooling power is needed. Reach-in refrigerators on or near cook lines, where the door is opened and closed often, have higher temperature demands. The best bet in that case would be a refrigerator with expansion valve-type refrigeration. Less expensive, cap-tube refrigeration is designed for reach-in refrigerators that are mostly closed for storage and holding.

reach-in refrigerators

Reach-in Refrigerators: Size

Remember: reach-in refrigerators are big! Measure your doors, hallways and installation space to ensure that your new reach-in refrigerator will be able to make it into your business.

Reach-in Refrigerators: Casters

For easier cleaning and sanitizing, casters are highly recommended. Not only do they allow for mobility, more health departments are strongly recommending them. Some reach-in refrigerators come with them standard, but they are considered options on others.

Reach-in Refrigerators: Doors

The biggest benefit to having doors that open 180 degrees on a reach-in refrigerator is that large trays and pans are able to slide in and out easier. Look for swing doors that have a 90 or 120 degree stay-open feature. Slide doors can be useful in tight spaces, but only one door can be open at a time.

Full-height doors will allow for more storage space, but they are also less energy efficient. Half-height doors will have less storage space, and therefore will be more energy efficient. For the lowest prices on reach-in refrigerators, visit

Manitowoc Ice Machines Go Green

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Manitowoc ice machines are going green! Recently, the company has developed a range of energy-efficient Manitowoc ice machines. What’s even more notable is that they were manufactured using materials that cause the least damage to the environment.

Manitowoc ice machines made with environmentally-friendly materials like water-based foam insulation. This material is used in both Manitowoc ice machines and storage bins. A great aspect of using this material to manufacture products it that it carries no safety, toxicity or flammability risks.

So how to these Manitowoc ice machines measure up with it comes to US Energy Star and CEE standards? Pretty well. In fact, over 97 percent of cube ice Manitowoc ice machines actually meet or exceed the performance standards of Energy Star and CEE. And this is a huge benefit to users, as Energy Star rated Manitowoc ice machines can be up to 15 percent more energy- and water-efficient. That means lower operating costs.

Though these new green Manitowoc ice machines are worth celebrating, it should be noted that this isn’t the company’s first effort to be environmentally-friendly. Manitowoc was the first to convert to alternative refrigerants, the first to develop an automatic cleaning system and the first ISO-Certified ice maker manufacturer. Manitowoc ice machines are highly regarded in the industry because of their proven reliability, design, sanitation and efficiency.

Manitowoc Ice Machines: Energy Efficient

Manitowoc ice machines are energy efficient for a reason: the company is genuinely dedicated to being a leader and innovator in the industry. Understanding the value of low operating costs, Manitowoc offers energy-efficient restaurant equipment to both help restaurant owners and the planet. You’ll find a wide selection of Manitowoc ice machines for the lowest prices at

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